Leaves of Grass Movie With Edward norton

Leaves of Grass Movie Teaser Poster

Director Tim Blake Nelson has been working on an upcoming titled Leaves of Grass which is based on a script he wrote himself. This upcoming comedic thriller movie that should is starring Edward Norton, Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Sarandon, and Keri Russell. Leaves of Grass should be released in 2009.

Leaves of Grass Movie Trailer

“An Ivy League professor (Norton) is lured back to his Oklahoma hometown, where his twin brother (Norton), a small-time pot grower, has concocted a scheme to take down a local drug lord (Dreyfuss).” (Source: IMDb)

Here below a first look at Edward Norton in the movie Leaves of Grass, in which he plays the role of twins:

Leaves of Grass movie with Edward Norton

I think Edward Norton had no problem playing a dual role as the two identical twin brothers (one of whom is an Ivy League philosophy professor and the other is a brilliant marijuana growing career criminal): he’s got the spirit of Fight Club and has been able to tame the green beast Hulk after all!

6 Responses - “Leaves of Grass Movie With Edward norton”

  1. ashley

    I cant wait toll this comes out.
    Edward Norton is good at all the acting! I wonder what he feels talking to himself lol and why he fell in love with this Leaves of Grass movie in the first place.
    can’t wait!
    when does it come out?

  2. erinfitz

    I can’t wait too! It can’t come out soon enough…he is just amazing in everything he is in. Great site that gets updated often. :)

  3. ashley

    i shall check it out thank u… :)

  4. violet

    I’ve read somewhere that director/writer Tim Blake Nelson didn’t have anyone but Norton in mind when he wrote his film. That’s understandable. EN is the master of duality. Regardless of whether this film is going to be very impressive, I’d still watch it cz I’ve seen EN in not-so-impressive films but I haven’t seen him perform less than brilliant in any of his films.

  5. Lorrie Pacillo Nunley

    So ready to see this movie or more about it and it’s release.

  6. Stephanie Mills

    I am still waiting for the release of “Leaves Of Grass” as it is already Jan. 2010. I thought it was going to be released on Christmas Day 2009. I checked all of the major cities like NY. and Los Angeles but there were no showings of this movie. Edward Norton is my favorite actor/activist. I have seen all of his movies. I especially liked “The Illusionist” and “The Painted Veil”. I saw those movies over and over again. Impatiently waiting now for “Leaves Of Grass”. I also know that in the spring he will be appearing in a movie with Robert DeNiro(forgot the title). Please let me know the status of “Leaves Of Grass” and when it will finally be released. Thanks so much. Stephanie