Watchmen Rumrunner Bar

Ever heard about the Rumrunner bar? You know, this Bar in Watchmen by Will Eisner Alan Moore, next to the ill-fated Moloch’s street hole.

Well here below the entrance door:

 Rumrunner - Watchmen
Ok, I must admit: actually this post is a pretext to introduce the trailer of Watchmen again:

Watchmen Trailer

But that’s a nice door, isn’t it? So you’ll forgive Teaser Trailer!

2 Responses - “Watchmen Rumrunner Bar”

  1. protozaurus

    watchmen by will eisner WTF??? more like alan moore and dave gibbons.

  2. Teaser Trailer

    At the time I wrote this post Watchmen and the Spirit were still competing in my head. ;-P

    But by now, the movie adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen seems definitely more interesting than the adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit!