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Preview Lost Season 5

Dharma Initiative - Lost Season 5In the season 5 of Lost Jack and Ben have managed to put aside their reciprocal hostility in order to get back to the island. Here below a new clip of Lost Season 5:

Lost Season 5 Trailer

Jack and Ben are planning the trip back to the Island.

Gathering all of the Oceanic Six to go back to the Isaland won’t be that easy! Lost Season 5 will drive you even more crazy than the previous seasons!

Lost Season 5 Clip

Lost Season 5 Pic

We’ve got our hands on a new preview clip of Lost Season 5:

Lost Season 5 Preview Clip

Kate & Aaron – Sneak Peek Episode 1, Because You Left – Lost Season 5
Kate (Evangeline Lilly) freaks out when a lawyer knocks at her door asking for blood samples of her and and her son to check if she’s the real mother.

Kate is too impulsive… Her erratic behavior just bring more problems most of the time. She needs to calm down…

Any idea about who sent the lawyer? Is it some plot by Ben and Jack to convince Kate to go back to the Island? Lost season 5 is going to be awesome.

Lost Season 5 New Promo

Lost Season 5 in January 2009

Watch below the latest trailer of Lost Season 5:

Lost Season 5 January 21 2009

I’ll tel my wife that Destiny will be calling me on January 21, 2009: bugging me during the premiere of Lost Season 5 will be strictly forbidden! Yeap, I’m kind of addicted to this show, the couch potato in me is damned found of Lost…

Lost Season 5 Music Video Trailer

Lost Season 5 - Destiny Calls

A new promo trailer of Lost was shown During the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It is actually some a music clip titled “You found me” by Fray. But the clip does have new Lost Season 5 footage:

Lost Season 5 Destiny Calls

After 108 days, 6 were rescued, the rest vanished..

Wednesday January 21: Destiny calls!


Some have found an Easter egg in this new trailer of Lost Season 5: the logo of Ajira Airways is said to be in the clip. And a site under this name does exist: –> AjiraAirways.com It is but a new viral campaign to promote Lost Season 5!

Season 5 of Lost Poster

An official poster of Lost Season 5 has been unveiled:

Lost Season 5 Poster

Season 5 Lost

I really want to know what happened to the island and those left behind in the season 5 of Lost! Time and/or space shift? What’s your guess?

Lost Season 5 Premiere

Terry O'Quinn as John Locke in Lost Season 5

According to The Live Feed fans of Lost we be able to enjoy Lost Season 5 premiere on Wednesday, January 21, 2009. The first episode of Lost Season 5 should be a two-hour premiere.

Lost Season 5 Premiere and New Trailer

It just confirms the date for the premiere of Lost Season 5 announced in the trailer aired during the last election-night coverage. In case you missed this new Lost Season 5 trailer:

In 2009 we will have 17 episodes of Lost Season 5 with the strangest plot ever seen on TV.

If you can’t wait for this new season try to guess what will happen in by looking at the episode guide of the fifth season of Lost, they are a bit spoiler though…

Lost Season 5 Episode Guide

Season 5 Lost

You may check hereafter an episode guide of Lost Season 5:

Lost Season 5 Episode List

Lost S5xE01 Because You Left

Lost S5xE02 The Lie

Lost S5xE03 Jughead

Lost S5xE04 The Little Prince

Lost S5xE05 This Place Is Death

Lost S5xE06 The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham

For now only the titles of the first 6 episodes have been unveiled. Shall try to update this Lost season 5 episode guide when the other titles become available.

Lost Season 5

Lost Season 5 in 2009Lost Season 5
Drama/Thriller/Sci Fi/Adventure/Mystery
Created by Jeffrey Lieber, J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof

The Oceanic Six:
Matthew Fox as Jack,
Evangeline Lilly as Kate,
Various babies as Aaron,
Yunjin Kim as Sun,
Naveen Andrews as Sayid,
Jorge Garcia as Hurley,

Terry O’Quinn as John Locke,
Emilie de Ravin as Claire,
Josh Holloway as Sawyer,
Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond,

Michael Emerson as Benjamin Linus

Release Date, Season Premiere: TBA January 2009

More information at: Lost Season 5 Trailer


Lost Season 5 Trailer

Lost Season 5

Since its inception the TV show Lost has been cult. Many are awaiting for the upcoming season 5 of Lost. Here below the first Lost Season 5 trailer via Slashfilm:

After 108 days everything they lived for, died for, prayed for, finally happened.

6 were rescued

the rest… vanished!

In 2009 the Oceanic 6 will risk everything to return:

Destiny calls!


Coming in 2009

A nice recap of the fourth season to prepare us for the upcoming season 5 of Lost!

Check also the comic con footage of Lost Season 5.

Lost Season 5 Comic Con Clip

Lost Season 5Dharma Initiative - LostA new Dharma clip for the promotion of Lost Season 5 has been shown at the latest Comic Con, just spotted the clip on youtube:

Dr. Marvin Candle / Pierre Chang:
It’s imperative that the Dharma Initiative to be reconstituted.

According to the reports of those lucky enough to assist to the comic con panel of the TV show, Lost Season 5 will twist our minds even more than before.

I am also quite happy to learn the the story of Rousseau will be unveiled in this fifth season of Lost.

Update: We now have the first trailer of Lost season 5:

Lost Season 5 Trailer

Be ready: we will head back to the mysterious island quite soon!