Rhino The Hamster In Bolt Movie

Rhino the Hamster - Bolt Disney Movie

Check the star power of Rhino the hamster, a character from Disney’s upcoming 3D animated movie Bolt:

Rhino The Hamster in Bolt

Rhino the hamster deserves his own show! I’d love to see a movie or at least a series based on this crazy hamster!

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6 Responses - “Rhino The Hamster In Bolt Movie”

  1. kristi gover

    Rhino deserves his own movie because he’s soooooooooo cute

  2. Pat Munang

    Yes, Rhino is hilarious! Please make a Rhino movie!

  3. George Bouri

    Rhino! Rhino! Rhino! He really does steal the show and is deserving of his own movie or TV show…

  4. Sandra MartĂ­nez

    We just loved Rhino, I agree, he and Mittens saved the story. I support the idea of making a movie for him.

  5. I Have A Rhino Fettish

    I would so r*pe him lol i joke but he is sexy ;)
    Make his own movie PLEASE :D
    I LOVE You people :P


  6. Markus

    Everybody loves Rhino! Love em hope to see more Rhino stuff in the future

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