Michael Myers Halloween 2

Michael Myers (played by Tyler Mane) is back to harass Laurie Strode and to make her life a real nightmare again!

Halloween 2 Movie Trailer

Below some new pictures of Rob Zombie’s H2 movie:

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

I hope you took a look to the picture of Michael Myers in his full glory!

3 Responses - “Michael Myers Halloween 2”

  1. JACK

    Michael Myers Height
    Halloween (1978) Myers Height 178 cm
    Halloween II (1981) Myers Height 175 cm
    Halloween 4 (1988) Myers Height 189 cm
    Halloween 5 (1989) Myers Height 185 cm
    Halloween 6 (1995) Myers Height 189 cm
    Halloween H20 (1998) Myers Height 188 cm
    Halloween 8 End (2002) Myers Height 188 cm
    Halloween New (2007 and 2009) Myers Height 203 cm

  2. kio

    Final scene of John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978).

    Useless trivia: The Shape is played by four different people in this final scene:

    1. Nick Castle (who plays The Shape for most of the movie)
    2. Tommy Lee Wallace (The Shape for the wardrobe scene only)
    3. Tony Moran (Michael Myers/The Shape with face exposed)
    4. James Winburn (stuntman who plays The Shape when falling from the balcony)