The movie Watchmen: trailer, clips, photos, soundtrack, news and much more!

Watchmen Movie Clips

Watchmen Movie - Dr. ManhattanThe latest batch of preview clips of the Watchmen movie is rather mind blowing, literally. Especially the first two clips, featuring Jon Osterman (Billy Crudup) and his alter-ego the super vigilante Dr. Manhattan:

Time Lock.
Jon Osterman (Billy Crudup) is trapped inside the experimental chamber. The event will transform him into Doctor Manhattan.

The Superman exists and he is American!
The reborn Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup) is introduced to the world.

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Watchmen Clip

Watchmen the MovieWe’ve got a batch of clips of Watchmen, the upcoming movie adaptation directed by Zack Snyder:

Watchmen Preview Clips

Rooftop Rescue.
Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II come to the rescue of people surrounded by flames in a building.

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Watchmen Pics

A few pictures from Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie:

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I’m a fan of Dr. Manhattan! I’m really thinking about wearing my Dr. Manhattan costume for the premiere of the movie Watchmen! Too bad that my wife wouldn’t accept to get dressed as Silk Spectre…

No More Masks Watchmen

The Watchmen were once the very heroes of the nation, but a smearing campaign has succeeded were the enemy’s forces failed: the Watchmen are considered as dangerous and crazy vigilantes. Check this clip from the House Committee on Un-American Activities that just vilifies the Watchmen:

Watchmen No More Masks


The Keene Act and you.
The House Committee on Un-American Activities

Who watches the Watchmen?

No Masks, No capes, No gadgets or experimental weapons, No dangerous unlicensed vehicles

Together we can forge a better America!

When an ex-superhero is murdered, the vigilante named Rorschach begins an investigation into the murder, which begins to lead to a much more terrifying conclusion: a conspiracy to kill the Watchmen!

Watchmen Rorschach Unmasked

Thanks to Iszaham we’ve got some new great pictures of the movie Watchmen. Quite interesting pictures: those show Rorschach Unmasked!

Rorschach Unmasked

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Rorschach unmasked!

News vendor and Rorschach in a scene from Watchmen

Nite Owl, Rorschach and Silk Spectre II in Watchmen

Jackie Earle Haley is playing the role of Walter Kovacs and his super alter-ego Rorschach. Rorschach is a superhero who continues his vigilante activities after they are outlawed. He was transformed over time from a “soft” costumed hero into a manichean killer who sees the world in black and white.

Iszaham also pointed to this gorgeous picture of Dr. Manahattan:

(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan lashes out

Dr. Jon Osterman aka Doctor Manhattan (played by Billy Crudup) is a superhero with genuine powers who works for the U.S. government.

I bet that this Watchmen movie will be at least as cult as the original comic book! Director Zack Snyder has done an amazing job with Watchmen! Thumbs and Toes up for Snyder and his Watchmen movie!

Watchmen IMAX Poster

Here below the latest IMAX movie poster of Watchmen:

Watchmen Movie

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

I wonder if the guys from the Blue Man Group were inspired by Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen. Any link?

Blue Men
I doubt my wife would appreciate, but it would be fun to go see Watchmen with a blue-man outfit… I could still bargain with her!
Nope, I’m getting cold feet already… Too bad!

Watchmen Final Poster

Below the final poster for director Zack Snyder’s Watchmen:

Watchmen Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
Watchmen Final Movie Poster

The Watchmen movie is opening in conventional and IMAX theaters on March 6, 2009.

Watchmen Movie

Warner Bros and Fox have settled an agreement over the Watchmen movie. So we will be able to enjoy the film in due time in March 2009.

Watchmen Movie

Here below, thanks to Badtaste, an international Watchmen poster:

(Click on the quad poster to enlarge it.)
Watchmen FilmWATCHMEN

This city is afraid of me.
I’ve seen its true face.

The movie Watchmen, directed by Zack Snyder, is based on a comic book by writer Alan Moore (a grumpy old man who’s just disdainfully spitting on this marvelous movie adaptation) and illustrator Dave Gibbons (a good chap who did help Director Snyder). The story is set in an alternate 1985 where superheroes exist, tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union are at an all time high.

Zack Snyder Watchmen

Zack Snyder's WatchmenThe release of the movie Watchmen will probably be postponed… Greedy Fox is quite jealous of Warner Bros’ success and recently asked a judge to block the release! What a negative buzz for 20th Century Fox… But even if the movie is delayed and Fox happens to prevail at the end, I would still go see the Watchmen. Damn this movie looks too awesome for one to miss it! Just have a look to this Watchmen featurette in which Director Zack Snyder gives an overview of the movie and in which he presents the characters of the Watchmen universe:

Watchmen Movie Cast

WATCHMEN – Featurette with Director Zack Snyder

Below the cast and the respective roles:

Patrick Wilson as Daniel Dreiberg / Nite Owl: A retired vigilante superhero with technological experience.

Jackie Earle Haley as Walter Kovacs / Rorschach: A superhero who continues his vigilante activities after they are outlawed. He was transformed over time from a “soft” costumed hero into a killer who sees the world in black and white.

Malin Akerman as Laurie Juspeczyk / Silk Spectre: A retired vigilante superheroine. Akerman described her character as the psychology and the emotion of the film due to being the only woman among the men.

Billy Crudup as Dr. Jon Osterman / Doctor Manhattan: A superhero with genuine powers who works for the U.S. government.

Matthew Goode as Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias: A retired vigilante superhero who has since made his identity public.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Edward Blake / The Comedian: A vigilante superhero who is commissioned by the U.S. government.

Stephen McHattie as Hollis Mason: The first vigilante to take up the mantle of Nite Owl.

Carla Gugino as Sally Jupiter: A retired vigilante superheroine, mother of Laurie Juspeczyk and the first Silk Spectre.

Matt Frewer as Edgar Jacobi / Moloch the Mystic: An elderly rehabilitated criminal, known when he was younger as an underworld kingpin and magician.

Niall Matter as Mothman: He is not a main focus of the storyline, but appears in flashbacks, at one point reduced in his later years to fragile sanity, unnerving the second Silk Spectre. He is regarded fondly by most of the Minutemen, and the first Nite Owl sends the second to visit him, uncostumed, on his behalf.

Dan Payne as Dollar Bill: A first-generation crimefighter who caught his cape in a revolving door during a bank robbery and was shot to death.

Danny Woodburn as “The Big Figure”: A dwarf crime boss whom Rorschach put in prison.

Director Zack Snyder made a hell of a job on this movie. Let’s pray for Fox and WB to reach an agreement as soon as possible: we are all waiting for the Watchmen!

Watchmen Movie Trailer

Watchmen Movie

A new full-length trailer of Watchmen, upcoming movie directed by has been released:

Watchmen Full Length Trailer

I’m so impatient to see the movie Watchmen!

Zack Snyder Watchmen New Poster

Here below the latest poster of Director Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, an upcoming vigilante movie set in a uchrony:

Watchmen Official Poster
Justice is coming to all of us.
No matter what we do.


Check the trailer of Watchmen.

The yellow color of this Watchmen poster is like printed in my mind by now.

Scream Awards Watchmen Footage

Watchmen Scream Awards

Some amazing new footage from Watchmen, upcoming vigilante movie based on the comic book of the same name and directed by Zack Snyder, was shown at the 2008 Scream Awards, here it is:

Watchmen Scream Awards Footage

Watchmen Scream Awards Footage

I love the whole thing: not only the footage of Watchmen is awesome, but the music is great too! Any idea about the song?
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Watchmen Footage Leaked

The Comedian - Watchmen MovieSome bootleg footage of the Watchmen, upcoming movie directed by Zack Snyder, has leaked online. You may watch this leaked Watchmen footage from Comic Con here below:

Watchmen Bootleg Preview Clip

The soundtrack of Watchmen is gonna be gorgeous. The whole movie is promising. I can already tell that Zack Snyder deserves an Award for Watchmen, not less!

Watchmen Movie New Posters

Watchmen MovieNew posters of the movie Watchmen have been unveiled at Comic Con. The movie is claiming his Comic Book heritage. The posters mimic indeed comic book covers:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

Sally Jupiter - Watchmen Rorschach - Watchmen Ozymandias - Watchmen
The Comedian - Watchmen Dr. manhattan - Watchmen Nite Owl

Watchmen Trailer

There is no denying that with this movie Director Zack Snyder tries to stick to to the original Watchmen comic book. Illustrator Dave Gibbons has been helping, but story writer Alan Moore does give a damned shit about the film. How sad for Allan Moore!

Anyway fans will recognize the greatness of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie!

Watchmen First Trailer

WatchmenZack Snyder, the director of 300, has been working on Watchmen, an upcoming movie set in a parallel universe where nobody is surprised when seeing vigilantes in the street and where the USA is still fighting against a powerful Soviet Union.

Watchmen Official Trailer

In 2009,
Everything we know will change

From the director of 300.

The most celebrated graphic novel of all time!


The graphical universe of the comic book is well rendered: thumbs up for Zack Snyder!

Watchmen David Gibbons Praises Zack Snyder

WatchmenEven Comick book illustrator David Gibbons is praising the meticulous work done by Zack Snyder on the movie adaptation of the Watchmen.

Here below the latest episode of the video journal of the Wathmen movie set:

We even had a glimpse of Rorschach. Isn’t that a great behind-the-scenes clip!

Watchmen Costumes Featurette

A new beind-the-scenes clip featuring the costumes used in Watchmen has been released.

Here below the Watchmen Costumes Featurette:

More at: Watchmen Trailer

The Watchemen is a 1980’s comic book written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons. The title was originally published by DC Comics. the movie adpation is directed by Zack Snyder.

Watchmen Rumrunner Bar

Ever heard about the Rumrunner bar? You know, this Bar in Watchmen by Will Eisner Alan Moore, next to the ill-fated Moloch’s street hole.

Well here below the entrance door:

 Rumrunner - Watchmen
Ok, I must admit: actually this post is a pretext to introduce the trailer of Watchmen again:

Watchmen Trailer

But that’s a nice door, isn’t it? So you’ll forgive Teaser Trailer!

Watchmen Behind-The-Scenes

The first of a series of behind-the-scenes featurette has been released for Watcmen, upcoming movie by Zack Snyder who directed 300.

Watchmen Making-Of

Really amazing what Hollywood can do to create the illusion of reality!

Watchmen New Pictures

Watchmen - SilkSpectreA batch of pictures are already available for Watchmen, movie adaptation of the successful comic book.

You may check them on:

Watchmen Pictures

SilkSpectre is kind of sexy!


Watchmen - ComedianWatchmen
Directed by Zack Snyder
Starring Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Crudup, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Release Date: March 6, 2009

More Information at: Watchmen