Stargate Universe Malice

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 8Let’s watch the trailer of the next episode of Stargate Universe, SGU S2.8 Malice:

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 8 – Malice

And here’s a clip:

Stargate Universe – S2.8 – Malice

SGU S2x08 Malice
“Lucian Alliance prisoner Simeon escapes, creating a manhunt on a remote planet.
Ginn, using the stones to trade bodies with Dr. Amanda Perry, continues to fill in Homeworld Command of an impending Lucian Alliance attack. Suspecting she’s giving up valuable information Simeon manufactures an escape by killing his guard then making his way to silence Ginn.
Taking Park hostage, Simeon forces Volker to dial a planet and escapes off the ship. When Rush finds Ginn’s lifeless body, knowing what it means for Dr. Perry, he gates to the planet on a mission of vengeance. But Homeworld Command, believing Simeon has information that could prevent an attack on Earth orders he be captured alive. Col. Young must send Lt. Scott and Msgt. Greer to bring Simeon back before he kills Rush or is killed himself.”

Really sad for Rush…

One Response - “Stargate Universe Malice”

  1. Tee

    So sad that this happened. But Dr. Perry should be alive because if you get disrupted than you go back to your own body. So technically if she is unconscious than Gin should be back to her body and Dr.Perry in her own. If Dr. Perry dies than it’s not good because she was a genius and only way Rush could be saved. Sad very sad. I was on the edge watching the previous episode. I can’t wait till Tuesday!