TBA 2009

Solitary Man

Solitary Man MovieSolitary Man
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Directed by: Brian Koppleman, David Levin
Starring: Michael Douglas, Mary-Louise Parker, Susan Sarandon, Jenna Fischer, Danny DeVito, Imogen Poots, Jesse Eisenberg
Release Date: TBA 2009

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A Single Man

A Single Man MovieA Single Man
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Tom Ford
Starring: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode, Nicholas Hoult
Release Date: TBA 2009

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Defendor MovieDefendor
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Peter Stebbings
Starring: Woody Harrelson, Sandra Oh, Kat Dennings, Michael Kelly
Release Date: TBA 2009

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Dead of Night

Dead of Night MovieDead of Night
aka Dylan Dog
Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller
Directed by: Kevin Munroe
Starring: Brandon Routh, Sam Huntington, Anita Briem, Taye Diggs
Release Date: TBA 2009

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Me and Orson Welles

Me and Orson Welles MovieMe and Orson Welles
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Richard Linklater
Starring: Zac Efron, Ben Chaplin, Claire Danes
Release Date: TBA 2009

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Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe
Created by Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper
Starring Robert Carlyle
Original Channel: Sci Fi Channel
Release Date, Premiere: October 2, 2009
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Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin MovieNinja Assassin
Produced by Joel Silver and the Wachowski brothers
Directed by James McTeigue
Starring Rain, Rick Yune, Naomie Harris, Ben Miles
Release Date: TBA 2009

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The Code

The Code
aka Thick as Thieves
Directed by Mimi Leder
Starring Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, Radha Mitchell
Release Date: TBA 2009

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The Other Man Movie with Antonio Banderas and Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson and Antonio Banderas - The Other Man Movie

The Other Man is an upcoming drama movie directed by Richard Eyre based on a short story by German writer Bernhard Schlink. The plot of The Other Man revolves around a cuckold who tries to understand why and with who his wife deceived him. The film is starring Liam Neeson, Antonio Banderas, and Laura Linney, respectively as the husband, the other man, and the unfaithful wife. There is no official release date yet for the Other Man.

Here below a teaser clip of The Other Man that leaked online a few days ago:

The Other Man

“Peter (Liam Neeson), the CEO of a computer software company, has been married to Lisa (Laura Linney), a successful shoe designer, for well over 20 years. Her work means frequent travel, but their marriage seems happy, and they have a grown up daughter, Abigail (Romola Garai). Missing his wife, Peter discovers that she has been receiving emails and messages from a man he never knew existed.

Against Abigail’s advice, feeling betrayed and vengeful, Peter flies to Milan to find out the truth about the mysterious other man, Ralph (Antonio Banderas). As Peter begins to unravel his wife’s secret, the focus shifts to a suspenseful cat and mouse relationship between the two men.” (Source: BFI)

The reviews of The Other man are rather negative so far: Antonio Banderas is said to play his part well, but the early buzz isn’t great concerning Liam Neeson in the role of the cuckold and Laura Linney as his deceitful wife…

I would not have thought of Liam Neeson in such a role indeed: he looks like a man of action not like a jealous and bitter husband… If you want to enjoy a movie with Liam Neeson I’d rather recommend the movie Taken!

Little Ashes Movie With Robert Pattinson as Dali

 Robert Pattinson is Salvador Dali in Little Ashes

Robert Pattinson, the 107-years-old-but-still-virgin vampire from Twilight, is playing the lead role of Dali in Little Ashes an upcoming drama shedding light on the closet relationship the famous surrealist painter may had have with his male friends. The film is directed by Paul Morrison and is starring Javier Beltran, Matthew McNulty, Marina Gatell and Arly Jover Little Ashes should be released in Spring 2009, no official date yet.

Here below two clips of the Little Ashes movie:

“In 1922, Madrid is wavering on the edge of change as traditional values are challenged by the dangerous new influences of Jazz, Freud and the avant-garde. Salvador Dali arrives at the university; 18 years old and determined to become a great artist. His bizarre blend of shyness and rampant exhibitionism attracts the attention of two of the university’s social elite – Federico Garcia Lorca and Luis Bunel. Salvador is absorbed into their decadent group and for a time Salvador, Luis and Federico become a formidable trio, the most ultra-modern group in Madrid. However as time passes, Salvador feels and increasingly strong pull towards the charismatic Federico – who is himself oblivious of the attentions he is getting from his beautiful writer friends, Margarita. Finaly, in the face of his friends’ preoccupations – and Federico’s growing renown as a poet – Luis sets off for Paris in search of his own artistic success. Federico and Salvador spend the holiday in the sea-side town of Cadaques. Both the idyllic surroundings and the warmth of the Dali family sweep Federico off his feet. Salvador and he draw closer, sharing their deepest beliefs, inspirations and secrets, convinced that they have found a kind of friendship undreamt of by others. It is more that a meeting of the minds; it is a fusion of souls. And then one night, in the phosphorescent water, it becomes something else…” (Source: IMDb)

There are two interesting quotes related to this movie that are worth a read. The first is from Dali denying ever entering a relationship with his friend Lorca:

“He was homosexual, as everyone knows, and madly in love with me…He tried to screw me twice… I was extremely annoyed, because I wasn’t homosexual, and I wasn’t interested in giving in. Besides, it hurts. So nothing came of it.”

Salvador Dali

And the second quote is from Scriptwriter Philippa Goslett justifying her decision to depict the affair between Lorca and Dali as fact:

Having done a huge amount of research, it’s clear something happened, no question… When you look at the letters it’s clear something more was going on there….It began as a friendship, became more intimate and moved to a physical level but Dalí found it difficult and couldn’t carry on. He said they tried to have sex but it hurt, so they couldn’t consummate the relationship.

Philippa Goslett
(Scriptwriter of Little Ashes)

If Dali was stopped only because he was afraid to hurt, I hope he learned about lube eventually… Can be useful for straight relations too actually!

By the way the movie takes its title from Salvador Dali’s 1927-28 painting Cenicitas (Little Ashes). It was originally called The Birth of Venus, before being changed to Sterile Efforts and then finally Cencita:

(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
Cenicitas (Little Ashes) by Dali in 1927-1928

Maybe the relation between Edward and Jacob in twilight was of the hurting kind too before Bella came in? Joking. Robert Pattinson’s performance in Little Ashes shows that this actor is more than the only product of twilight: he was talented before the romantic vampire film and probably has a long movie career ahead of him. Don’t forget about the movie Little Ashes when it’s released!

White Wall Movie Trailer

White Wall Movie Poster

Describing a post-apocalyptic future must be trendy: there is a a new independent movie titled White Wall that’s presenting a bleak world in which almost all of Mankind seems to have been wiped out by some mysterious virus following a war. The movie White Wall is directed by James Boss.

Upon seeing the director listed in the cast of his own movie I started to think it was but a low budget sci-fi movie. Fortunately I went to the official site and I must admit that I am now caught in the universe of White Wall. I strongly recommend to visit the official site of White Wall (here).

To convince you, just have a look to this first official teaser trailer of White Wall:

“A virus has decimated humanity and left the world in squalor and full of violence. Shawn Kors world is confined to a large white wall and he looks for a way out and a cure to the virus, VXII, until he gets close to the truth.
Set in a wasteland enclosed by a large white wall, the last survivor from a brutal child internment camp reluctantly takes on one final bounty hunting job to protect the idyllic life he has rebuilt.”

Here below two stills from the movie (via Quiet Earth):
White Wall

Behind The White Wall movie
The movie looks like an artistic take on a potential post-apocalyptic future. Director James Boss shows a real creativity. If the acting is good enough to translate the universe we have a glimpse of on the official site, White Wall could become a cult movie or at least, be a stepping stone for James Boss’ career as film director.

The movie should be released in 2009. No official date yet though, not even sure it will have a theatrical release, but would be great to see this in a theater.

Moon Movie with Sam Rockwell

Moon Movie with Sam Rockwell

Looks like we have a hardcore sci fi thriller movie ahead with Moon. The film is directed by Duncan Jones and is starring Sam Rockwell with Kevin Spacey lending his voice to some AI robot. The movie Moon should be released in 2009.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting (here) we have some pictures of the movie Moon with Sam Rockwell:

Moon Trailer

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

“Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter while stranded on the moon for a three-year period.” (Source: IMDb)

It looks dark like the hard core sci-fi movies from the 1970’s and the 1980’s: watching this sci-fi movie will be like going back to my childhood besides going to the Moon!

Leaves of Grass Movie With Edward norton

Leaves of Grass Movie Teaser Poster

Director Tim Blake Nelson has been working on an upcoming titled Leaves of Grass which is based on a script he wrote himself. This upcoming comedic thriller movie that should is starring Edward Norton, Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Sarandon, and Keri Russell. Leaves of Grass should be released in 2009.

Leaves of Grass Movie Trailer

“An Ivy League professor (Norton) is lured back to his Oklahoma hometown, where his twin brother (Norton), a small-time pot grower, has concocted a scheme to take down a local drug lord (Dreyfuss).” (Source: IMDb)

Here below a first look at Edward Norton in the movie Leaves of Grass, in which he plays the role of twins:

Leaves of Grass movie with Edward Norton

I think Edward Norton had no problem playing a dual role as the two identical twin brothers (one of whom is an Ivy League philosophy professor and the other is a brilliant marijuana growing career criminal): he’s got the spirit of Fight Club and has been able to tame the green beast Hulk after all!

Astro Boy

Astro BoyAstro Boy
Action/Animation/Sci Fi
Company: Imagi Animation Studios
Directed by David Bowers
Starring Freddie Highmore as Astro Boy (voice)
Release Date: TBA 2009

More Information at: Astro Boy