Hancock Asks Permission To Touch Her Body

Hancock is starring Will Smith.The title says it all for this latest preview clip from Hancock:

‘Do I have permission to touch your body?’
Hancock tries his best not to offend an injured female police officer.

Much more at: Hancock

The would-be paragons of political correctness behave as stupidly sometimes. Like Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama: the two cannot stand each other, but for the sake of power they are now using sweeter words when talking together…

At least Hancock had some honesty when speaking while drunk…

Makes me think about a great acid test for politicians: any would-be presidential candidate should get drunk on TV and then citizens would ask questions to really understand the true values of those tricky politicians!

Back to Hancock: the police officer is so harsh with hancock, should have answered like in a musical, like in Mamma Mia, or better like Mariah Carey singing Touch my body:

With some love in the voice it makes everything look brighter!

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