Kyle XY Season 3 Amanda or Jessi?

Kyle XY - Kyle is dumping Amanda for Jessi!You may watch below the latest trailer of the season 3 of Kyle XY, a sci-fi TV show shown on ABC:

Kyle XY Season 3 New Trailer and New Girlfriend?

Kyle and Amanda are maybe kissing in this trailer, but according to the Kyle XY season 3 episode list they’re going to break up between the third and the fourth episode. So there is hope to see Kyle hooking with Jessi. Do you like this idea?


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  1. Tony

    No Kyle should not do the stupidest thing ever and break up with Amanda. Amanda is so cool and way hotter than Jessi. Jessi’s mean too. Even Kyle XY can jump the shark if they do something dumb like getting Kyle and evil Jessi together. If Kyle and Amanda do break up Kyle should get back together with her or at least be with Hilary instead. At least he’d be getting a good time out of that instead of inexperienced and over rated looking Jessi. No offense to Jamie Alexander at all. Love her. Can’t stand Jessi.

  2. sam

    I don’t think Jessi is that evil also… she did things because she didn’t know how it feels… and she was not brought up in a good atmosphere like Kyle or Amanda. And all she did is because she wanted a caring friend for her like others… both Jessi and Amanda are jealous equally… but at last Jessi was ready to leave the one she loved for Amanda… and that’s great about her…. so I don’t think she will be the same when kyle patches width her.

  3. Kessi

    Kyle should dump that boring Amanda. Him and Jesse complete each other, SO HA!

  4. nahanial

    At first I thought Kyle and Amanda should be together but that was so Kyle would be happy now they’ve gotten boring and Jessi’s way more beautiful than Amanda besides I saw a trailer where I think Kyle and Jessi went on a date I think maybe It will be on episode seven Chemistry 101.

    About that trailer I mentioned: last time I think that Kyle and Jessi were on a date because Jessi was walking down some stairs wearing a red dress and Kyle was staring at her smiling and he was wearing a nice blue shirt that you usually wear when you go an a date.

  5. Rachel

    Are you serious? I mean Kyle and Jessi are not meant for each other… I don’t even wanna think about it… I can’t believe anyone can think about that… Amanda and Kyle are meant for each other! Who doesn’t agree? I love this show! Even though they do break up they said that they loved each other… and love has a huge meaning… so It won’t just pass by… they.ll stay together .. they’re soul mates!

    • Josh

      Kyle and Amanda definitely are the definition of love…u seem to know much more about it yourself…lol…if i were Kyle,Amanda would definitely be the one

  6. ally

    Kyle should be with Jessi, not Amanda. Amanda clearly doesn’t care for Kyle the way that Jessi does, and Amanda can’t connect with Kyle the way that Jessi can. Besides, Amanda is odd-looking (what’s with her puffy lips and chunky cheeks? not cute at all unless you like pre-teens) and selfish. Jessi seems abrasive at times, but her intentions are in the right place. Unlike Kyle and Amanda, Jessi doesn’t have the cushy home life, so it makes sense that she’s got emotional attachment issues. Even considering that, I still think she’s a better match than Amanda.

    • Allan

      first Amanda is not odd looking second she is not selfish she get that jessie is confused and lost but doesnt’t understand why only kyle is able to help her . She trust kyle but kyle is always with jessie, another girl so that would conclude with distrust. Amanda should be with kyle because compare their personalities, both kind, and trusting. As for your opinion that Amanda doesn’t care for him, and can’t connect with him i know that amanda does care but is becoming distrustful due to the fact that her boyfriend keeps hanging out with the girl, jessie.And amanda can’t connect with kyle and doesn’t know what he is going through because he hasn’t told her, while jessie has superpower and is very alike to kyle which of Course he can connect with jessie better than amanda he wants to protect her like superman to louis. The secret is keeping them apart

  7. Cindy

    I totally think kyle should be with Jessie…
    At first I thought he and Amanda where good together…
    but the Jessie came and changed all that. they are true soul mates and i think they should start going out… i love Jessie and kyle… kessie 4ever.

  8. Mars

    oh come on jessie is so sweet to kyle, she does anything he asks! amanda is always being mean and distrustful about him despite him always being so nice!! she ain’t worth it! i like jessie :D if they are together, kyle is definitely going to put his good influence on her. but oh well that depends on the story writers. is it me or these series are becoming as predictable as others :/ i think that 24 is one of the few series with the least predictability element.

  9. AK

    Kyle and Amanda are SO PERFECT together! They are real soulmates, and he loves her too much to just replace her with anyone else even with a superwoman like Jessi, not that jessi is bad, but everyone has his perfect match, and Kyle’s perfect match is undoubtfuly the sweet innocent Amanda.
    Amanda has put up wit A LOT of suspecious things Kyle did and just took his word for it and kept loving and trusting him, I think she even loved him since she saw him only her previous relationship kept her from expressing that love.

  10. Teaser Trailer

    I’m all for Kyle and Jessi: Amanda is too childish and boring…

    Kyle will find real love with Jessi, and with her he will understand what passion means!

    Bye bye Miss Prout (Amanda) hello Jessi!

  11. AK

    Kyle himself is childish! He’s like this large innocent newborn!
    Besides, they will most probably find out that Jessi and Kyles are kind of related.. maybe half brother & sister or something like that, and that’s how they’re connected.

  12. Rikki

    I’m all for the Jessi/Kyle…They are great together, and Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas steam up their scenes together. And, a great point that a previous poster made is that despite everything, Jessi is willing to give up her own happiness so that everyone else around her can be happy. How many people on that show even has the kind of courage or commitment? AND, can you damn people PLEASE stop saying that they’re probably related?! THEY AREN’T!!!!! They have the same hair color, but so too did Adam Baylin and Sarah Emerson. Were those two related? NO!!! Jessi is made from Sarah and Brian Taylor’s DNA, AND–don’t you think that Brian Taylor would’ve made it known to Latnok about Jessi and Kyle sharing the same DNA? Latnok would not be pushing for the two to get together if they were related!!! PLUS, ABCFAMILY is still a FAMILY based channel, no matter how risque they’re getting. I DO believe they draw the line at certain subjects being discussed.

    • Allan

      We are NOT saying DNA related. They were born the same way and they have same power and has telepathy toward jessie. they share a connect only because of their powers and kyle know how jessie feels

  13. kamanda4ever

    i think amanda and kyle should be together.i like jessie too,but i like amanda more. even though amanda cant connect with kyle the way jessie does. i think that makes it more special.kyle knew amanda first. she liked him when everyone thought he was wierd. i think it is pretty obvious that amand and kyle should be together.people who dont want them to be together are just jealous or either they just dont want to admit it.

  14. AK

    Well, it’s not about the color of their hair, actually I didn’t conclude this on my own, I read somewhere on the net I don’t remember where that they will discover that Sarah is Kyle’s mother too.. I’ll try to search for it again and get you the source of it. (No swearing Rikki; Huh?! I think we should “draw the line at certain words being said” isn’t that right?!?!?)
    Go Kamanda!!:)

    • emma

      sarah is only jessi`s mother. kyle`s mother is grace so there is no way kyle and jessi are related

  15. rennat

    i peronally think that kyle should be with jessi (not jessie or jesse, its JESSI) i also thought that amanda was good for kyle but then it got boring and i like jessi more than amanda it make it mro exciting especially since shes living with the traigers and we can say what ever we want, but kyle and sarah arent related at all, neither is kyle and jessi. also even if they dont make it so jessi and kyle with be together, matt and jamie have real chemestry off camera to, even if jamie has a boyfriend, i think they would be rgeat together hes already seen her naked cause of the scene, since shes 25 now it wasnt illegal for her to not wear a bra she didnt when they shot that scene, that was pushing it a bit there cause it is a family channel and having her toppless is hot but not apropriate for the channel, not that i really care

  16. AK

    Yeah sure, Kyle and Jessi are meant to be: brother & sister!!
    They are completely related, I bet that what we’ll find out eventually.
    But Kyle & Amanda.. OMG! They are THE romantic couple!
    I hate to see them break up, I don’t think they ever should, and if ABC Family is clever enough they will just use this as a motive for us to keep watching through, leaving threads of hope little by little until they get back together; which btw would make a great finale!

  17. sam

    hey!!guys can anyone tell me whether amanda will know the truth.i mean about the science experiment and about kyle and jessi because i just saw episode 3 their break up..i can’t wait till the next one i m very eager to know..will they patch up again??

  18. G

    Jessi and Kyle are made perfect for each other. They are after all “clones” of Adam and Sarah who were lovers. The connection is the string of faith binding them together. Amanda’s after all a hindrance in Kyle’s destiny and if Amanda gets the scholarship, she’d still be leaving(imagine a paranoid Amanda in a long distance relationship). Kill Amanda’s character and possibly nuance the storyline with Jessi, Kyle, Tragers, Latnok and Kyle’s destiny.

    Kyle would most probably get better mojo time with Jessi rather than Amanda who’s sweet but plain weak and willful. XX and XY, Kyle and Jessi a modern day representation of Adam and Eve.

  19. AK

    There is no real connection between Jessi and Kyle! Remember when she first came to the school she couldn’t care less about Kyle.. all this started as a program by Medacorp.. not soulmate crap!
    But on the other hand; Amanda felt him inspite of all the sircumstamces.. she is his real soulmate.

  20. Kell Clark

    sorry does anyone have the pic of jessi & kyle kissing? thanks!

  21. Teaser Trailer

    Not sure what kiss you want, so here both:

    – the training kiss, the first discovery, two lovers learning to know each other:

    – and the kiss of love between two soulmates:

    (Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

    Kyle XY
    Jessi and Kyle - Kyle XY

  22. sam

    actually that is a stupid thing i feel a break up for such a wonderful relationship just because of a kiss and without knowing the reason for it… even though they trust each other so much… but i would like to really mention this: without jessi the show would be boring… because the entire season 2 is about her and it’s because of the way she is..

  23. Jen

    I think that kyle and jessi don’t match, and anyways, jessi is always trying to compete with kyle, and it’s making him look stupid. At the beggining, he knew how to do so many things, he was like..incredible!!! he just wowed us all. Now he’s just ordinary, and doesn’t do stuff like before. He used to have these weird comments all the time, telling everbody what’s going on, and now it’s just simple!! And how come jessi can hear all these stuff, and kyle never even bothers do to so, exept for Amanda’s music. Not even her conversations when she was grounded and held hostage at home, give me a break, like he wasn’t interested in knowing what the punishment was all about!!

  24. G

    To your response AK. Amanda felt for Kyle as a friend, but with someone else. Soulmate crap? Maybe.. FYI the thing between Kyle and Jessi was part of a plan by Madacorp however Jessi did feel Kyle’s presence through primal instincts. However she felt an attraction towards Declan. She FELT Kyle. And even if she did not feel him, Jessi now out of Madacorp’s influence still feels for Kyle through a connection or else she would have left with Sarah. Get your facts right. There is a connection because they were clones of Lovers, that primal attraction remains without any Corp’s influence.

  25. G

    To clear the confusion. They both were sort of “tank” neighbours before they were broken out of the tanks they were made in. Pretty much they shared time together as they aged in their “tanks”(tanks referring to the large capsule that emulated a womb). They ARE not brother or sister instead Kyle and Jessi are clones of Adam and Sarah respectively. Sarah and Adam were lovers. So I hope this clears the misconception. Their creator’s love and the fact that they spent so much time together blessed with the same abilities give them this connection. Something Jessi could only recognise but not identify till much later. Despite being manipulated by Madacorp, she made the right decisions and sacrifices.
    What has Amanda sacrificed for Kyle? Kyle has been put in afix and at times hurt with Amanda not doing anything. Instead Jessi with her limited emotions, stuck her neck out. Whoever Kyle ends up with. Jessi is learning while Amanda should start to mature. She needs to be a pillar in Kyle’s life not uncertain and willful. IF there is to be a “Kamanda”, Amanda needs to grow up and be there for Kyle with “open” ears.

  26. AK

    G, Kyle keeps doing highly suspicious stuff, hides all truth about it, giving vague and lame excuses and explanations all the time, and every time the only thing that made Amanda smiles and keep on loving and trusting is just his WORD for it!! Can you tell me what’s more mature?!
    It’s different to understand while knowing every thing and to understand in spite of not knowing anything; the second is way higher,, not only more mature but also more loving and trustful.. Did you see that last seen after Amanda saw Kyle and Jessi kissing? He just said to her: if you have any trust left for me let me show you,, and she lets him!! She still trusts him no matter what! I know that if she knew everything she would be the most perfect lover for him.
    Jessi is great, don’t get me wrong, I really like her and see much potential in her.. She and Kyle do have a connection, but not all connections are romantic, this kind of connection they have is much like the one between two real twins. These things do happen in the reality!
     And you know what? If I was one of this show’s writers I’d be deadly proud right now!! Here we are all arguing and defending some fiction personas and taking it real personal! WOW!
    A word for the show’s writers: IMPRESSIVE JOB, WAY TO GO!!

  27. G

    I agree with AK, story writing is impressive so much so that we are actually debating on this issue. I just hope the writers know what they are doing. I dunno about you AK but at times, I feel the writers tend to stretch the plot a little too thin. It’s not story writing of a quality that of Mad Men but honestly for a Sci Fic from ABC, this is pretty impressive. However much of the story’s weight lies upon the protagonist mashed up with family woes. Sometimes the themes to the show are everywhere.

    P.S: Did not mean to get personal with AK, we are all entitled to our perspectives. Sorry… No hard feelings ya!

  28. KyleXY2009

    Hi, After seeing episode 3, regardless of what we all think, Amanda and Kyle, or Kyle and Jessi… I think the direction the show will follow is,

    Kyle and Jessi.

    in episode 2, I cant remember the exact lines, but they had the fortune teller telling Kyle that the “White Rabbit Swims, and that his soulmate would be in danger”

    and in the end it turned out it was Jessi who was in danger and the person who he saves, indicating she is his soulmate.

    Also in episode 3 when the 2 kiss, Kyle and Jessi’s heartbeats increase indicating their feelings for each other.

    Therefore.. as much as Kyle loves Amanda, because he feels a connection with her and feels she is everything he loves.. he doesnt want to believe he has feelings for anybody else.. as this would be a betrayal to Amanda… she is the only person he has loved and had a relationship with.. so he doesnt want to believe he could actually have feelings for somebody else… and because she has been the only person, the thought that he may actually truly have feelings for somebody else hadnt crossed his mind as he is focused on Amanda and he has never experienced this situation before.

    Kyle and Amanda were great.. and it would be a shame if they didnt get back together they made a real nice couple, and it was sad to see Amanda let go of him.

    But at the same time, as people have already said.. Jessi never seems to put herself first and is always willing to put others first, help them out no questioning it.. does everything Kyle wants of her because she wishes to please him and make friends.. at the moment she is in an akward position where people are finding it hard to accept her. Kyle is always there for her and because they are the same they have an understanding of eachother no other person could have and they can share secrets with 1 another which in another sense is pushing them closer together.

    Making the 2 the perfect couple.. and if they do get together which they probably will.. im sure after a while we will all see how great they are together.

    Dont want to start any arguments, just tried to look at it from both angles and mention the facts.

  29. sam

    Today at 8:20am So, while Kyle XY was renewed for ten episodes for season 3 (Which is on mondays at 9 pm eastern on ABC Family), they decided to cut Kyle XY off, this will be the last season. We will not give up on Kyle!

  30. 02

    I agree with the fans love .. kyle and jessi and kyle and amanda relationship is boring and so cliche … while kyle and jessi are so hot together…also jessi loves to be kyle note in their eyes .. jessi undoubtedly loves with all her strength to kyle…and kyle also .. it makes them a perfect match love..KESSI LOVE FOREVERS

  31. hotshot

    well i think kyle should STICK with amanda coz jessie is a loser

  32. Yedy

    I agree that Amanda is the perfect partner for Kyle her character shows all the attributes for romance. Secondly, we only have two perfect and stable couples in the show; Kyle’s parents and Kyle-Amanda as role models of true love and founded relationship. Thirdly, with no belly button Kyle can have kids with Amanda, but Jessi as a woman cannot give birth without umbilical cord connection, which would leave their “family life” incomplete. Also Jessi’s tough character fits better in a partnership with Kyle in a mission to defeat Latnok. Lori has nothing to do with Mark– Jessi should have a relationship with Mark in order to get access to Latnok; they have more to share. Viva Kyle and Amanda’s love forever!!!

  33. AK

    You’re ABSOLUTELY right Yedy! Wonderful analysis, and I think that is what will happen eventually.

    (Only one thing: the belly button has noting to do with Jessi’s ability to give birth, the belly button is just a remnant of the moter’s umbilical cord, on the other hand, Jessi’s internal cod is inside her overy and has no connection what so ever to her belly button).

  34. Kxyfan

    I hope Kyle and Amanda will get back together before the season ends. The trailer for episode 3.06 shows them at least talking again. Unfortunately, the writers thought there would be a season 4 so they may have wanted to have them get back together in that season. I agree with Yedy that there has to be one stable teenage relationship and I think they intended that to be Kyle and Amanda.


  35. Yedy

    It is my pleasure to interact about the show; I enjoy it so much and each episode leaves me counting days, more impatient than ever. I feel being part of the show by living every single expressed emotion. The blend of fiction, drama, comedy and romance is perfect. Bravo! to the hard working crew for their achievement and may God bless them.

    I also thank you for bringing me light on the umbilical cord subject. Even though I am not yet a mother, as a woman my gap in physiology is embarrassing.

    My regards,


  36. sue

    Jessi isn’t a harsh person, just because she wasn’t born as a normal person so she acts strangely. I think even madacorp didn’t reprogram her, she’ll eventually fall in love with Kyle. Amanda is a good girl but maybe it’ll be too complicated for her to understand Kyle’s life . Kyle and Jessi are so sweet together just like Adam and Sarah. It’ll take time for Jessi to live like a normal person but can’t you see that she’s always trying to change and be good to others?

    I hope at the end of this story, Jessi becomes Kyle’s perfect girlfriend and they live a happy normal life!

  37. Eve

    Kyle should not make a mistake of living Amanda for Jessi because Jessi is bad and Amanda is so cool…

  38. nojessiamandainstead

    I love Amanda too. If he realy does dump her and they don’t get back together, I might stop watching the show. I can’t stand Jessi… Amanda is way hotter and better. Please don’t dump her kyle! You guys are meant for each other!

  39. Lynn

    I think Kyle and Amanda should be together. That is his first true love. And you can see it in his eyes. Kyle needs to tell Amanda about his secrets. And then we could see how Amanda will react to it. Does she truley love Kyle? Will it make a difference? Just because Jessi and Kyle where created the same way they are not the same. I would like for Jessi to find someone but NOT KYLE

  40. Eve

    I agree with Lynn, kyle really needs to tell her the truth but nothing else.

  41. francisco

    i think kyle was supposed to be with amanda till the end, but then jessie appeared, she’s gorgeous and kyle feels something for her, then why he kissed her int he episode 8, and when they were in bed kyle softly traveled his hand on jessie’s hand, and then stopped till his hand was on her’s

    i think that was the most romantic scene of the series, she really loved him so she cleaned the way for amanda, when she realized at first that kyle loved her

    this series is the best, but too bad that abc family canceled it!

  42. storyweaver

    I don’t care that Jessi has “changed” and has shown she cares about Kyle and will even sacrifice her love for him for his love for Amanda. I don’t care that their “DNA rings” show the same color and that they are a supposed match. Is that supposed to be some sort of indication to us the viewer that Jessie and Kyle are soulmates? YUK! Kyle and Amanda are the true soulmates. They are the perfect match. They both are kind and compassionate and recognize these qualities in each other. When Kyle and Jessi kissed, I nearly puked. Kyle and Amanda belong together. NOT Kyle and Jessi. Jessi could never match Amanda’s positive qualities. If the producers match Kyle with Jessi in the end of this series, I am going to be VERY disappointed!!!

  43. ida

    I don’t wanna think about Kyle & Jessie.
    I Think Kyle & Amanda is a better couple than Kyle & Jessie.
    I refused Jessie.I don’t like her.
    Jessie always interrupted Kyle & Amanda.
    so I disagree with messages that Kyle & Jessie is a perfect match,Kyle & Jessie is a romantic couple,etc.
    Kyle & Amanda 4ever

  44. kukimontse

    kyle + amanda love

  45. perry xx

    kyle and Amanda belong together how could he be so loving and sensitive and great one … he showed us he love her truly… kyle is not an ordinary American guy who can dump. that is stupid… how come?

  46. janmae castisimo

    jessie is a jerk. she’s a freak i dont like her for kyle. they don’t have chemistry… kyle is only for amanda… it would be boring if jessi will be kyle’s partner… amanda and kyle are a very good couple.

  47. NicD

    Jessie is nice but I dont think that the fact that She and Kyle came into the world the same way is a good reason for them to date. The connection they share stems from the fact that they are created the sme way and have well developed brains to enable them connect with each other. He felt an electric sensation with Jessi but that was different with Amanda. Its only natural for two people spending A LOT of time together to start having feelings for each other. I really think that is happening to them. Kyle’s relationship with Amanda is geniue. Its real and pure,they should get back together and he should tell her all his secrets.

  48. Daphne

    NO WAY! It can’t be happening! Kyle and Jessi?
    This is way too weird. Amanda is way better than Jessi!
    Yeah, I like Jessi too but she can be quite mean and annoying at times which really frustrates me… Yeah.. I’ve heard people say Amanda’s really sensitive because she gets upset when especially when she saw Kyle kissing Jessi but think about it …. Wouldn’t you have gotten upset by seeing someone kissing ur boiyfriend? I’m so team Amanda and Kyle. Even if they break up I hope they get together again and that she actually was the soulmate somehow.
    BY the way if you think about it , If kyle breaks up with Amanda doesn’t that make her mum right about not dating him?

  49. Ilya Speed

    TOTALLY JESSIE AND KYLE!! Jessie is so frikin HOTTT!! I used to like amanda but then she got all picky! I mean jessie understands him and i ADORE her smile!

  50. Teaser Trailer

    So sad there is no Season 4 of Kyle XY :(

  51. angel

    I think Kyle and Amanda should be together. I hope at the end of this story, Amanda becomes Kyle’s perfect girlfriend and they live a happy normal life!

  52. KASH

    To all kyle xy fans , I have an advice
    if you wanna be healthy, look at the back of the food box and see how much calories and to be a super healthy don’t watch any thing from ABC family .

    Dear ABC Family :
    we will not buy the DVD , and i mean it ,, even if you but one more episode that’s will be not enough for that great show ,, we are a fans and what we need you do to us ,, we all agree with a fourth final season of the show ,,, don’t cut the show like this its not fear .

    Let’s work on it and

  53. georgia

    kyle and amanda are soul mates they should get back together.jessi is evil shes just jealous because kyle is in love with amanda.if jessi and kyle are together the show will be boring

    amanda and kyle are awsome together

  54. bev

    kyle and jessi-end

    amanda’s way too boring

  55. kyle xy

    really? kyle and amanda? no way! first of all amanda is not good for kyle. kyle is always saving her shes not once saved him. she cant always have him when she needs saving. jessi is always doing what he wants. every time he does something for her she pays him back like when she died he saved her and she fixed amanda’s dress and decorations, she sensed that kyle was in trouble when latnock took him, she left her mother for him, she helped him fined amanda, she helped him fix amanda’s brain when latnock took her, she risked her life when she saved amanda from the white rabit and most of all she shose to be a good person when she took the information out of his head so the other people wouldent take it. so tell me that she is not meant to be with kyle. ohh please amanda is way too soft

  56. Adex

    Kyle should be wit jessy becaus kyle is the only one that can teach her good and bad

  57. Uere

    The show is pretty cool, but not complete. I think that there will be a fourth season, right?

    Can’t wait to see further mysterious doings of Kyle… It’s so way cool, please ABC don’t let your audiences down
    just do what you got to do and you’ll see how supportive we are…


  58. vanha

    i like and i want kyle with jessi

  59. Kacey

    Kyle and Jessi are adorable!!! Amanda is nice too but I think that jessi has been through some really unfortunate situations (losing Sarah and pretty much never having a family or anyone that loves her except for Kyle) Amanda is really nice but she does not understand Kyle the way jessi does and after all jessi has been through she deserves a great love with Kyle
    I don’t mean any offense to amanda and Kyle lovers I am simple just stating my opinion you can agree or disagree but please let’s not start an argument!) Kyle xy rocks!!!

  60. raheem dolapo

    for me i dont think kyle should leave amanda for jessy! Not that i dont like jessy but just want amanda and kyle to be together’ coz if they dont, its also gonna affect me either coz i love watching two of them kissing each orda.

  61. Edem Bluie

    i really hate Amanda because she doesn’t care for Kyle, Jessi actually did everything possible to help her but she sees it as nothing

  62. Edem Bluie

    i think Jessi and Kyle are a perfect couple because for Amanda i like but she gets angry easily and actually hates Jessi so if kyle broke up with Amanda i would be excited

    • Victor

      @Edem Bluie: kyle at least deserves something better than jessi and amanda is just being overprotective because she doesn’t want to get hurt by men again but it is clear that the true soulmates are kyle and amanda no doubt

  63. Victor

    well all in all kyle was stupid to leave Amanda ,has anyone taken a good look at both jessi or amanda amanda is like a godess compared to jessi so kyle was really stupid like nate said to lose her