Gatchaman Movie

Gatchaman Movie - Imagi Animation Studios
The Gatchaman movie that was once scheduled to be released in 2009 has been postponed to 2010 due to some financial woes that slow down Imagi. But at least it hasn’t been canceled so far. Proof is this new poster of the movie Gatchman:

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Looks like the guys at Imagi know what they’re doing: this Gatchman looks damn appealing! For once there could be a movie studio that betters the original source material instead of spitting on it like FOx did with its DB movie!

Here’s the movie trailer of Gatchaman:


3 Responses - “Gatchaman Movie”

  1. Berge Katse

    Are you kidding?! That’s supposed to be Joe?! This IMAGI version looks like crap! I’m bummed now. This a revamp in the wrong direction. Definitely not an improvement over the original, whatsoever. If anything their versions whole aesthetic definitely has taken a nose dive even if you compare it to the 1990 OVA (which this looks like a worse version of) or the 2000 NTT East promo (which had a genuinely fresher approach). The new ‘G’ logo is hideously sloppy. Tatsunoko or some other Japanese studio should’ve done this remake. That said, at least IMAGI’s “Astro Boy” trailer looks a little more promising BECAUSE they didn’t mess with the original Osamu Tezuka character designs from what I can tell.

  2. Batou

    @Berge Katse

    So they changed it? If you want a direct version of the thing watch the original movie. Things change with adaptations. Its a matter of marketing and making things palatable to a mass audience. Don’t condemn the whole damn film because they didn’t stick with the original designs.

  3. texsmasher

    I would agree with Batou. But Berge Katse is right on some points there have been a few poetic licenses that has done well. however this is crap . So how much of the movie should he Blame, C’mon give us some insight. I saw the previews and thought wow is this the sequel to the incredibles? Hmm maybe the woes comes from Disney suing them for copying them lol. The 1999 OVA really kicked booty.