Shanghai John Cusack Went To Asia

The Cast of Shanghai the movie.

John Cusack went to Asia for Shanghai, an upcoming period movie directed by Mikael Hafstrom. Back to the Western world he made a stop in London in June with the cast of Shanghai for a conference (was also to shoot a few scenes). And back from Asia the guy is rather quiet … Is he under the soothing influence of Confucianism or is he just blase? Check below you’ll see by yourself:

Shanghai Movie With John Cusack

They could have made an effort for this promotional event… They don’t really sale the movie… I suppose John Cusack is better on screen than in real life…

2 Responses - “Shanghai John Cusack Went To Asia”

  1. Danny

    Can’t’t wait to see this movie in Dec.
    Gong Li and Rinko! Yum.

  2. chris

    ye, i was on that shoot, he has a presence in the flesh too, but. cant see why the women are so mad for him