Stargate Universe Blockade

SGU Season 2 Episode 19 - Stargate Universe S2.19 BlockadeLet’s watch the trailer of “Blockade”, the next episode of Stargate Universe:

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 19 – Blockade

And a preview clip:

SGU S2x19 Blockade
“Destiny is attacked by drone ships while attempting to recharge its power reserves, forcing most of the crew to gate to a nearby planet while Eli tries a risky alternative.”

Goddamn drone ships!

2 Responses - “Stargate Universe Blockade”

  1. Tee

    I too hate them drones. There is only one Destiny and they just won’t let it fly in peace. The people on that ship already have major problems and these drones just keep showing up everywhere and make life more difficult to live or survive.

    I will miss the series when it ends. I just want this all to be some kind of a joke and Syfy to say that hey it was all for April Fool’s fun. I want all this cancelation business to be a JOKE.

    I will miss the Gates.

  2. Super batman

    LOL the drones are trolling destiny.