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Kyle XY S3x01 It Happened…

Kyle XY It Happened... Episode 1 Season 3

Kyle XY is coming back next week for the third season. Here below the first two minutes of ‘It Happened…’, the first episode of the new season of Kyle XY:

In a single moment everything can change.

Other good news: heard about a possible season 4 of Kyle XY! With only 12 episodes season 3 would seem quite short, so I can be but happy when hearing about Kyle Season 4!

Thanks to Io9 I just spotted that the premiere of Kyle XY Season 3 is already freely available online (only from the US though, I feel sorry for our international friends…):

Kyle XY Season 3 Premiere S3xE01 It Happened One Night

I’m definitely a fan of Kyle XY, and I always enjoy Kyle doing voice-overs!

Kyle XY Latnok and Amanda

Matt Dallas - Kyle XY

Kyle from the science-fiction TV series Kyle XY is so naive sometimes… Like in this new clip of the first episode of the upcoming third season:

Kyle XY Season 3 Preview Clip

Did Latnok abduct Amanda?

Of course Latnok is behind all of this! Why does he even ask? A powerful boy, but not yet a man!

Kyle XY Season 3 Amanda or Jessi?

Kyle XY - Kyle is dumping Amanda for Jessi!You may watch below the latest trailer of the season 3 of Kyle XY, a sci-fi TV show shown on ABC:

Kyle XY Season 3 New Trailer and New Girlfriend?

Kyle and Amanda are maybe kissing in this trailer, but according to the Kyle XY season 3 episode list they’re going to break up between the third and the fourth episode. So there is hope to see Kyle hooking with Jessi. Do you like this idea?


Kyle XY Season 3 Episode Guide

Kyle XY Season 3 Episode List

Do you know Kyle XY? At seeing him showing his abdomen one may think that he is some kind of crazy exhibitionist. But don’t be afraid, he is not: kyle (Matt Dallas) is just showing that that he does not have any belly button! Why such an anomaly? Just that Kyle is a really special teenager, actually he is a clone coming from the laboratory of a mysterious organization called Latnok which aims at creating a super human. Already 2 seasons to catch up with in case you didn’t know about Kyle XY. For those who are already fans like me, the premiere of Kyle XY Season 3 is on January 12, 2009.

Let’s have a look to this episode guide of Kyle XY Season 3:

Kyle XY Season 3 Episode List

Kyle XY S3xE01 It Happened…
After Amanda’s abduction in the cliffhanger episode of Kyle XY Season 2 finale, Kyle plots to rescue her from Latnok’s clutches with the help of Jessi.

Kyle XY S3xE02 Psychic Friend
Kyle fears for Amanda’s life after some psychic gives him a strong warning.

Kyle XY S3xE03 Electric Kiss

Kyle XY S3xE04 Episode 3.04
Kyle, Josh and Declan hits the bar. Kyle needs to drown his sorrows after breaking up with Amanda.

Kyle XY S3xE05 Life Support
A car accident seriously injures Nicole, and Kyle and Josh help a woman named Gretchen give birth.

Kyle XY S3xE06 Rush

Kyle XY S3xE07 Chemistry 101

Kyle XY S3xE08

Kyle XY S3xE09

Kyle XY S3xE10

Kyle XY S3xE11

Kyle XY S3xE12

This Kyle Xy Season 3 episode list will be updated in time. But right now I’m stunned by the summary of episode 4: kyle and Amanda (Kirsten Prout) are breaking up! I don’t worry for him: the beautiful and amazing Jessi (Jaimie Alexander) will give him some comfort!

kyle XY Season 3 Premiere

Kyle XY Season 3Great new: the premiere of Kyle XY season 3 will be on January 12, 2009!

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In the season 3 of Kyle XY Kyle will face the mysterious organization Latnok: many secrets will be unveiled!

Season 3 of Kyle XY New Clip

Matt Dallas - Kyle XY

A new clip from the episode 1 of the upcoming season 3 of kyle XY:

Kyle XY New Footage

In this new footage Kyle tries to escape from Latnok’s building. He is helped in his escape by a trick learned from Jessi: now he can jumps from very high without being injured!

Kyle XY Season 3 Sneak Clip

Kyle XY

A preview clip of Kyle XY season 3 was shown during the last comic con. And thanks to a fellow Kyle XY fan we may see it too:

Kyle Xy Season 3 Preview Clip From Comic Con

In the third season of Kyle XY we will discover more about Latnok the mysterious organization trying to control Kyle and Jessi.

Kyle XY Season 3 Teaser Trailer

Kyle XY

Kyle XY will finally be back later than expected, put the blame on the writers strike! Well, the season 3 of Kyle XY will be aired in January 2009.

Here below a teaser trailer of Kyle XY season 3:

Kyle XY Season 3 First Teaser Trailer

Kyle and Jessi will team up to fight Latnok it seems!

Kyle XY Season 3

Kyle XY Season 3
Sci Fi/TV Series
Starring Matt Dallas, Marguerite MacIntyre, Bruce Thomas, April Matson, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Chris Olivero, Kirsten Prout,Jaimie Alexander

Premiere Date: TBA January 2009

More Information at: Kyle XY Season 3