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Legion 2 Movie

Legion 2 - Legion SequelIf the first Legion movie performs well in theaters we may expect Legion 2. Tom Waltz, one of the Legion comic book series’ writers, said indeed that the comic book prequel and the film would open the way for a sequel to Legion:

Legion 2 Trailer

“Our comic provides an exclusive expansion on some of the ideas and themes presented in the film and, perhaps, a hint at things to come should there be a movie sequel of Legion…”

Comic Book Writer Tom Waltz

Haven’t seen the movie Legion yet, but I can but dig its concept: badass angels using uzis to settle differences, who could resist to that? Anyway, since the comic book is about human prophets gifted with special abilities and and that the first film is about Archangel Michael trying to protect a a pregnant woman, I guess we’ll get to know more about this child to be in the movie Legion 2 if it is ever made.

Legion 2

Legion 2 MovieLegion 2
Genre: Fantasy/Action
Directed by: Scott Stewart
Starring: Paul Bettany
Release Date:TBA 2012

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