Kyle XY Season 3 Episode Guide

Kyle XY Season 3 Episode List

Do you know Kyle XY? At seeing him showing his abdomen one may think that he is some kind of crazy exhibitionist. But don’t be afraid, he is not: kyle (Matt Dallas) is just showing that that he does not have any belly button! Why such an anomaly? Just that Kyle is a really special teenager, actually he is a clone coming from the laboratory of a mysterious organization called Latnok which aims at creating a super human. Already 2 seasons to catch up with in case you didn’t know about Kyle XY. For those who are already fans like me, the premiere of Kyle XY Season 3 is on January 12, 2009.

Let’s have a look to this episode guide of Kyle XY Season 3:

Kyle XY Season 3 Episode List

Kyle XY S3xE01 It Happened…
After Amanda’s abduction in the cliffhanger episode of Kyle XY Season 2 finale, Kyle plots to rescue her from Latnok’s clutches with the help of Jessi.

Kyle XY S3xE02 Psychic Friend
Kyle fears for Amanda’s life after some psychic gives him a strong warning.

Kyle XY S3xE03 Electric Kiss

Kyle XY S3xE04 Episode 3.04
Kyle, Josh and Declan hits the bar. Kyle needs to drown his sorrows after breaking up with Amanda.

Kyle XY S3xE05 Life Support
A car accident seriously injures Nicole, and Kyle and Josh help a woman named Gretchen give birth.

Kyle XY S3xE06 Rush

Kyle XY S3xE07 Chemistry 101

Kyle XY S3xE08

Kyle XY S3xE09

Kyle XY S3xE10

Kyle XY S3xE11

Kyle XY S3xE12

This Kyle Xy Season 3 episode list will be updated in time. But right now I’m stunned by the summary of episode 4: kyle and Amanda (Kirsten Prout) are breaking up! I don’t worry for him: the beautiful and amazing Jessi (Jaimie Alexander) will give him some comfort!

27 Responses - “Kyle XY Season 3 Episode Guide”

  1. brandon

    I hope to god Amanda and Kyle will get back together. I liked them as a couple, they were so good together! I don’t want Kyle and Jessie to start dating or anything… I am so excited for this next season can’t wait till January 19th!

  2. Edwin

    Can’t wait for Kyle and Jessie to start dating, They’re gonna be the perfect couple.

  3. Jasmine

    No! I don’t want Kyle and Amanda to break up! They’re so cute together. I like Jessie, but I don’t see any connection in terms of dating (other than Jessie obviously likes him).

  4. Ashley

    I don’t want Kyle and Jessie to date. She is too rough and wild for him. Kyle only wants to have a normal life. Plus Amanda is sweet and innocent, just perfect for good guy Kyle.

  5. sue

    i love to see kyle and jessi together. amanda looks like she is pretending to be a kind person. besides, kyle and jessi have connnecton and they understand each other. they look like have meant to be together. i hope kyle would really fall in love with her.

  6. AK

    Nooo! I really hope from the bottom of my heart that Kyle and Amanda stay together! Can’t they just re-shoot the season?! Oh Please don’t let them break up!

  7. AA

    Excellent! The series need a little more edge than timid little Amanda can provide. Jessi is the perfect choice for that.

  8. Jae

    I don’t want Kyle and Jessi to start dating either. I wanted them to be related. It will totally ruin the show if they start dating.

  9. sb

    I don’t like amanda and kyle together. jessi and kyle make a great couple because kyle always has to protect amanda but if hes with jessi they could be amazing together!

  10. Christian

    NO! well actually id go either way but NO!
    Okay Kyle and Amanda FOREVER!

  11. Matt

    Kyle and Jessi are the only ones of their kind. Kyle dating Amanda is like a Cow dating a deer. It just doesn’t work. I see Kyle and Jessi as Adam and Eve. They would have amazing children.

  12. Kara

    Kyle and Amanda broke up I’m so mad, i hope they get back together because Kyle and Jessi don’t seem like a good couple. I wish Kyle would’ve just told Amanda everything so she would know and stop being so jealous all the god dam time.

  13. CK

    i really really like kyle and amanda together! they are a perfect couple. besides,kyle does want to have a normal life and become an ordinary, kyle fell in love with amanda since the first time that he saw her and heard her playing the piano. and they make a perfect match. really!ü

  14. Mcmanani

    The Best thing for this movie is to let Kyle and Amanda be together. Allow Jessie to develop a new character, I do not like the jealousy and emotional thing about her. She should end up being Kyles Sister and Jessie should date Declan…..Amanda now should have accepted Kyles and Jessie situation. I think she should be told the truth. Latnok should end up being an enemy so that drama may unfold.

  15. brittany

    this is like the best show ever i love to watch it and i think kyle is really hot. u should put me in the show. lol jk!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. AK

    :) Well brittany, that will sure ends the whole conflict of Kamanda or Kessi and gives us a brand new option: Kittany!! Go Kittany! HAHA!

  17. : }

    I think Kyle and Amanda are getting back together.
    Also, Jessi betrays Kyle to Latnok and he finds out, plus he still loves Amanda, so Jessi doesn’t have a chance.

  18. fe

    Amanda is boring and naive. Kyle can never tell her the whole truth about his past. Jesse on the other hand, is like him, knows everything and they can have an honest relationship, while exploring their abilities together. That is why Kyle should be with Jesse.

  19. fe

    P.S. It really s**ks that ABC canceled KyleXY. There are so few good tv shows these days, and KyleXY is a great show. :(

  20. MARYLL

    i like jessi and kyle.jessi needed kyle more than anyone else.i love them both so much.

  21. zisabel

    kyle and jessi are definitely the In thing. jessi has an aggressive personality, but she is really soft on the inside… and as we’ve seen amanda is not that soft and not that innocent. it’s a pity ABC is canceling such a great show. snif, snif!

  22. Ray

    I seriously think that Kyle should not break up with Amanda. Amanda is totally a sweet girl. Jessie always freaks me out, she has the Michael Jackson look, her face looks like she just had a major plastic surgery. :S

  23. tootie

    i think that kyle and jesse should get together because they make a pefect match plus amanda should have known that he would not cheat on her

  24. kate

    i think jesse and kyle make a perfect couple i love t see them together i’d never liked amanda of course she is sweet but…..

  25. polite

    please talk to ABC to brin back our favourite TV series kyle xy.