Gatchaman G-Force Comes To Your Theater From TV

Gatchaman - G-Force

A CGI animated Gatchaman movie is under production by Imagi Studios. Gatchaman is not a new team superhero. Actually two decades ago there were already around: a TV show was aired in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. Depending on where you were living you would have known the show as Battle of the Planets (UK) or G-Force (USA) before discovering its original Japanese name as Gatchaman.

Let’s watch the original Japanese opening of the manga TV animated series at:

Do You Remember Gatchman G Force?

The central theme of Gatchaman is that Earth resources are limited and have to be protected (from greedy aliens or from careless humans).

I think the show was quite in advance on its time for dealing with such concerns.

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