Stargate Universe Gauntlet

SGU Season 2 Episode 20 - Stargate Universe S2.20 GauntletLet’s watch the trailer of “Gauntlet”, the final episode of Stargate Universe:

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 20 – Gauntlet

And a preview clip:

SGU S2x20 Gauntlet
“When Destiny is surrounded by drone command ships at every turn, the crew must take a stand or risk being set adrift forever.”

Feels like the finale of Stargate Universe is going to be a let down… Hate you SyFy! Why did you cancel this show!

4 Responses - “Stargate Universe Gauntlet”

  1. Rudy

    I feel like punching SYFY in the face for cancelling this show. And MGM still wont say anything. I guess they still want to hold on to the rights to the franchise, but why don’t they sell the show to FOX

  2. Tee

    Totally love the fact that the ADMIN on this site loves SGU and is showing support by showing us previews.

    Thanks and it was great while it lasted so please let us know in the future if they ever decide to relaunch the GATES.

    And I guess you are right. It’s do or die for SGU. I guess they were expecting to come back for the third season that’s why we won’t get to see the ending that SGU deserves. SGU deserved better than a cancellation by SyFy. Just dropped like it never mattered or the fans who made the channel for what it is (a success). SyFy hopefully pays for this mistake after SGU goes off the air. I hope people stop watching and there is a drastic drop in their ratings. Hope that they get a hard hit and a dose of reality. Fans can make you or break you.

    • cr

      i will never watch syfy again, if i never see a 3rd season of SGU DAMN YOU SYFY DAMN YOU and thats the truth

  3. cr

    Syfy is messed to end such a god series like that. they should be ashamed to call them self a network. :(