Stargate Universe Episode Guide

STARGATE UNIVERSE EPISODE GUIDEStargate Universe is the new Stargate tv series that should start to air on the sci-fi channel in Summer 2009. We may hope three seasons of SGU, and more if the ratings are good enough. The first season will count 20 episodes.

Check this episode guide of Stargate Universe:

Stargate Universe Episode List

Stargate Universe Season 1

SGU S1xE01 Air (Part 1)

SGU S1xE02 Air (Part 2)

SGU S1xE03 Air (Part 3)

SGU S1xE04 Fire

SGU S1xE05 Water

SGU S1xE06 Earth

SGU S1xE07

SGU S1xE08

SGU S1xE09

SGU S1xE10

SGU S1xE11

SGU S1xE12

SGU S1xE13

SGU S1xE14

SGU S1xE15

SGU S1xE16

SGU S1xE17

SGU S1xE18

SGU S1xE19

SGU S1xE20

This episode list of Stargate Universe will be completed when more episode titles are available and when we get our hands on summaries of SGU episodes.

In Stargate Universe we will follow a team of soldiers and scientist aboard the Ancient ship Destiny trhough uncharted space!

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