Lost Season 5 Clip

Lost Season 5 Pic

We’ve got our hands on a new preview clip of Lost Season 5:

Lost Season 5 Preview Clip

Kate & Aaron – Sneak Peek Episode 1, Because You Left – Lost Season 5
Kate (Evangeline Lilly) freaks out when a lawyer knocks at her door asking for blood samples of her and and her son to check if she’s the real mother.

Kate is too impulsive… Her erratic behavior just bring more problems most of the time. She needs to calm down…

Any idea about who sent the lawyer? Is it some plot by Ben and Jack to convince Kate to go back to the Island? Lost season 5 is going to be awesome.

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  1. Aaron

    Was a perfect tv serie. I want a something like that new serie. I couldn’t watch today’s idiomatic series.

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