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Hancock New Previews

New preview clips for the drunken superhero Hancock have surfaced on the web:

You broke my glass!
Hnacock (Will Smith) gets really mad at some dishonest chaps who broke his booze bottle…

Move It!
While saving a man stuck in his car on a railroad Hancock just destroy an incoming train…

On Youtube
Hancock is quite infamous on the web…

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The idea of a flying whale is great! Hancock 1 – Greenpeace 0! I love it!

Whale SteakI think that Hancock is gonna be a hit in the insular country of the whale eaters (Japan).

Hancock Asks Permission To Touch Her Body

Hancock is starring Will Smith.The title says it all for this latest preview clip from Hancock:

‘Do I have permission to touch your body?’
Hancock tries his best not to offend an injured female police officer.

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The would-be paragons of political correctness behave as stupidly sometimes. Like Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama: the two cannot stand each other, but for the sake of power they are now using sweeter words when talking together…

At least Hancock had some honesty when speaking while drunk…

Makes me think about a great acid test for politicians: any would-be presidential candidate should get drunk on TV and then citizens would ask questions to really understand the true values of those tricky politicians!

Back to Hancock: the police officer is so harsh with hancock, should have answered like in a musical, like in Mamma Mia, or better like Mariah Carey singing Touch my body:

With some love in the voice it makes everything look brighter!

Hancock New International Poster

A new international (TaiWan) has been unveiled for Hancock, upcoming superhero action comedy starring Will Smith:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
Hancock International Poster

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Hancock explores the Iron Man theme of the demon in a bottle which Jon Favreau could take from Marvel’s comic book for Iron Man 2.

Hancock Clip Shown On The Ellen Degeneres Show

Hancock (Will Smith)Hancock is a character with a deeper personality than the first pictures of him drunk may have let us think before. Indeed this new clip shows a much different person:

I don’t age…
(Clip shown on The Ellen Degeneres TV show)

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Hancock is definitely the usual superhero movie: the character must a really interesting story to tell!

Hancock Preview

HancockHancock is a superhero with a big ego… Don’t bug him or you may regret it afterward…

Hancock Preview Clip

The cheeky teen in the last Hancock preview clip would not do it again.

Hancock TV Clips

HancockHancock TV clips have started to air. You may watch them at:

Hancock TV Spots

Even superheroes can be drunkards: that’s what you’ll learn from the Hancock movie.

Hancock New International Trailer

A new international trailer has been released.

Watch with your eyes wide open or you may miss the new scenes:

Hancock International Trailer

I suppose the production afraid of releasing too much about Hancock: all the trailers released so far look alike. It’s maybe a bad sign: I fear that everything worth a look in Hancock is already in the trailers…

Hancock More Pictures

More pictures from Hancock, upcoming superhero comedy starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

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Some may think that Hancock, because he indulge himself in alcoholism, is not a superhero as great as Iron Man. But having such superpowers may not be as easy as one would think: even Tony Stark /Iron Man has an alcool problem actually…

Hancock New Full Trailer

Hancock is Will Smith upcoming movie in which he plays the role of a superhero of a really peculiar kind… You may watch the last full trailer of Hancock at:

Hancock Full Trailer

Ok, it looks like a nice movie. But I hope Will Smith will come back to more serious movies like I Am Legend.

Hancock Trailer from American Idol

During the last American Idol show a trailer of Hancock has been premiered.

You may watch it on:

Hancock Trailer

Can you smell liquor on Will Smith / Hancock ?

Hancock Will Smith Picture

A new picture of Will Smith in Hancock is available:
(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

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Will Smith was incredible in I Am Legend. Let’s hope he won’t disappoint us in Hancock…

Hancock New Pictures

Hancock is upcoming superhero comedy that starrs Will Smith. It should be released in July 2008.

Here below some of the last pictures of Hancock:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

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Funny Will Smith!


Hancock PosterHancock
Directed by Peter Berg
Starring Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman
Release Date: July 2, 2008

More Information at: