Gatchaman Teaser Trailer

G-Phoenix spaceship in Gatchaman

A 10-second clip has been released for Gatchaman, the CGI movie adapation of the famous Manga franchise from the 1970’s:

Gatchaman First Teaser Trailer

We have a glimpse of the Phoenix at the end of this teaser trailer of Gatchman: it looks awesome!

2 Responses - “Gatchaman Teaser Trailer”

  1. Raymond

    I remember this from back in the 70’s as a kid.Now i managed to purchase to whole TV series on DVD, plus a movie that was done back in 1995. And i thought what they did with the movie was mind blowing. I can’t wait for the CGI movie to come out!

  2. Mike

    One of my Top Favorite Animated TV Series Gatchaman aka G-Force in the U.S…I also got them DVD Collections Cant wait to see this & share this with my son @ the Movies!!!