New Moon Movie Tie-In Book Cover

Two covers of the movie tie-in books of New Moon, aka Twilight 2, have been unveiled. And one of the covers is fairly hot:

(Click on a cover to enlarge it.)

Jacob and Bella - Twilight New Moon Twilight 2 New Moon

It could be hotter but I guess they have to keep it PG-13 because of younger audiences. They want lot of people to go watch the movie in theaters, it means they’re targeting the whole family, young teens and even kids included. But Twilight isn’t a story for kids…
So no wonder that some fans are disappointed to see the Twilight movie series to get tamed… But well, maybe in the following Twilight movies, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, they won’t shy away from the lustful passion that was one of the main reasons for the original success of Stephenie Meyer’s books.

One Response - “New Moon Movie Tie-In Book Cover”

  1. iszaham

    The two covers look great, with one steamy book cover of new moon. Bella and Jacob look make a hot couple (not as much as Bella with Edward though).