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Gatchaman Clip

Gatchaman MovieImagi Studios is still alive and they still intend to release the movie Gatchaman in a not too distant future. Here’s a new clip of Gatchaman:

Gatchaman Trailer

Gatchaman – Financial district is in ruins

“Featuring stealthy ninja-style shadow fighting to grand-scale clashes, this fast-paced sci-fi action-thriller focuses on a lone-wolf maverick youth who, together with a team of teenage superheroes, finds his destiny in defending Earth against the dark forces of Galactor.”

The beast’s rendering doesn’t look great, but the Gatchaman crew look awesome!

Gatchaman Movie Trailer

Gatchaman MovieAn early trailer of Gatchaman has shown up online, and it looks damn gorgeous:

Gatchaman Trailer

“Set in a future world grappling with environmental and technological issues, the story focuses on five reluctant heroes whose remarkable genetic code makes them Earth’s only hope of defeating extra-terrestrial invaders.”

Unfortunately the movie is in production limbo because of Imagi’s financial woes… What a shame! Such a promising footage! Let’s pray for Imagi to find solution so we may enjoy the movie Gatchaman on the big screen in a not too distant future!

Official Gatchaman Poster

Imagi finally releases an official version of the poster that’s been floating online since a while. Take look to the Gatchman poster in its full glory below:

Gatchaman Movie Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
Gatchaman in theaters 2011
I guess the release of Gatchaman has been postponed again: the movie was expected to be released in 2010, but the poster above announces a release in 2011…

Anyway let’s pray for Imagi to be able to carry out this project for us all to enjoy Gatchman in our theaters!

Gatchaman Bootleg Trailer

Gatchaman MovieA bootleg trailer of Gatchaman, aka Battle of the Planets, has leaked online:

Gatchaman Movie Trailer


A world in chaos, an alien evil.

A lone warrior is found,

Earth’s last hope

Five shall rise!

“A group of teenagers are recruited to form a bird theme superhero ninja team to fight the menace of an alien evil that plans to rip off Earth from all its resources.”

This looks like a good adaptation of the original Gatchaman series. I guess it’s easier to renew a manga with CGI than in live action. Thumbs up for Imagi Studios! Impatient to watch the movie Gatchaman!

Gatchaman Movie

Gatchaman Movie - Imagi Animation Studios
The Gatchaman movie that was once scheduled to be released in 2009 has been postponed to 2010 due to some financial woes that slow down Imagi. But at least it hasn’t been canceled so far. Proof is this new poster of the movie Gatchman:

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Looks like the guys at Imagi know what they’re doing: this Gatchman looks damn appealing! For once there could be a movie studio that betters the original source material instead of spitting on it like FOx did with its DB movie!

Here’s the movie trailer of Gatchaman:


Gatchaman Movie Pictures

The girls in Gatchaman will  be vintage sexy!A batch of pictures from the upcoming CGI animated movie Gatchaman, adapted from the TV animated series of the same name, are waiting for you at:

Gatchaman Pictures

The Force is with the Gatchaman team!

Gatchaman G-Force Comes To Your Theater From TV

Gatchaman - G-Force

A CGI animated Gatchaman movie is under production by Imagi Studios. Gatchaman is not a new team superhero. Actually two decades ago there were already around: a TV show was aired in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. Depending on where you were living you would have known the show as Battle of the Planets (UK) or G-Force (USA) before discovering its original Japanese name as Gatchaman.

Let’s watch the original Japanese opening of the manga TV animated series at:

Do You Remember Gatchman G Force?

The central theme of Gatchaman is that Earth resources are limited and have to be protected (from greedy aliens or from careless humans).

I think the show was quite in advance on its time for dealing with such concerns.

Gatchaman Movie Poster

In case you missed the first teaser poster of Gatchaman you may check it in full glory at:

Gatchaman Poster

Gatchaman Movie Poster

With their superhero outfits the Gatchman team looks more like a bunch of giant chickens than like a superhero team: they can’t compare to the Avengers.

Gatchaman G-Force Leaked Picture

A picture showing the Gatchaman team from the upcoming CGI animated movie by Imagi Animation Studios has leaked online:

Gatchaman Team Unveiled

Gatchaman Team

Those superhero suits must be really tight around the crotch: there is no denying that being a superhero is a real burden…

Gatchaman Teaser Trailer

G-Phoenix spaceship in Gatchaman

A 10-second clip has been released for Gatchaman, the CGI movie adapation of the famous Manga franchise from the 1970’s:

Gatchaman First Teaser Trailer

We have a glimpse of the Phoenix at the end of this teaser trailer of Gatchman: it looks awesome!


Produced by Imagi Animation Studios
Release Date: TBA 2010

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