Pixar UPisodes

Disney Pixar has coined a new pun by releasing some UPisodes (contraction of UP and episode). Those clips of UP are promotional material and aren’t clips from the movie. But still they are funny to watch:

Disney Pixar presents

Adventures with Carl and Russell


Animal Calls

First Aid

New upisodes will be released and we’ll list them here.

I think there is a conspiracy at Disney Pixar for us to believe that the future of mankind will be a few sizes larger: in Wall-E the remnants of Mankind were all like chubby worms, and it looks like that Russel is the missing link…

One Response - “Pixar UPisodes”

  1. Yelhsa

    I love Russle!

    And if you noticed when Russle is doing animal calling “the puma” Carl flinches because of how loud and because of his hearing-aid.