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Legion 2 - Legion SequelIf the first Legion movie performs well in theaters we may expect Legion 2. Tom Waltz, one of the Legion comic book series’ writers, said indeed that the comic book prequel and the film would open the way for a sequel to Legion:

Legion 2 Trailer

“Our comic provides an exclusive expansion on some of the ideas and themes presented in the film and, perhaps, a hint at things to come should there be a movie sequel of Legion…”

Comic Book Writer Tom Waltz

Haven’t seen the movie Legion yet, but I can but dig its concept: badass angels using uzis to settle differences, who could resist to that? Anyway, since the comic book is about human prophets gifted with special abilities and and that the first film is about Archangel Michael trying to protect a a pregnant woman, I guess we’ll get to know more about this child to be in the movie Legion 2 if it is ever made.

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  1. Broohaha

    It’ll never happen. Movie was decent, but it’ll never generate the money or fanfare to warrant a sequel.

  2. Lino

    no way will there be a sequel for this movie. just watched it last nite and enjoyed most of it but they shouldnt have expected to return with a sequel to explain the babys future, the tattoo instructions and the appearance of the apostles. This movie would of been a lot better with all of that in just one flick.

  3. Peppe

    love the film, I hope that they do a sequel to explain and show what’s gonna happen, It was cool to see badass angels with uzi and sword… new grip..

  4. HurricaneBells

    I just watched this movie and the very first thing I did when I finished was looked online to see if there was talk about a sequel. There were a lot of unanswered questions and I’d like to see more of Michael. **Ow!** Overall, I thought it was a great movie. There was plenty of suspense and action. There was a definite, “edge of your seat” vibe throughout the whole film and the acting was top notch. It’s too bad they killed off all but a few of the main characters, though. lol I’ve seen a lot less interesting and successful movies do sequels, though, so I hope they were able to generate enough off this to make a second film. I would definitely line up to see it.

    • TheSoulSnatchingGinger93

      @HurricaneBells: I agree! If they made a sequel to Jarhead the INCREDIBLE Marine Corps Scout Sniper during the first Desert Storm 91” movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx then yeah they should make a sequel to Legion! The movie Jarhead is one my favorite movies and it was perfectly done and yet some idiots decided to make not one sequel! But 4 sequels.. Each of which were true garbage and should be destroyed with fire lol. Same goes for the sequel to Behind Enemy Lines with Owen Wilson which was a true story of when a US Navy Fighter Pilot and rear seat navigator on a reconnaissance mission was shot down by Serbian rebels over the DMZ of Bosnia. It was a true story film and was actually an incredibly made film which deserves so much credit and yet some idiots decided to go and make 3 stupid as hell sequels all of which are in my opinion TRASH. But I would LOVE too see a Legion 2 sequel!!!!

  5. paula

    i love the movie… a lot of people said it sucked and they said they shut it off after the first 5 minutes coz they showed almost everything on the trailer..too bad they didn’t watch it until the end ahahha… I hope there’s a sequel to it, i would like to know why they chose the child to save mankind… :-)!kudos to those who made the movie!!!

  6. deba

    the movie isn’t bad but its mostly based on the movie The Prophecy which is divided in 5 parts so I’m guessing that there will be a sequel to this movie.

  7. yiego

    Loved the movie. I liked everything about this movie from the concepts to the cinematography. The acting was excellent as well. From a writer’s point of view, there’s so much more story that could be told from where they left off (not just about the baby). I would actually love to write! :)

  8. Emmanuel B

    so just like anybody who just got done watching the movie, i also had to go online and find out if there was going to be a sequel.
    and i end up here to only say that I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!
    And to be totally honest, I didn’t even think about watching Legion till just today!

    This being the first time I’ve ever even cared enough about a movie to write on it like this; it left a major imprint in my mind of what could be for the future of the characters they built up so far.

    Of course they killed off a good number in this movie (appropriate for the characters of lesser value), but I also believe that this movie has left more then enough foundation for the those to come (Baby, Prophets, The Next “Gabriel”-esque character or Bible sited Angel(s).

    Personally, being a believer in God,Multiculturalism and carrying the spirituality I do. I was not offended, but rather intrigued with the story and what these Story Tellers had to put on the table for me (the Viewer).

    This movie had great cinematography, Great actors and acting, Great run time and the right amount of Hollywood effect in the right places to get me wanting more.


    there was one scene that did ALARM ME!!!

    now, just after Micheal shows Gabriel mercy in the movies ending battle. Good ol’ Mikey turns to Jeep telling him that he is the true protector of Charlie’s new born baby.

    which Jeep reply’s before Micheal takes flight back into the heavens

    ” Will we ever see you again?”

    NOW,is it just me, or could they have givin that scene a little more “Meat”?

    for me, it seemed a little rushed, and Jeeps line sounded to me like a “Friday night at the Movies” line.

    If anyone has any comments about that, or feels the same way reply on this and we’ll argue in the internet about it :)

    I would be honored.

  9. legion-fan

    i really liked the movie, i beleave it would be better if they adapted the plot for a tv series. if they played it right it could be another buffy. turning a movie that did well into a popular tv series.


    Angels with guns…….. Bad @$$

  11. scopeshot

    I just watched this movie for the second time, its always better to watch a movie again to catch more details than before, now obviously i did not watch them back to back, i watched it all the way back when it was in theaters and just watched it again and all that rang through my mind was gosh dangit why the heavens is there not another Legion 2 here in my dvd player yet. The movie really caught my eye being religou an all, but at first i second guessed even watching the movie at all. But when my pastor tells me a movie is as inspiring as he says i dropped everything i had that day to take my girlfriend out to dinner and to see this movie. Beyond a doubt in my mind me an my girl are going to see Legion 2 if it ever hits the theater.

  12. titanstrike

    Great Movie. Has the potential to be a remarkable series if they do the the next one right. Hope they do. I’d pay to watch it and buy the blue ray.


    my friend told me to watch the movie legion and i …LOVED IT!… wish they would have let aubrey live so there could be someone else besides charlie, micheal, and jeep but im HOPING and PRAYING there will be a sequel to this awesome movie

  14. Beth

    Loved the first can’t wait for a sequel.

  15. Jakob

    I have watched Legion over and over again and it has great potential for a great series!

    I am very religious;going to catholic schools all my life and I believe this show another side of God’s relationship with humans in a fictional way.

    This movie in my mind almost represented an “Adam and Eve” story.

    Giving the writer endless possibilities of the rest of a series! “Of course!” if they made a sequel!


  16. john

    One word wicked film hope they bring out a 2nd ~:) seen the film a good few times now and still enjoy it so happydays;_)

  17. manaman patman

    I have watched the movie and it is completely awesome.Am hoping Legion 2 comes out very soon.

  18. Carolyn.

    Legion was a great movie.. Legion 2 yes, yes, yea !!!!!

  19. joe

    A movie deserving of sequels with the most bad ass angels ever! Give us more!

  20. shasha

    no sequel but i guess the tv series is rocking it at the moment

  21. jd

    I loved this movie…please…please…please…make a sequel….soon

  22. James W.

    This movie was one the best I’ve seen in quite some time. The scene where the old lady comes into the diner for a steak and becomes verbally abusive to the pregnant waitress and her unborn child and what follows after that were the best parts of the movie. It’s time for a part 2 of this movie. Lucas Black, is from my home state. I live in Columbia Mo. I love most of the movies he’s ever acted in. In particularly, Sling Blade co-starring with Billy Bob Thorton. Please make a sequel!! We as public DESERVE it!!

  23. Stephanie R

    I really love this movie I know A LOT of people who does. They should make another it would be a hit in box office. Seeing the child grow up angel force to protect the child they was once order to kill. Damon trying to kill the child to end humanity. It would be a hit.

  24. Jdtainui

    Ok first off Legion is not based off of the movie prophecy saga. Secondly the movie was outstanding Paul Bettany was phenomenal as the archangel Micheal. And there definitely needs to be a sequel to the movie but in the sequel it can explain the fate of the child, but it could setup a third movie as God has regained his faith in man thanks to Micheal they could make a major swerve and have the childs fate ties to a prophecy to the first angel god created the light bearer Lucifer and hell trying to bring hell on earth to challenge his father and God charges Michael and Gabriel to protect the child, Jeep, Charlie and the resistance of man joining forces with Micheal and Gabriel and the angels of heaven to battle Lucifer and the forces of hell. No that would be a wicked swerve, Armageddon and the child’s fate depends on Lucifer and his minions of hell taking over earth and the extermination of man or mankind and the army of heaven preventing the extermination of mankind. Please make a sequel.

    • Michelle

      @ Jdtainui: Sounds a great idea, you should be a writer lol. Hope they do make a sequel, but somehow can’t see it. It is a Fab film tho, me n my partner have watched it tons of times.

      • Jdtainui

        @Michelle thanks I have an uncle who is a theater legend on the west coast I learned my love of passion about theater and movies at a young age thanks to him. But also learned how to be a movie critic. But it would be a smash they could turn this into a saga. But sadly I highly doubt Paul would return to the series as heist now tied to the avengers series as Vision. And once Disney gets ahold of you its hard to turn them down as money is no object to Disney in paying actors top dollar. So we are left here hoping for a sequel and perhaps a saga. I could write one up that could leave fans happy but only if the original cast returned!l lol

  25. chief javii

    I think there should be part 2 for this movie #badass

  26. HeatherB

    I’ve watched this movie MANY Many times… Love the movie.. Badass kick ass movie! Been looking for Legion 2 …. Where is it…… Come on people… With all the crappy movies that have 2 and 3 parts…. This was a GOOD movie!
    Where is the sequel?!

  27. Adrian

    Please release Legion part 2

  28. Jim

    Please just do it!

  29. Beatriz Velez

    Please make the sequel I actually bout the DVD it’s a good movie I enjoyed it.

  30. leoje

    Please release Part 2 of this movie. I can’t wait anymore!

  31. Sinclair

    This movie needs a sequel, why?

    It left most people hanging on a cliff overlooking the world that might one day end if not for the kid and the angels.. its like armageddon but zero ZOMBIES.. this is what we need to watch not mindless, dumb looking, gore hungry people eating each others insides..

    If not this then give us Devil May Cry…

  32. Christopher McGary

    I would love to see legion2 made!@

  33. Richard Redner

    Loved the movie, loved the sci-fi show. I would most definitely be in line to see the sequel. Problem with the first, which is the problem with most underperformers, is pre-release promotions. No advertising or low advertising makes for a very low turnout in opening weekend and then people judge the movie by the turnout on the first weekend which doesnt help. All the budget in the world doesnt make a hill of beans if people don’t know about or are excited about a movie coming out.
    I have seen a mountain of great flicks get labelled flops for that reason. One other that, is the shining example of that is “Dragonball Z.” It majorly underperformed here in the US but shined in Asian markets. Another one is “Avatar”, and I dont mean the blue alien Avatar lol.

  34. Adele

    Please make Legion 2…try showing it with the first movie, and people get 2 movies for 1 price at the theaters…it couldn’t be much longer than Lord of the rings…or any of the 3 (trilogy)…

  35. Dakota butler

    Please please please tell me why legion 2 ain’t came out all time favorite movie I watch this film daily since 2010 need this in my life LEGION II

  36. Matthew

    Love this movie they need to make a second one the just can ride off onto the sunset with a baby that’s a horrible way to end the movie

  37. James

    “Dominion” Syfy tv series is the continuation since it never came back as a movie sequel

  38. Donna Lawless

    I so wish I knew when this came to the Theater. I would gladly have seen it. I know dominion picks up the story but another movie would be amazing. This was amazing.