Olivier Megaton Transporter 3 Movie Clip

Transporter 3 Car Stunt

Olivier Megaton is the third director to work on a transporter movie after Corey Yuen for the first one and Louis Leterrier the second one. Megaton is actually a nickname, his real being Olivier Fontana. He was called megaton because he was born on the same day as the 20th Hiroshima Commemoration (August 6, 1965).

The nickname must influence his artistic vision: Transporter 3 is gonna blow us way for real! Just check this new Transporter 3 clip featuring an amazing car stunt:

Transporter 3 Preview Clip

Any Idea?
Frank Martin (Jason Statham) finds a creative way to get past two semi trucks.

Any idea about the soundtrack of this Transporter 3 trailer?

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  1. rimsalia

    With lot of respect behind I went on to see the movie Transporter 3. It was clearly challenging Bond 22. Transporter 3 is a well armed movie with lot of action around. No more wasting time on investigations and just blow the party.