Kyle XY S3x01 It Happened…

Kyle XY It Happened... Episode 1 Season 3

Kyle XY is coming back next week for the third season. Here below the first two minutes of ‘It Happened…’, the first episode of the new season of Kyle XY:

In a single moment everything can change.

Other good news: heard about a possible season 4 of Kyle XY! With only 12 episodes season 3 would seem quite short, so I can be but happy when hearing about Kyle Season 4!

Thanks to Io9 I just spotted that the premiere of Kyle XY Season 3 is already freely available online (only from the US though, I feel sorry for our international friends…):

Kyle XY Season 3 Premiere S3xE01 It Happened One Night

I’m definitely a fan of Kyle XY, and I always enjoy Kyle doing voice-overs!

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