Rhino The Hamster In Bolt Movie

Rhino the Hamster - Bolt Disney Movie

Check the star power of Rhino the hamster, a character from Disney’s upcoming 3D animated movie Bolt:

Rhino The Hamster in Bolt

Rhino the hamster deserves his own show! I’d love to see a movie or at least a series based on this crazy hamster!

6 Responses - “Rhino The Hamster In Bolt Movie”

  1. kristi gover

    Rhino deserves his own movie because he’s soooooooooo cute

  2. Pat Munang

    Yes, Rhino is hilarious! Please make a Rhino movie!

  3. George Bouri

    Rhino! Rhino! Rhino! He really does steal the show and is deserving of his own movie or TV show…

  4. Sandra Martínez

    We just loved Rhino, I agree, he and Mittens saved the story. I support the idea of making a movie for him.

  5. I Have A Rhino Fettish

    I would so r*pe him lol i joke but he is sexy ;)
    Make his own movie PLEASE :D
    I LOVE You people :P


  6. Markus

    Everybody loves Rhino! Love em hope to see more Rhino stuff in the future

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