Stargate Universe No Season 3

Stargate Universe has been canceled.There will be no season 3 for Stargate Universe… SyFy has indeed canceled the show: the remaining episodes of season 2 of SGU will be aired, but don’t expect a third season.

SGU is a great show, I’m really disappointed by SyFy’s decision… I guess they prefer to focus on those stupid reality shows and those awful B movies rather than being creative… Thumb down for SyFy!

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  1. Robert

    Well this was a BRILLIANT decision by SyFy. They cancel the best Stargate series of them all. Great job. I only hope they see sense or Sky jump in as the sane ones and Air SGU!


    • Francisco Bello

      what is going on with SYFY
      between wrestling and those ridiculous reality series I have to question why the higher ups have decided to sabotage the Sci Fi channel.
      make no mistake i love the sg series
      sg1 had run it’s course. so i understand why it had to end.
      sg atlantis: total mistake to cancel. colossal blunder.
      sg universe: mercy killing. this series was horrible. not even actual movie actors (and i like Robert Carlyle and Lou diamond Phillips), could save this dog. I tried to get into the series but the episodes were flat or unimaginative.
      disappointing to say the least.
      in short, Thank You SyFy for ending a horrendous mistake on an otherwise excellent series (sg1) and it’s previous spin off sg Atlantis
      please let the honorable dead remain honorably remembered.

      • dylan

        I agree with Francisco Bello, stargate1 was good but it had its run it couldnt go on forever, stargate atlantis was GREAT I dont know why they cancelled it. But Stargate universe was not that good it was Boring, nothing happened, They spent Two seasons Trying to get the Ship to run, All they Did was mostly Talk about there home, life, and stuff,it was a really lame and weak im not surpised it was cancelled.

    • Francisco Bello

      BRIALLIANT as you say??? Not so much mercy killings should be considered necessary if not humane.
      SGU is a pimple next to SG1 or SGA.
      Are you serious? this show could have been the best one yet, but they never could finalize the direction they were going in. it was like a space soap at times, action drama at other times. no real chemistry between the characters it as if the writers were testing the waters. that’s fine, but shouldn’t you do that before the series is launched.
      like since when did space pirates develop or steal technology capable of opening the stargate to the destiny where sgc hadn’t been able to with all of their resources? This was a weak attempt at bringing back some sg1 flavor to a a dying dog.
      no Good ridance i say.
      SYFY needs more science fiction less wrestling and James Bond festivals. while they find something new series to fill the vaccum of a superior sci fi series how about feeling your roots. their is a ton of science fiction movies from the 1030’s to the present. give your viewers the benefit of the doubt and assume for an instant that the story and not the special effects might compel the watcher to enjoy the movie.

      • Donny

        SGU was much better than the predecessors. SG1 was good, but the goofy interaction, cheesy jokes, and bad music became the baseline and didn’t age well across 10 seasons. SGA was very good, but had some of the same problems as SG1.
        SGU went gritty, just like the revamped Battlestar Galactica. SGU made characters, drama, and futuristic endeavors relate to a possible reality.

        If more people realized that science fiction is more than seeing aliens, explosions, cheesy jokes, then bad music, we’d be able to keep some of these good series longer. I guess a couple of you don’t understand dramatic acting and need boobs, beer, and blowing stuff up more than quality.

        • Rhadamanthus

          I totally agree.
          The jokes were what killed SG1 and SGA to me. The plot was pretty good when they started. They were trying to be coherent, without conflicting facts and stuff like that. But no matter what happens, there was no real sense of danger or threat. The only one episode that they really showed some real characters was when Rodney had a parasite in his brain.

          SGU on the other hand was brilliant, very serious (like sci-fi should be), and keeps you anticipating without really being able to expect what will happen. However, it had some very stupid turns in the plot because of stupid character decisions.. (but still better than BSG)

          I’m VERY disappointed that the show was cancelled.. I think all shows should try to be like that

          • Graig Brenton

            you right about the SGU being the weakest of them all…however it does have the potential of being the best one of them all. I was very disapointed with the atlantis crossover…just rodney..who is a great character and the holographic doctor…WTF. I really think they needed a revamp not a cancellation. shame on you SYFY shame on you

        • Luis Vargas

          I waited several years to transmit the signal in my country I follow some of their series, with the two best BSG and SGU, so I’m very disappointed with the decision of SyFy Channel.
          Could make an effort and continue one or two seasons, enabling a good ending.
          In my opinion SGU is the best of the serie SG.

        • Agravak

          Totally agree with Donny, that was a great show and it was heading to build an amazing story. I wish they revive it, we need more sci-fi series with deeper imagination.

      • Demonswrath

        what do u know, SGU was the best of the 3, by far !!!

    • Rolf

      in fact sgu ist the best science fiction series ever, people will admit sooner or later. period.

      • CAROL

        Hi Rolf – I have been watching SGU since it started and watched the final episode of series 2 the other day. I decided to check the internet to see when series 3 would begin only to find it has been cancelled. I am so disappointed with SCI-FI – I guess we will never know what happens to them now – THIS IS SO UNFAIR to all the SGU FANS – may-be they will reconsider – we can only hope.

      • Luis Vargas

        I don’t think that SGU be the best science fiction series, but is good enough for 1 or 2 seasons more, for a better ending.
        In my opinion the best series was BSG.

    • chris

      yeah i really dont freakin get how the better shows get cancelled
      this was the best and most interesting sg-1 and atlantis were good but this was cutting edge incomparison, geez first its this now nbc is cencelling the event what next i guess people rather watch dancing with the tards american idol , geez they were able to finish b-star gallactica and i think SGU is a way better show

    • johnnnie

      If your going to end a show at least do the courteous thing and give the story an ending.And please stop making b rated movies. The world has enough crap tv.
      P.S. reality shows s**k

    • snaakedoc

      I can hardly believe that their best stargate SGU is canceled. Replaced by those ridicules B Movies SYFY please bring SGU back.

  2. Nancy

    I’m really disappointed at SyFy. This was the best science fiction show since the demise of Star Trek, and I was hoping it would run for several seasons. They really missed out with this decision.

  3. Chris

    I’m a sci fi buff of many years. This would no doubt (my opinion only) have to be the worst, most inept attempt to cash in on the Stargate phenomenom. Pathetic plots, pathetic acting all going absolutely nowhere. Obviously the producers saw no “Destiny” in further episodes.

    • mike

      You know why you don’t like it? It’s because the original stargate fans literally can’t understand this complex storyline, period. They did have some massive battles in the future and a SGA movie but since SGU went under, have fun. You just destroyed the stargate franchise and this series was much better than SG1 or SGA simply because they seemed like real people. In SG1 and SGA no matter how much crap happened to the characters you knew they would come out on top, whereas SGU the characters don’t know if they are going to live through the day and neither do the viewers. In essence SGU was closer to the goal of bringing normal people into a universe they could never imagine. Isn’t that what the Sci-Fi genre is all about?

      • AlexBadger

        You said it all. The “unprepared personnel” on Destiny made everything much more interesting and believable, even dealing with remote human problems on Earth. The time loop that created a whole civilization was not unseen, but a great feature, compatible with the possibilities the show had. I am very, very sorry about Sy-Fy’s decision. Lots of friends, fans I had the pleasure of creating by sharing information, are also grieving it. A good show and lots of possibilities. Good-bye, Destiny. It was a great journey. Short. But Great.

  4. Andy

    Unfortunately when SciFi changed the spelling to SyFy more changed than just the name. They are getting further and further from their roots. What does wrestling have to do with science fiction? Leave the crappy predictable reality shows to Bravo and A&E, and let’s get back to real SciFi, like the name says…..please

  5. Robert

    Personally I don’t watch it on SyFy, But Sky 1 if they dont air it though neither will sky 1 so yeah. I can still get syfy though and I have seen some random shows which have nothing to with sci fi and I have wondered ‘What The Hell?’

  6. Rikk

    Thank God they finally listened to the thousands of Stargate fans that hated this awful, boring, adventure-less and direction-less mess.

    • Tadz

      Did you actually watch it? There was more adventure.. more direction than any other sg series with 15eps of crap and 5 of actual meaning to the series. SGU had 19 eps of meaning and one of crap, it was no matter how you think it, the best series so far.

      • Vishnu Rajendran Amboo

        Could not agree with you more, by far I think its the best SG series.. pretty much deep and not your usual crappy writing that u find in most sci-fi series.. the idea behind it is just amazing and probably people are just inept and lack the understanding of the story which i think is brilliant as this could b n everyday situation if u r stuck on-board “destiny”.. not some alien who’s always a friend in all sg series..

        • Drew

          Agreed with the two above. At first it was dull and it reminded me of Battlestar Galactica or Caprica, but at the end of season 1 I couldn’t stop watching it. And now that it’s gone, there’s nothing else to watch.

    • Jim

      It doesn’t sound like you gave it much of a chance…
      It was the best written of the three all through the 1st season, but the writing did seem to begin to slip during the second season some…
      But there was much potential and as someone else poiinted out, it’s worst episode soared high above the typical “made for syfy” movie which always comes off with nothing but ridiculous scripts and rescued sears models/low-budget soap opera actors, hamming it up.

  7. Brady

    What the crap is SyFy thinking. First, they cancel SG-1, then SG Atlantis, both of which had great story lines. I’ll admit SGU had a rough start, the story didn’t really seem to be moving along, but once the story finally finds a foothold, they up and cancel it! I’m losing a lot of faith in my favorite station.

  8. Sheldon

    This is a classic example for why we as the fans should pull our resources together and buy a giant chunk of some of our favorite channels. That way such clashes in judgment like this wont happen. I did a fan search for Stargate Universe and there are plenty of fans for the show out there. This is the channels way of loosing sight of their original plans for their shows. It seems like the moment they catch a good amount of people watching a science fiction show they cancel it and say that the show wasn’t bringing in enough revenue. How pathetic is that? I pray that Sky 1 keeps its senses and continues running this series or else they will be loosing viewers like I foresee SyFy is going to with the way the people there run it. If you guys find a campaign to keep SyFy for science fiction and to keep the good shows that they have let me know.


    I cannot believe SGU will not have a season 3,4,5,6,or 7. The Stargate series has been the key to the success of the Scifi channel from the very beginning. Who ever came up with the decision to cancel the series should be fired in a couple of years when the network finds themselves in financial trouble. The network will be trying to make it on ghost hunter reality shows that get old fast and B movies that most viewers will start avoiding after viewing a couple of them. Guess What scifi network, your best revenue that may or may not keep you afloat in the future are Stargate series reruns along with the help of a couple of other shows like Caprica and Sanctuary? Good luck Scifi, you’ll need it!

  10. Tadz

    Really sad, thanks to all the haters that made this happen.. :(

  11. Sheldon

    A toast to the Sifi that once was.

  12. eric

    Jersey Shore, The Bachelor and The Old Has Been Rock Star Lays Young Chicks Show get three and four seasons while shows like SGU get canceled. It really a comment on the state on people attention spans. Really sad about this one. SGU is a great show.

  13. Jason

    Dissappointing. I have to admit I didnt really care for it at first and was pretty pissed they cancelled Atlantis as it kept getting better and better but the storyline has gotten much better and im pretty hooked now. Yet another bad decision by Syfy…

    P.S – Reality shows blow. 95% of the people on them admit to acting differently in front of the camera so its not reality. How have people not figured htis out yet? Who the hell wants to watch a faily with like 20 kids go about their daily routine? I have enough reality dealing with my family. I enjoy the distraction of shows like these to relax and entertain me.

  14. mathew lisett


    oh no, really wow cant believe such a well written series, and somethign that makes me thankful they axed the original and award winning SG1 and SGA, i’m shocked there’s not going to be another season

    </ end sarcasm

  15. David

    What tha hell???? I was so happy that finally a new stargate series had started and season 2 has been really awsome so far! AND NOW THIS!?
    I mean, what the f**k are they thinking? (excuse my language but it’s necessary) SG:A was the most exiting series i’ve ever watched and i will never forget it and SG:U was even better! As an other guy before me said, who wanna watch someone else life when you have your own to take care of? its like having a camera in your house and at the end of the day you watch what you have done! When i watch a series i want to go away from my ordinary life and just relax and watch SCI-FI, or any other kind of show that isn’t reality! Damn this was really stupid… Now i hope they at least bring back SG:A or start a new show cause the stargate franchise needs to go on!

  16. Matt B

    For some of you deluded people who think that SGU keeps syfly afloat you are living in some drugged out world. The series dropped below a million viewers. That sinks a ship in our world.

  17. BD9000

    SGU – truly the best SG ever. Best characters, changing plot, etc.
    I was glad to see this series – one of the best sci-fi series of all time (in my opinion) and was impressed with the show.
    Oh well. Must pander to the mindless sheeple I suppose and move to the lowest common denominator (like regular network TV).
    I wonder what it would cost to keep it going – it would be nice to see science fiction instead of reality shows on Syfy.
    They need to give it at least 1 more season – SyFy lost this fan.

  18. Rodney_McKay

    ouch syfy, ouch……..the only successful series (in my opinion) within the last couple of years that has ended (as planned) was Battlestar Galatica. Extreme disappointment is the choice of wording when Stargate Atlantis was cut short, and coupling this with Syfy abandoning SGU………..blah……..and you want to broadcast pathetic fake wrestling instead? That’s entertainment?

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this is a mistake. Syfy should stick with futuristic series like this instead of wasting money on “original syfy” movie p.o.s…….ridiculous.

    • Micah London

      Well the greatest choice to be ever made by Syfy wasmade and now even more fans are lost. Its Star Trek Enterprise all over again except this time its with Syfy instead of CBS, a Science fiction based television network that dosent believe in showing science fiction anymor, even though i cant expect anything more out of CBS since its more interested in showing Big Brother and all the other crap that’s shown that killing our collective conscious. :( real good idea Syfy. Real good

  19. StarGateLover

    I only just got into stargate, but i brought ALL the episodes (legally, True Fan!) and have watched them all from stargate sg1 to stargate universe and this news S*@#S! i wouldnt say sgu was the best of them all, but it definitely deserved to continue on and at least get a 4th season, i was really pissed when i found out sga was cut short! and i just came up with a story line for season 3, humans back in the milky way find another icarus like planet and are able to keep it stable so destiny gains a supply line which would help the series a lot, because i think one of the reasons people don’t like sgu is because there’s to much drama and not enough action, this way with a supply line they can have unlimited ammo and can blow up what ever they want to keep the rest of the fans happy!

  20. rushx

    sorry but i am a huge fan of SG1 and SGA

    but this series was utter garbage completely boring and predictable

    Make a new SG1 show and keep to stargate roots action packed episodes ,

    not this sci-fi drama crap, I’m glad with the decision sgu was plain bad

  21. Hamilton Roldan

    I knew this would happen! Not a likable character in the whole bunch. this looked like a mix between Star Trek Voyager and Battle star galactica. This will kill the Star Gate Franchise like Enterprise killed the Star Trek Franchise. Good Residence!

  22. Micah London

    Well they have to bring out a new series that combines the greatest parts of sg-1 and atlantis. Just the question is, what parts weren’t great? They were all great! But really, they have to bring a new show within a year or so. Two years tops.

  23. Sheldon

    Ok. I can understand where a lot of you are coming from about how you feel about Stargate Universe not being like its predecessors. That was the point wasn’t it? To come up with a new spin for the Stargate continuum. Think about it. Unlike Stargate Sg-1 they didn’t have time to pull together a group of people by choice to combat the bad guys out to conquer. Stargate Atlantis their expedition was chosen with more meticulousness the even the first series front runners. Half of the characters on the destiny wouldn’t have made it past the Atlantis screening process if given the time the Atlantis crew where. That’s why I personally feel that there was more potential for this show. Think about it. These people held together a ship they knew nothing about and had no prior training to handle.

    Now they have gone up against not one but two alien attacks and have managed to make it out on the other side if only a little worse for wear. The writers were already adding more action right there. It wasn’t galaxy consuming like its predecessors, but it had enough punch to keep me interested. That takes more than you would think I promise.

    Even if the show was bad, it wasn’t, the network signed a contract with the people running this show. This means more than one season. Their breaking contract by cancelling the show could lead to financial trouble. Added to that their not telling the crew or cast until after the fact just adds more fuel to the law suit pile. If they had allowed the contract to “run its course” I wouldn’t have been as upset. That means that the writers where given a chance to tie things up neatly. This is why I feel Sifi is going down. Though it may redeem itself if what I’ve seen is really going to be coming down the pike. They should really bring this show back so that we can have our resolution and possibly much more.

  24. BrianK

    I am getting sick of Sifi developing good shows… then canceling them as soon as people start getting interested in them. Eventually studios will develop shows for the internet and channels like SiFi will kick the bucket. Good riddance. They used to be great .. but it appears they have done all they can do and should now step aside for an organization that is willing to get the writers … and keep a show going. SiFi isn’t like other shows … you don’t have to cancel because you think the concept s**ks … change writers if the show is not doing well. It’s all about imagination. Getting a concept is hard enough … don’t waste them because the writers can’t hack it … get some writers who can.

  25. BrianK

    One other thing, SGU was a good show. The concept was fantastic. Think of the possibilities from this concept. A ship built by an ancient race, people on board thousands of light years from home … needing to figure out how to make it work…. oh wait, that was Farscape … just kidding (though the concepts were similar). Anyway, it was a good show … lots of possibilities. But one very important point: You don’t cancel a show when you have commitments from someone like Robert Carlyle! How fortunate was SiFi to get an actor like this? RC is one of the most talented actors of our generation. You have all the tools you need to make this show work. All you need … are good writers.

  26. JohnDoe

    I loved SGA a lot and was quite bummed they cancelled it – but to be honest… I thought SGU was the BEST of the series – more serious, more grown up, a little darker, great diverse real characters (SGA had joke characters – like a sitcom) and an amazing concept, “What is this ship?”, Why is it here? What can it do? Is this a key? Everybody wants it” – I thought it was awesome, more grownup and more intense. I really hate all the whiner-babies who cried when SGA got cancelled – because THEY are the ones who whined about SGU – because it WAS NOT SGA – and so…. they avoided or complained about SGU and got it cancelled – and now we blame the SyFy channel – it’s our own fault – not enough watched it – and many complained, “I dont like the show, it’s not funny, it’s not scary, it’s not imaginative, bring back SG1” – Please!!!!!!! This WAS a great show – but you, we the fans blew it – we grumbled instead of supporting it – what a shame…

  27. SheriMcDo

    Congrats to SciFi! TVLAND channel now has the best, new original programing. HA-HA-HA! The joke’s on you!

  28. forest

    this was the best of the best sci-fi oh excuse me syfy how lame .. you people want to make money go back to the sci-fi thats why we’re here for the sci-fi not reality tv or wrestling? how in the world do you justify that on syfy how is that sci-fi your fools ..

  29. drM

    This is way bad. Is this for sure? No season 3? SGU is a first-rate show; what could have possibly gone wrong at SiFi to cancel such a great show. No way?

  30. bimpy

    SGU gone? WHY!!! The show is a great one, although many disagree. Great or not is no reason to cancel a science fiction show. The Scifi channel is the last entertainment station for science fiction television. If SGU disappears then that means no more good sci-fi series. SGU is the last of the SG franchise. There will be no more after this one. Stupid wrestling and reality shows are taking over now. Star Trek, SG1/Atlantis, and many more disappeared =.=. They were all GREAT! I even heard rumors about shows like walking dead are being canceled or something. THE HECK?

  31. edwin bezemer

    this is a huge disappointment for me. i am a huge fan of the show. the characters are brilliant, the story is excellent, i know that there are millions of fans all over the world who are just as suprised as i am that the show is cancelled !

  32. drM

    Is there any way to appeal this decision, or to recommend another network pick it up? This is way too good to let go; the last episode showed Col sitting in the ‘command chair’ and it looked like a throwback to Star Trek and all those grand series.

    Yes; this is a good show with a history and future. Way bad to let it go quietly.


  33. Ed

    It took a while for SGU to get going, but for me it started working. The main characters were not always likeable, but that made them more real and complex, with some interesting and dark surprises in what they did. But I am guessing that SGU took some real money to make, and the bean counters at SyFy did not like the size of the audience. Instead of being a little bit more creative on how to get more income for the show, SyFy killed it. People who still watch Syfy are left with mostly stinking crap. Wrestling, so-called reality shows, and the worst made for TV movies ever made, the ones that show on Saturday night in the US. I almost puke when I see them advertised. Maybe SyFy should change its name again. Ed

  34. Guy Phillips

    I’m boycotting syfy. eveytime they come out with a good show they cancel it. I will not be part of their games again. I win, they lose.
    Jerks…. They should fire evey exec. and start over.

  35. Robert

    3 comments on here dont like it the rest do. Do the math syfy do the math

  36. frank dales

    I love the ongoing storyline of this show, you have to have watched prior episodes to understand the next, unlike with SG-1 and atlantis where you can watch pretty much any episode at anytime because they have self included stories.

    I am very upset that they have chosen to cancel this, the best of the stargate, series.

  37. george van

    stargate universe was as disappointing as having an original star trek episode pre empted for a basketball game …or wrestling,yea…

  38. Ken

    I have been watching Stargate seance 1997 on show time. None of Syfy’s shows can add up to SG1,SGA And SGU. With out a stargate syfy will die. and I’m willing to support the end of syfy. Hows does a show get channeled, when it is doing some much better than the rest of syfy’s line up. Warring to Syfy. I and Many millions across the globe will boycott There channel, The fans make you money syfy. how well can you run your business with out fans to watch your adds that make you money.
    Please Uncancel.

  39. Michael

    I enjoyed SGU and I didn’t think I would. I stopped watching SG long ago, I found it too predictable and each episode was too much of the same thing. SGA wasn’t much better. I expected SGU to be the same again. Luckily it wasn’t. SGU brought me back to the SG universe. I find it to be a fresh, raw, gritty drama. The characters are human with typical human faults, and there is no clear good and evil, it is a more a mess of gray. It is a shame it is ending, although I am not surprise, good shows rarely last more than a season or two, bad ones just keep on going…

    • Kurt

      totally agree, sgu was the best of the sg series. syfy just lost my patronage and hope all sgu fans stop watching any syfy crappy shows. i’ve already had syfy removed from my cable. so syfy can suck all they want!

  40. Oreo

    Enterprise had a fan base of 2.something million viewers but it doesn’t mean it was a sinker ,there were many different directions to run at a wide open sprint with sgu,not to mention the add in of Lucian alliance if I spelled that rite but tha point is they have the gumption to try I don’t see anyone else coming out with any other series of interest so there it is “either you like syfy and are willing to watch the good and the bad so they can keep the ratings to keep it up,or your not that dedicated”.Point and case

  41. Steve Naidamast

    Maybe we should contact director James Cameron to take over the SciFi channel… or start a new one that shows only serious and quality science-fiction (ie: Twilight Zone).

    After Avatar he purchased Weta Digital in New Zealand, which is the only special effects house in the world that I know that can go toe-to-toe with ILM…

  42. Sayd Marschany

    How about another Stargate movie? End the saga with a blast.

  43. DeV

    Well they did end it because they would never be able to continue it. Consider the unnamed reasons.

  44. Aaron

    This is TERRIBLE! My wife and I wait all week for Stargate Universe. In fact, we tuned in today for what we thought was the begining of Series 3. What a disapointment. This is the one TRUE Sci-Fi show as the others are only fantasy shows.

  45. daemonblackheart

    i absolutely loved SGU i cant believe there is not going to be a season 3 there are so many unanswered questions and if they were going to kill the show why not kill the crew and the ship i mean come on they left it open for the next season so disappointing

  46. Nate

    I’m a bit late on the news. I’ve been waiting patiently for season 3 of SGU for some time now. A show that I could be proud to say I took part in watching. The writers were so brilliant on the show it was scary at times. And that was just a part of the show that I thought really made it I think the best Stargate series cuz I could connect and believe the characters. That’s what we call great acting people! I’m disappointed and hurt that I finally connected with a show so much and be cancelled. BRING SGU BACK ….. PLEASE!!!!

  47. Cutter

    Stargate Universe is that ugly chick that pleaded for your attention for a few months when you were down and out, so in sheer desperation you look past the grotesque flaws and start dating her, and just when you find that she has some good qualities and a bunch of untapped potential, she leaves you for a C rated scripted reality show and a Ice Spider, to top it all off she is gang banging these rejects on you favorite TV network.

    If Syfy streamed SGU universe on their website with their commercials at the same time they were being aired, they would have noticed about 7 million scifi geeks watching the show on there own time, probably from their Iphone.

    But, until the cable and satellite providers die of slow starvation they will put a death grip on these networks and push everyone to watch the shows on their own time at the ever increasing pirated tv show websites that don’t invest their millions into making new shows.
    The stacked monopoly of the cable and sat companies will crumble when they see they are losing customers because of ridiculous rates they charge,so they will charge there customers they do have more to make up the difference, then they will leave.
    Expect a new frontier of indy internet shows and movies to replace the crumbling empire of Hollywood.

  48. boo

    i just turned on SyFy yesterday to see if any new SGU is on and this stupid being human show was on. == wtf i haven’t been watching TV for a couple of months but when i finally turn it on i see some twilight crap and then another cheesy sci fi movie. then i go to the website to see what happened to SGU and then i found out that its been taken off air =.= W.T.F? now they saying that some stupid make up show is taken its place and being humane. what’s with this crap. twilight spin offs aren’t even nothing like sci fi shows. the hell happened to warehouse13, erukuke, sgu, etc @#$$!@#$@$@$@#! I’M PISSED THE HELL OFF! GRRR I HATE YOU SYFY! screw TV I’m getting rid of mine

  49. David

    Please bring back SG:U, it’s a great show! Never seen such good acting and awsome special effects put together! Even if the show went under 1 million viewers it’s still in the top 10 tv shows right now, that gotta mean something right!?

    All of these awsome Sci-Fi series that I’ve watch got canceled, what tha hell is happening to Sci-Fi..

    Stargate Atlantis
    and now Stargate Universe

  50. luke

    lol if find it funny that everybody on here says how great the show is, but on youtube there are about 4 pages with over 10,000 views that say how horrible the show is. i guess the majorty of viewers really hate the show =.=”

  51. pedro

    I always took SG1 and SGA as TV shows for kids under 12 years: entertaining but stupid series. Now they do someting REALLY interesting, SGU, they cancel it?
    f*** you and thanks

  52. MikeDC

    I’m very sad to see a good show cancelled again. They were finally getting somewhere in the second season, the first season was OK.

    Instead of cancelling these shows, they should work with the cast crew, not just look at numbers and make a decision.

    I’m a little bit sad that these days these kind of shows I like get canceled every time. BTW, BattleStar Galactica was ended prematurely otherwise it would be canceled.


    I just watched SyFy’s latest Movie. Hey SyFy I got a new slogan for you ” SyFy, Imagine Cheesier”

  54. Uvrayray

    thanks syfy for making my life a living hell… i was so looking forward to more stargate universe… what is wrong with you people? you air that stupid ghost hunter show all the time that’s the stupidest show i ever saw! and you cancel stargate universe? might as well change you channel name from syfy to lame stupid channel! and what’s with all these stupid cheesy giant reptile movies? those flicks have the worse special effects i ever saw! the black and white version of godzilla is better than what you azzwipes put on! get it together syfy… stargate universe is a great show and everyone i know loves it… so why in the hell did you cancel it??? I’m pulling my hair out of my fricking head here! get it together you monsters!

  55. MannyFresh

    I can’t believe this got cancelled!!! I’m sure another networkl will pick it up. I know that season 1 re-runs air on the CW on the weekend. Maybe if they get enough viewers CW will pick up season3? I mean they have that crappy Vampire Diaries and That cheerleading show who’s name escapes me. Anways, I’ve been watching the re-runs when I can in hopes of giving it high ratings.

    Hey if fans brought back firefly back in the 90’s, then i am sure we can bring back STG with today’s technology. The thing is we all need to put in out efforts.

  56. chris

    Syfy is doing what NBC is doing. Axing good shows and putting on bs shows that entertain stupid people.

    • bilbo

      see this is the problem, humanity, as a whole is far more stupid peoplpe then there are smart ones, tv as a whole is no longer about character development and plot continuity, its about big explosions, sex appeal, funny jokes, and other idiocies. i enjoyed all the stargate series (obvious exception to the bs infinity, so not stargate) including the original movie, i remember watching it when i was seven or so. i saw sgu for what it was, a much deeper, darker stargate series with less focus on the the adventure, and the pivotol bad guy, and more focus on each character, it is truly a enjoyable series, and if syfy would get it’s head out of it’s ass and realize that tv is no longer the mainstrain form of media deliverance, and rather streaming from the internet is, then they could get accurate “ratings” to judge weither to keep series.

  57. Stef

    Stargate Universe is the best serie of them all and seriously i loved SG1 so much then Atlantis, it was even better! But when SGU came i was never so happy before. This is the best SG ever made. I realy do hope they bring more as i am eager to buy the new seasons.

    people that hate this, are just geeks that can’t handle a story that is a little bit more serious and dramatic.

  58. drM

    I’ve posted before, but I would like to again say SGU was a really nice series and sad for us it’s gone. I would hope they’d bring it back but the chances are slim to none they’ll listen. It could have millions of fans but if someone in management doesn’t like it, it’s gone. We can hope, but I’m afraid all in vain.

  59. Spide

    Any1 who watched the SG1 back then is now a little bit grown up, and who was realy into it loves it for real, but we have to admit, that it was crap :D but i love it, i like to watch the old eps again and again, but nowadays i needed more, more like SGU and it became my fav show of all times because they dont hack the organic ships with ipads :D:D(like in SGA) and they dont wear golden animal plate mails(what is makes no sense to me at all) The SGU is a grown up version of SG for any1 who needs more sense in a scifi. Makes me sad that a decision like this can be made.

  60. the super monkey

    SG1 was good sci fi for a while until it had its 10,000th episode (after that I’m sorry it just became repetitive and old), SGA was too water down, and then came along SGU! SGU is comteply different. it is serious and alot more darker plus the relationship the cast has with each other is deeper than any other SG i saw before. NOW ITS FREAKING GONE AAAAAAAAAAAAH! im go crazy now

  61. Cobus

    Anyone got a big wallet?
    Maybe jumpstart the whole thing again?
    I enjoyed SG1 and SGA but they had a completely different feel to it.
    SGU is much darker, something i loved in BG. I also loved the new direction in the interaction between the characters. Not everyone is best buddy buddy with eachother. That’s something that bothered me greatly about the first two series.
    Hopefully they will still seek to end the series nicely with an ending movie providing us with the answers to destinys mysteries.
    Nothing of interest to watch on SciFi now.

  62. Cata

    Figures going the way of Firefly I dont know what is going through the morons heads that cancel shows that have a following.
    The Unit gone
    The Cleaner bye bye
    Firefly farewell least they came back for a movie
    Space Above and Beyond wasnt that bad but spaced
    Jericho wasnt just the end of the world lol
    just to name a few of the shows that have been taken away in the years. I hope at least they give SGU an ending though hate it when they just end up in the air

  63. Timan

    I’m kinda disapointed that they decided to cut the show. I acctually like the new direction they have gone with SGU where there is a more “realistic”, unexplored and mystical approach to the Stargate concept.

    Allthough there are some serious lackings to the way they have written the show, such as too much talk and not enough walk. They stretched it too far out that it got stricktly booring at times.

    As that is said, I think it’s too soon to cut the show. They have a great idèa but atleast let them have another season to correct their mistakes. Take the critiquee to concideration and listen to the audiences.

  64. Charile56

    All those damn haters and trolls can kiss my SGU loving behind because this show is one of the best star gates to date. The cast and plot is by far alot more intesting than what I saw on SGA. I hate SGA, but I liked SG1. SG1 is over now. Theres nothing esle they can do with it so now something new has to takes its place. I dont want to see copy cats of SG1 like most of the fans do because they cant get over thier love for Sam, Teal’C, O’ Neill, Daniel, Shepard and Ronan. They need grow up and learn to live with something new!
    The writters even made it perfectly clear up front that SGU wouldnt be like either SG1 or Atlantis. That was abundantly clear by the end of the freaking premiere and evne before it when they said that it will “explor[e] the truly alien, and [avoid] the rubber faced English-speaking one[s]”. That means no more Goa’uld and Wraith. But noooo the trolls and haters kept on watching and bleeping! I guess they didn’t get the freaking memo after being warned that SGU was going to be 100% different. They wanted a copy cat, the writters said SGU was going to be one and they didn’t listen.

  65. Maxwell

    Why Syfy? Why?? I am so angry. It was getting so good.

  66. n1blackman4u

    That is Grade A Bull s*@# That was an awesome show and they ended it, and all we are stuck with is these retarded reality shows absolutely horrible B movies that are just visual laxatives cause when ever i see them i have to drop a deuce , i guess SYFI is the distant cousin of FOX

  67. Nie'eine Hier

    Don’t you all see that the tendence of media these days is to push your “smart-imaginative-hard worker” side of your brain to sleep , just to kill your hopes and your enterprising sense ? I guess the best paying series are the “telenovells”( don’t know if I spelled it correctly, anyway i hate them).

  68. cocrcici

    I love SGU

  69. mad super man

    The creators of SG-1 and SGA Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper created and ran SG-1 for 10 years. Then they made up the idea of a “SG Atlantis” movie, which ended being a spin-off series called SG:Atlantis.Sometime during the course of SGA, in spite of the success of both series, BW & RCC became bored or tired of Stargate. They felt that they weren’t serious enough and weren’t getting all the good attention and awards from the intellectuals and movie elites – themselves more geared towards drama.They started to believe that SGA and SG-1 was alot more comical sci-fi, rather then their new show SGU. They wanted to make something like BSC because BSC had alot more cradit for being a “good” show so SGU was made. Now they are getting rid of it after making what they always wanted to…

  70. claas

    I grew up with SG1 but found it to be boring to be honest,
    the story was too much draged.

    Being an adult SGU seemed to be much more interesting because it simply did not provide everything for your eyes.

    The story was not flat or bad acting – it simply required a bit more from the audience. SGU was a much more mature story telling.

    Some seem not to get it.

  71. claas

    Forgot to say this:

    I stopped having TV a long time ago because I do not see the point in paying for trash TV which is more and more the level the network channels get down to.

    Jericho Taken Lost SGU BattleStar those were the few only good productions I can remember.

    SyFy Channel in general is trash TV today.

    NetFlix is much cheaper and nicer.

  72. Iceman

    I am totally dissappointed in SyFy’s decision to cancel SGU. Yes it was slow at the start, but it really started to build into a great plot with interesting characters, etc. It certainly followed a different path than its predecessors SG-1 and Atlantis, but thats what made it worth watching. The quality of the set and the cinemithography was higher than previous series , and had real potential to set the new standard of SyFy programing. Too bad the execs didnt have faith in this good show.

    Frustrated Fan

  73. cocrcici

    we want a third season!

  74. green monkey

    finally sgu is back but this is bull. only 10 eps. agh f**k tv entertainment. no good shows on at all these days and when ever a good one comes out people just bitch about it instead of watching it with their mouth shut.

  75. 420

    What the F***!! is wrong with you guys!! (@ SyFy).
    You are suppose to be about ” everything science fiction”.
    Why not change your name to “RealytyFy” and be done with it.
    Go and continue making your new reality shows for the 60% of retards that make our nation.
    I’m done with this channel!!!

  76. AnubisFo

    SGU is the best show on air today. NO ARGUE!

  77. david

    that is so correct, anubisfo ! finaly someone with the guts to say it, [besides me] despite being the 3rd best of the Stargate shows. “Universe” is still far and away[light years] better than ANY show on television. antone who says otherwise should be condemed to watching American idol for 12 hours straight !

  78. morph

    i hate the fact that they ended the show but i will get over it but there is one thing i cant get over with the last 10 episodes they are ending on a cliffhanger the least they could do it film a few more episodes and have a decent ending i cant stand it when a show ends and we get no ending. at least they gave SG-1 the movie ending. please give us an ending we can deal with instead of a cliffhanger that will never be continued.

  79. phi

    SG1 was great, SGA was great, they both should continued.

    SGU started a bit boring and lame from my perspective but then it started to get better by about 1×10, which is understandable for any new shows. But this should of at least continued… Now Stargate is just once again dead like it was Q2 2008 till SGU first aired.

    Oh by the way SGU 2×15 will be a crossover episode featuring Rodney McKay and other SGA characters.

  80. Proofinlife

    I laugh at all the people that say SG-1 was a better written show than SG-U. If you honestly think SG-1 was well-written, then that also means that you found shows like Buffy the Vampire slayer to be captivating and original.

    SG-1 was bad guy of the week with minor story arcs. SG-U is ALL ABOUT story arcs and character development.

    That blunderhead Francisco Bello that said nothing made sense obviously did not watch the show. Hint Francisco, the space pirates didn’t open the gate, Rush did, who also opened the gate the first time.

    It would seem that the people burying this show on here are also part of the “General Demographic” that would rather see glitz and glam shows over well-written, character-driven shows.

    Let’s all hope SOMEBODY picks up SG-U. There was a far larger story picking up that even the SG-1 Fanboys would have wanted to keep an eye on (The Ancients and the message of the universe).

  81. moon man

    SG1 was okay and good when it first started. In fact, back in the day SG1 was the “shit”. But after a while it just got kind of dull when they decided to mix it up with the whole Atlantis theme plot. From there on out, the Star Gate franchise started to have a Star Wars/Lord of the Rings fantasy/adventure feel to it. I guess the majorly of viewers liked that because the new episodes went on for many years without any thought of cancellation until the ratings suddenly dropped. Then boom went SG1 and SGA out the window. Not that it really mattered because I hated SGA, and SG1 needed something new anyways. Now goes another Star Gate out the window. But SGU is not just a Star Gate; I personally feel that it is the best of the series. People say the show started off slow. Well duh, of course it had to in order to show the in-depth character development. The writers wanted to show that the character grow as normal humans. Their feelings toward each slowly, but gradually change over the progression of the show from trusting, loving, hating and vise verse each other. Not everybody aboard Density is a friend and not everybody has a lovely dovey relationship like the rest of the Star Gate. This gives SGU a realistic feeling to it instead of that space fantasy crap I felt when I watched SGA. I also like how in SGU the crew is exploring the uncharted worlds of the universe, just like how NASA would do in a couple more years once we go beyond the moon. I love the ancient ship density to. But I swear if people keep on saying that SGU is just Lost in space am going to go crazy. The crew is not “lost”. They go where density goes. If they did not cancel the show then maybe we can find out where they will ultimately end up. Plus I want to see what the writers meant when they said the crew would find the “True Aliens of the universe” instead of the false speaking ones. BRING SGU BACK!

  82. xaxa

    This simply s**ks. This one was a fine series and I’m guessing they cancelled it because it was too expensive.

    It’s a great shame.

  83. joseph

    I agree with what Mike said on the Feb 18th post, but also agree with what others are saying that the story dragged for a while. but rather than killing the show (like the terminator series) couldn’t they get some new writters to sort it out? and end the show’s properly,
    not just leave viewers hanging!

    well I hope that another station grabs the show and continues the franchise :)

  84. Very Angry Man


    { Syfy wants more Being Human. Deadline is reporting that the cable channel has renewed the new series, an adaptation of the British hit about a werewolf, vampire and ghost who are roommates. The series has proven to be one of Syfy’s most successful winter scripted series in six years. }

    {Syfy’s President, Mark Stern, tells Deadline, “Being Human has proven to be a winner for Syfy on all fronts. Using the original format as inspiration, showrunners/writers Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke – along with a superlative team of writers, cast, and production – have created an amazing, compelling series in its own right,” said We can’t wait to watch Aidan, Josh and Sally continue their struggle to be human in the second season!” }

    The President has even said that this twilight piece of shit is the best damn thing Syfy has come out with. My fellow Star Gate fans, I am afraid to say that Star Gate has officially ended. No other station is going to pick it up. Syfy is getting rid of it in order to make room for these new crappy ass new shows.

  85. rick

    the cancellation of sgu is appealing i watched every series so far of sgu sga and sg1 and sgu is far by got so much drama to it every episode i watch i get moor intreeged what is syfy thinking thay do this all the time get you into something then just when its about to peek thay cancele it what muppets im so gutted not happy

  86. ILoveKraftDiner

    Im not going to write a wall of text down here to express my sadness about this decision, but all I want to say is that I personally think this is a great show that has a small but very loyal fan base. I respect those people that did not like the show, but for all who really did enjoy, this is a true punch in the face by SyFy

  87. powerthrucontrol

    Canceled my subscription to Syfy when they announced the end of this show. Stop showing shit shows with no plot, and stick to the stuff that is interesting for people with IQ’s higher than 85. Biggest mistake by Syfy since the name change (WTF? Learn to spell)

    • Colin

      @powerthrucontrol: I remember when I was about 8. I was the biggest sci-fi ( that’s how it’s spelled not syfy) fans ever. I loved all the stargates and was so loyal. As the series progressed I found it starting to become repetitive , then came SGA I was so excited and loved every episode right up til it’s fucked up ending. After being very disappointed by SG being over they finally creat SGU. I was so happy that my favorite show ever was being put back on air, and with a new deeper darker more mature twist. I watched every episode and was a huge fan. After season 2 I became so intrigued with the show I got all my friends to like it too. When I heard season 3 wasn’t being made I was confused and angry but still hopeful cause I thought just maybe they were doing something to fix a problem or whatever. Then they completely canceled it. This was possibly the worst moment of my life. When I was young I was living with my single mom and I was lets say very poor. Sci-fi was one of the only channels we had with our cheap cable tv. And SG1 and SGA gave me something to let my mind wander from the problems I had and gave me the creativity I needed to do my job now. I honestly cried a little when SGU was canceled. It was the premature ending to what made my life how it is today. I will never be happy with syfy unless they put this back on and at least end it. This show gave me the inspiration to become as wealthy and happy as I am today and I will always love the show. Fuck syfy and the horrible stupid reality tv and fake wrestling. I love SG.

  88. joe

    I guess Sony Pictures bought MGM and what ever rights that the SG (all of them) franchise fell under and basically said: We don’t like these, so the shows are done and so are the SG1 and SGA movie we were about to make. So were going to replace all of it with more crap that we like…yeah…Good one Sony! That’s thinking with your heads….NOT!

  89. hugs

    I agree with most of the people who did enjoy the SGU series. I liked SG-1, but it felt repetitive and unrealistic towards the end. SO I agree that it has run its course. I did not like SGA at all, it felt like I was watching the Bold and the Beautiful, sorry I don’t have time for what I consider brain vomit, with a flavor of science. What I specifically liked about SGU is that it is for the most part based on our current understanding of the universe and what would happen if you as a human had to be within effective range of the phenomena we have seen in our universe. I liked how they captured real human nature faced with these problems. I also liked how they built some of the most difficult questions we are facing now with some possible synopsises. The only down side is that the topics they address in the series is way above / outside the average scifi / normal viewer’s understanding / point of reference and therefore I belief they can not get into it. This is because the scifi we have been watching, for the most part, is too far down the line of “what if…” and “it’s alien, you will never understand it”. I’m thinking they are crazy for cancelling this as it provides something to the viewer base that does not exist elsewhere. But the part of the viewer base that enjoys this kind of series might be too small to support the continued production of it. I can’t find another show that can replace this. Peace Out!

  90. Mike

    I’m sorry but all you people bashing on SGU just have no sense as to what a good show is. Yeah SG-1 was awesome but you always knew that everyone was going to survive unless their name was Soldier 1 and Soldier 2. SGA was pretty good but it felt way too similar to SG-1 in my opinion. SGU is what the SG series needed. A new fresh look at what it’s like to go through some mysterious portal and not know where you’re going to end up. And people that are actually a part of the crew are dying, not just some random soldier. It was a great movie that the show creators took with this series and I wish it could of continued.

    I think SGU is awesome and it really gives you a new take on the SG series. All you people that are bashing it, go back to your Jersey Shores and Rock of Love shows. That’s all that seems to keep your interest.

  91. Mike

    And with all the little story arcs and things they were setting up, this show had enough material to last at least 5 seasons.

    Why do you have to suck so bad SYFY!

  92. Juha

    You just took away the only good serie what there was left…

  93. Sci fi is stupid

    Okay, get rid of SGU. Now what? HUH, NOW WHAT? The Star Gate franchise is what made Sci fi what it is. Without, Star Gate Sci fi is nothing. Yeah, SGA was canceled for SGU, but we all knew that Star Gate needed to turn it up a notch. At least when SGA was canceled, Star Gate still existed with SGU. However, there is nothing coming after SGU. People can troll on how bad SGU is. It is one of the best science fiction shows to date, so for all those haters I dare you to come out and challenge us fans on how horrible SGU is. If you don’t like SGU, then what are you left with? Ghost hunters, that stupid ass Twilight in the city crap, or perhaps the new cooking show. Which one do you choose over SGU? TELL ME, WHICH ONE HUH? This is series!

  94. Charlie

    So I want to just post my thoughts here. I have to disagree with all the die hard SGU lovers. Is the show good enough to get me to watch it every week? Yes it is…..does it have the SciFi Element not so much…..lets face it they are floating on a ship like Star Trek Voyager. Not that Voyager was bad nor is SGU….but SG-1 was inovative and you have to remember SG-1 was not originally developed by SciFi it was big bucked Showtime that ran it first. If you have been a true Stargate fan. SGA was innovative yet it still kept us connected to the Stargate Universe…I know some people do not like the idea of crossover but why do you think SGA hit it off real well they actually had a good beginning with SG-1 Characters introducing the new guys…..I mean even Dr. McKay had been a Character in SG-1 before hand…..what did they do on SGU….here is a bunch of new people that you don’t even know and poof you are supposed to believe they are SG Personnel. Secondly there was no lead in…..I mean atlantis followed Season 7’s of SG-1s storyline it made since…SGU had no lead in. No mention of showing of Icharus no mention of information of the Destiny on SGA which apparently they learned of Destiny from the Ancient Database. all I am saying is the Producers kind of kicked the bucket from the beginning by not making a good foundation for the show. The first 10 Episodes were pretty rough around the edges….but after that the show has been good. I do have to agree though with the fact that SGU is failing probably means we won’t get any Stargate for a bit. Though Stargate Revolutions sounds like it is still moving forward. We as fans also need to realize that half the issues are SyFy’s and the other half are Brad Wright’s and Robert Coopers fault. I mean there was no lead in for a lot of things….lets face it SG-1 Seasons 9 and 10 kind of went down hill because of the switch in main characters.

  95. tim

    SGU…the characters were complex instead of happy go lucky optimists all the time, and that is what I liked about it. Is it that too many people had to have star wars type casting to make it worth watching….or is it really that the channel does not know what the hell it is doing. A bunch of quarreling homesick people in space …I loved it…is there something wrong with me….? Anyway….it always seems that the wrong people are in charge…can’t nerds run things?

  96. Wooda

    The people at Syfy have no idea what their Audience Wants. They axe all their best shows. Stargate Universe has so much potential to me, it seems like a ratings winner. I was so looking forward to 7 seasons .Syfy as always a huge disappointment. I am starting to think somebody should axe them!

  97. Koekie

    SGU was my introduction to the SG franchise, and I really like it. After I started watching it, I got hold of SG1 thinking that it will be as good, but its just too superficial. The characters have no depth, the story lines are weak, and I think they relied too much on the special effects. Well, all in all, I think it was aimed at a much younger audience.

    I think the producers aimed SGU at a bit of an older audience with a more character-driven storyline where the viewer is expected to make certain connotations on his own to contribute to the sotry arc. Perhaps they assumed that their original SG1 fans will be a bit older now, and will be able to appreciate a more mature show. Obviously some people got that, and others not.

    It really is a shame that this is the only spin on the stargate idea I will now be able to enjoy as I am already too old for SG1 it seems.

    Maybe SG1 is a bit like McGuyver (I just had to use this example) – it was an awesome show whe I was a little, but now its just extremely lame. To all you die hard SG1 fans, go watch it again and see if you still like it so much…

  98. adsf

    I haven’t watched any new episodes since they cancelled the show. What’s the use? And no new SG1 movies either. Who cares now? I don’t watch their siffy network at all anymore.

  99. daiugdawdwa

    SG1 was good. SGA was just a copy cat, but a horrible one at most. And SGU is something tottaly different. SGU, is not your Saterday moring cartoon. I felt that I was watching one during a couple of epsodies of SGA until I stopped and found something better. I would say SG1 and SGU are equally epic. But I’m sorry to say, SGA sucked ass. It was like watching Star Gate Infinity, the animated version of the series. SG1 was starting to drop into the same area for me. I rather see SGU because it’s new and fresh. It’s not a repeat of anything. It has not been done before in Star Gate. I really don’t know what to excpet. In the other two Star Gates, every new season would be the same. Another evil english speaking alien wants to take over the univeirse and it’s up to the super soldiers of Star Gate to take them down before humanity is destoryed. It was the same concept over and over. All of the chachters were also the same. Everybody had a lovely dovey attuide towards each other. It was so fake and cheesey I coulnd’t stand it anymore.

  100. Takiks

    After reading what koekie wrote, i just had to reply, and say yes i still watch SG1 actually im almost done with my 15th rerun of the series, or something close, i love the characters and humor, and the great scifi!

  101. Richard

    Some real brain dead people here – So many saying that SG1 and SGA were great and SGU was predictable – Are you kidding? SG1 was as predictable as the red shirt guy not coming back from Kirk’s away mission! Always ended withj everyone OK – Daniel died twice and came back (Bobby Ewing eat your heart out!). SGU was original, interesting, real science theory (like Start Trek used to be – if you ignored the green women), and you never knew what the course was or what was going to happen even two episodes on (SG1 the answer is the same as this episode). People die, people stress out, people crack – that’s more realistic and a lot less predictable.
    SGU died simple because too many Americans who call themsleves Scifi fans are really just action junkies and don’t have the intellect to follow any real story line that isn’t a straight line and a lot of laser blasts!

  102. Charlie

    WoW people are so hateful towards each other. I am not sure how many of you actually watched SG-1….it sounds like not many of you. Yes Daniel “died” twice but that was kind of part of the story arc about the Ancients and the capability of being Ascended. I don’t quite get why nobody likes lore anymore. That is why I think SGU fails….there is no lore behind it. Miraculously one day a ship is there and people are trying to dial a “9th Chevron” which has never even been mentioned before. Sheesh atleast the 8th Chevron that they used for Atlantis showed up in SG-1 back in Season 2…..holy crap Season 2 remember that was a long, long time ago. I just can’t get over how SGU was just thrown out there. They should have given us a better back story is all I am saying. Maybe even asked for a 4 hour miniseries with Atlantis and SG-1 to lead into it. Because honestly the only thing linking SGU to the Stargate Universe is the fact that they have a Stargate in it…and they use the communication stones…oh and they mention the ancients and Richard Dean Anderson….is in it from time to time. Not much of a backing imo. Next thing i know people will be saying Star Trek: Enterprise was the best Star Trek Series…..get a life!

  103. Firefly lover

    Right from the start, one of the largest portions of the sci-fi fan base was outraged over the portrayal of women on the series. While subsequent episodes did well to temper the outrageous stereotypes and give credence to a more equal status in the series, many female fans jumped ship (figuratively). Then many of the male audience became critical of the series’ laborious tone and pace. They wanted more action, more gunfights, and more space battles. Do you now see the fundamental differences between male and female fans? Alas, STARGATE: UNIVERSE was a series not equipped to provide all those testosterone-laden elements. Instead, STARGATE: UNIVERSE was something more. It was a thinking-fan’s show. It was borrowing from earlier sci-fi series and laying the groundwork for intellectual debate, more than simple physical confrontations. It wanted to use physical confrontations sparingly and as-needed to propel the story it wanted to tell.

    But the damage had been done. Many female sci-fi fans had stopped watching and many male fans were too impatient to endure a well-thought out storyline. That left a tenaciously devoted core of fans who were delighted in the carefully constructed storylines intermeddling short-term and long-term story arcs to keep the fans engaged. STARGATE: UNIVERSE also began unpeeling the layers of each of its complex characters – each neither fully altruistic, nor all evil at their core. The series wanted to explore the shades of gray and allow its characters to reflect as much possible the flawed humanity in which we all live. People are not clear-cut good and bad – they are something in-between; and to choose to highlight the flaws – the cracks in each person’s soul – was intriguing.

    Therefore, the lens in which STARGATE: UNIVERSE portrayed humanity was multi-faceted and provided a potentially limitless number of stories that could be told with just a core group of characters. As a fan of STAR GATE and a loyal science fiction geek, I have to agree that STARGATE: UNIVERSE would come to be one great show if it was not canceled, but commercial advertizing will not support the show.

  104. Finrod Felagund

    Dear Syfy, if you allowed people from outside the US to watch SGU legally in the same time as in the US (or just corrected for the time zone next day), you would have had viewers. You don’t get globalisation, obviously, and you are losing money. We in the EU are viewers as well, do you get it? If we had access to the same as in America, your show would still generate money. Now you are LOST until you realise that dividing markets and keeping old barriers don’t make any sense now.

  105. JanV

    OMG how can they cancel the show. I have to agree in the beginning it wasn’t all that good but after a couple of episodes the story lines and characters evolved into something great. I am going to miss this show like hell!!!!!

    Pls SYFY rethink your decision!!!

  106. Reastro

    That’s the point of whole SGU , you’re waiting for more , seeing what challenges Destinys’ crew has to face

  107. Shone

    I am really really dissapointed if this series is canceled. In the beggining it wasn’t too interesting, but as the story went on and on it began to be more and more interesting. And now you’r canceling it? SHAME ON YOU!

    SG1 was a nice series, Atlantis also, but i must say, now that I’ve seen them all i like SGU the most.

    Really a bad decision, and I hope the one who made it gets fired ;)

  108. Ivo

    I’m very disappointed in syfy decidion, the show did’t have a great start in the first season, but now… it get’s more interesting with every new epp. I really hope they’ll bring it back.

  109. Noxville

    Very disappointed that SGU is not doing a series 3….Maybe they need to survey the right people. Yes it was not great to begin with, but it was one of those shows that grew on you and I was looking forward to it growing even more…PLEASE BRING IT BACK !

  110. What?

    I don’t get to know if Eli fixes the pod to sleep? It took a while to get into the show, but now, I am hooked. It took a while to get into farscape too, but then I liked it.

    Now all I get a lot of wrestling and those ghost hunter guys that never find anything, but run around saying, “Is there anybody there?”.

    Maybe they should do alien wrestling or something, to generate more money. And a website for betting funny money on alien wresting matches.

  111. Kj.

    I am really sad with the way things worked out. SGU is ( I still believe it will be revived ) a great show. The last episode was grasping. Now I’m sitting here near my pc wondering, what will Eli do, and who the f**k is behind the drones that suddenly became very smart, and SyFy decided to friggin’ ruin it…

  112. Bjorn Hansen

    This is an absolute disaster!!!!
    For once there was a science fiction series for adults – Gritty, dark, brooding and pure suspense. And then the morons cancel it. Compared to SG-U, SG-1 and SG-A are almost cartoon-like. Don’t get me wrong – i have always liked them. And also the even more cartoon’ish series Warehouse 13 and Eureka. They have their moments. Even the moralizing and Dudley Doright’ish series Star Trek TNG have good episodes.
    But over the last few years, some new series emerged. Batllestar Galactica, Caprica and SG-Universe. They have raised the bar. In most other series you are certain the main characters will survive all the way through. Not so here. In the old series suspense is neutralized at the end of the programme. If you are lucky you have a double episode, and the suspense is maintained a little longer. But in a series like SGU you are kept in suspense through the entire season – it is a constant fight for survival. And some are lost along the way.
    It is beyond me, that something this good can be cancelled. It is so far superior to anything that came before.

  113. chris

    i got to say to cancel where they left it was a stupid idea they should have keept on going. i like how they went with the real aspects of life being stranded on a ship unlike startrek voyager i wish for them to rethink there decision and fire it back up

  114. Giefpl0x

    Wtf its like a bad dream coming true!, u cant cancel SGU!

    Pls reconsider this

  115. John

    I totally agree with you guys. The first series was really dull but the second was brilliant and its a crying shame if there isnt a 3rd series. If SyFy makers are just going to make reality shows then fair enough but just because thats all they are going to make it doesnt mean that its what I’ll watch, cause I detest these absolutely stupid reality shows with stupid people on them (i’m sure they get picked specially). I watch television because I want to experience science fiction and fantasy and to get away from the day to day boredom.

  116. babis

    sgu was one of the best maybe the best sci-fi show ever. A ship through the galaxy and out of it is a good idea to start a new season not cancel the show. The characters were really nice but as in Voyager they miss to much home. This not understandable. U travel so far away from home u loose home and u don’ t stop to mourn about that? This typical American Weltanschauung. They make people seem to soft as if they are dead. As in voyager they loose to much time on love matters. You really think people lost in space would me sentimental in this way? SGu was a good show very good BUT STOP MAKING SOAP OPERAS IN SPACE PLEASE. THIS CRAP WITH THE COMMUNICATION STONES? STOP IT and start a new season on sgu without lovehurts and family disasters….PLEASE!

  117. Daniel

    I’d say canceling the show was a good choice. There were too many plot holes and they omitted many explanations regarding some episode endings. Overall, it seemed they weren’t paying much attention to the plot line. For me Stargate: Atlantis was the best in the series and it went downhill from there. If there was a show they should continue, it’s Atlantis.

  118. lemob

    Syfy channel will be broke at the end of 2012 with this management. Time for an other network to claim a place with real scify!

  119. norway man

    Stargate Universe is the best scifi show ever!i don’t understand why is it canceled? i am so frustrated!!!WHY???

  120. Allan

    that last episode was a joke they need to be picked up by another network since syfy isn’t a smart enough company to keep one of their top shows and keeps stupid reality shows and keeps on making really bad movies instead.

  121. Zeroelement

    I have to say the Last episodes of SGU got me. At the start i agree with what most that they were trying to start to fresh with to new people. But i will say that the last 14-15 episodes got me i wanted to see more. But i will say they didn’t use it to its full advantage they should of at least ended it like SGA. There was so much possibility in it that it drives me crazy that they kept talking about an attack on earth. HELLO they have Atlantis in SF bay im betting they could of powered up flew over and helped the team of SGU out or at-least defended earth. I thought they had a star treck thing going on but they never kept any of the aliens! But yes im Mad to see it go. I hope its taken up. And for all you haters out there. If you don’t like it change the channel. SGU beats everything currently on scifi besides SG1 reruns.

  122. kamicazi1993

    It was a stupid decision to end the stargate sgu. they could have ended any other reality show(’cause there are too many of them anyway). Every week I was looking forward for the new episode of SGU, but now… );

  123. chris

    Syfy is losing rating, especially when they cancel great shows like SGU and Caprica – and keeps showing WWE Fake wrestling and ghost hunters over and over and over and over again. Where is the scifi?

    The main problem with Syfy is they tried to draw in a whole new audience by making season 1 into an over dramatic depressing soap opera, just like with caprica – instead of writing the show for scifi audience they already have.

    The second season of SGU was perfect, the right combination of humor, drama and action, unlike the depressing soap opera of season 1. The shows should be written for scifi fans not soap opera fans – they will not watch science fiction shows no matter how good the acting is. And I don’t want to watch a depressing soap opera.

    Season one of SGU was horrible, but season two was exactly what it should have been from the start – a good combination of action, drama and humor. Its a shame to see it end and I hope the Syfy channel learns from this because lets face it they are the only science fiction channel on tv.

  124. florian

    SGU is by far the best of the Stargate series. One of the best Sci Fi series ever. It would be a shame if it doesn’t get a third season.

  125. Stargate Fan

    What do you expect from a company that would go from Scifi to Syfy. Bad decisions!

  126. Shadowwraith

    So why IS the Syfy channel going for wrestling any way…or ghost hunters or reality crap? What ever happened to Aliens, Time travel, parallel universes, Warp speed, worm holes, invisibility, Magic, fantasy, Bionics, robotics, etc….hell, Mythbusters is more sci-fi than ghost hunters…and I actually like that show, though I would like to relax to a good SG episode over and episode of Mythbusters any day. I would NEVER relax or even impale my eyes with Ghost Hunters. And wrestling? Is sci-fi that dumb to think…”OH, it’s fake…that means fiction…BUY BUY BUY, it MUST be what our viewers want…it’s a lie!” They cancelled Caprica? WHY? They cancelled SGA, WHY? They cancelled SGU, WHY? if they want to remain a source of science fiction, they owe it to their viewers to explain their moves. I’m sorry but their current lineup wouldn’t even get me to stop on the channel in a surf session. I actually look at it in the guide a lot, and usually end up at the BBC sci-fi channel more often, or FX now (blech) but at least they have some “guy” movies. If their gunning for more of an audience for their ads and crap, yea, that’s what the world needs…another NBC or CBS with dancing with the stars, or the bachelor, or survivor, or big brother, or the list goes on…for CRAP TV. Just put a sign up saying we aren’t science fiction…we’re just SPAM, we sound phonetically like something you want, but we don’t actually give you the goods, for that you’ll have to send in your social security, bank statements and after we’ve hosed your identity, then we’ll close up shop and leave you holding the bag…of cancelled episodes to shows we promised would be great, but never backed them up. rant rant rant….bleh…I miss Stargate.

  127. Chicken man

    My fellow science fiction fans, I am sad to say this but it seems that reality television and corny ass sports (AKA wrestling) is a thousands times better than the epicneess of Star Gate, Firefly, Star Trek, BSG, and a hell of a lot more or so Syfi thinks so. Stupid cabal progam rips people off by making them watch crap and take away the good shows.

  128. Marmot

    Another good example of “fine” management.I swear it’s a trend for televisions and its’ managements to become dumber and dumber with each passing year.

  129. DK

    This show was only half good, all the melodrama killed it. There were episodes I had to fast forward through because all of the sappy stuff, the love interests, the “I want my mommy, boo-hoo”, look I’m pregnant blah, blah. It’s science fiction so make it about SCIENCE and make it FICTION, the discovery, the battles, the survival and the thrill not OMG I’m in love, there’s plenty of soap operas out there AND the whole lost in space melodramatic thing has already been done in Star Trek Voyager.
    I was expecting it to die when they found their descendants – cheesy, unconvincing, boring, bad.

  130. Albert

    I did really enjoy the show and looked forward to seeing it each week. Not impressed.

  131. Janett

    seriously they really went and axed the show, it was one of the best on sifi. i mean how many shows are there were a human is literally turning into an alien and then becomes pretty intelligent when comes to math not many i tell you, and the fact that half the people on the ships have no training what so ever but still somehow survive is really amazing if you ask me. i especially love the time jumps when they hit a solar flare when using the gate it makes the show ,ore interesting.

  132. theradioman

    I used to love syfy channel. They have cancled everyshow I liked and replaced it with junk. I expect them to start selling air time to as seen on tv sales like stupid vac seal bags or something like that. I was upset when they cancled SGA and now this with SGU what are they thinking. I hope they get there heads on right beofre the channel goes down the drain. I need a good spaceship show people.

  133. Joe Public

    I love SyFy channel. but since they have cancelled too many of my favourite shows, and leave all the stupid shows airing, i will no longer watch that channel… Thanks SyFy for the shows while they lasted…

  134. JES

    Oh please say it isn’t so! I was already fantastically spinning off different directions it could go… no!!!

  135. Maritza

    Is disrespectful to fans who for years have followed the stargate series franchise

  136. Jaka Senekovič

    I want a new season!!!!!!

  137. SGU was the best SG Series

    I dont normally comment on these types of things but i feel that removing this show was a mistake. For me it was a sign of good sci-fi shows to come. BSG starting the mould. Although i enjoyed most of the SG series the humor became something i chose to ignore as it simply irritated me. The serious approach to this new series although slow to start was an absolute godsend. Much like the music industry we listen to absolute crap because 13 year old girls buy the music we listen to which is why were stuffed on the airwaves. Is this going to be a similar thing with TV shows? Im gutted as i really need a sci-fi show that is deeper than an episode of Home & Away…

  138. ethan

    I am so unhappy with this decision. SGU was the best sci-fi series i have enjoyed in a long time. i tried SG1 and SGA, but they were predictable. like the an old 80’s sitcom. you always new they would win the day, save the universe and have a high five at the end. SGU, once it got going left me waiting the next episode to happen. was Cloe going to change, was Eli going to find his true potential? the execs. that made this decision are way off. ever time they get a good show they cancel it. idiots! and i agree with alot of others. WRESTLING IS NOT SCI-FI!

  139. Geri C

    SyFy deciding not to continue the SGU series in one more nail in the channel’s coffin. I used to enjoy much of their programming, but agree with many others on this forum that the channel seems to have lost its edge. If I want crappy reality TV I can watch network tv or turn to one of a hundred other subscription tv channels. I guess original shows are no longer appreciated or wanted by the masses. SGU was one of the few shows I actually watched on television, seems like I can cancel my DirecTV altogether and just stream Netflix and Hulu for the few other shows that I follow now.

  140. Funsearch

    It is inhuman to leave Destiny crew to sleep in the pots never to wake up. Come on, it deserves a happy ending. I am from Asia and just finished watching all SGU series on SyFy channel — the sole reason I subscribed it. Now I may consider to end my subscription not to waste any more of my money on all Fox channels.

    At least make a movie to give an ending of the story. A happy one please! The whole story is too heavy and too sad in many aspects compared to SG1 and SGA. Too few humor and comedy and that probably is the reason to turn away some viewers. Most people after a hard day of work is looking for something to relax.

  141. Daniel C.

    All I ask if and when, hopefully moreso the latter is that they bring it back for at least one last season. I want to see the thing the Destiny was heading towards. I also want to see the crew make it back safely to Earth. I absolutely hate it when shows end this way with no end to the true goal of what was established in the first place. I refuse to buy SGU until they finish it. Guys, if you don’t like it, fine don’t watch it all I am asking for is a finale the show deserves. One where everyone can make it back and they realize Destiny’s true purpose.

  142. lucky

    Total disappointment. Another decent series cancelled with no proper ending. I feel my time was wasted watching this pointless series. How do they expect to sell this series to any after market with no proper ending? Idiots. It looks like Syfy is moving away from sci-fi with more girly fantasy crap like Lost Girl. I guess video games are the future for sci-fi now. And remember our fat Stargate Universe hero that started this story off with a video game? Well, they should have ended it in a similar way, back to a video game. As that’s where many fans are going back to now… But Syfi gets another chance to disappointment us with Battlestar Galactica, Blood and Chrome. I’m not going to watch that until it’s done and gets good reviews. Fool me once, shame on Syfy.

  143. Fred

    I think they should cancel the entire Scifi line up and air men in tights throwing each other around 24-7, round the clock.

  144. Franz

    SGU, was the best out of all the SG series, so very disappointed in syfy for this terrible decision to cancel the show

  145. Oczek

    i just finished watching the last episode of the second seson of SGU, and came up here while searching for the news about the 3rd seson. Well i am also dissapointed like a lot of you guys.

    I watched all SG series, at first i couldn’t get into the Universe, but after 1-2 episodes it was the best of all series of stargate. I will not write again what was already written here, but this last series was for sure the most mature, showing normal human behaviour, feelings, even sex. All the previous series are like animated stories for kids, but this was really something. But as we see some “brite” man has to figure out otherwise…….

  146. bopeep25

    I’m a space show buff, a trekie, a galactica fan and a stargate junky….I don’t want vampires I want my space! If Sci-Fi doesn’t want to run the show is there a chance another station will?

  147. Neil Gomersall-Thomas

    What gut wrenching Heart stopping moment, when I decided to look for the release date for season 3, just to be told that there is no season 3, what on earth are the y playing at, are they out of their tiny minds, I wasnt a fan of sg1 at first, then came Atlantis, after watching Atlantis a few time, I decided to watch sg1, to find out where it all started, I ended up enjoying the complete series, followed Atlantis all the way through, was very impressed with the first season of universe, the second season was epic, why on earth stop a show like that for a bunch of reality shows, what do we pay our subscriptions for, is to line the pockets of the fat cats at the top, and for them to quit our shows, right at the time the show builds a following never before seen on a Stargate show, USE YOUR BRAINS YOUR POCKET LINING RIPOFFS, give us our STARGATE UNIVERSE BACK.
    From a very disgruntled Stargate fan.
    Neil from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

  148. SirsMidnight

    I believe that Eli locked him self away in a room with the remaining plants with limited solar/bulb lighting and used all the remaining water and waste products to live three years. I see him waking young looking buff and sexy. Greeting him with one of his (shy) greetings. !!! If anyone could do it I believe super genius Eli could! “cheer” nerds

  149. pissed off

    Canceling this show was the biggest mistake of any network I’ve ever seen… it was by far one of the best sci fi series I’ve ever watched. Heck, it’s one of the best tv series I’ve ever watched.
    I’ll boycot the network until they bring it back…

  150. SuzyQ

    SGU was the best of the 3 to me. I really wish that they would reconsider the show. alot of ppl really liked it. That show was alot better than those fake reality shows.

  151. Terstegge

    I don’t see why they would have junk like “FaceOff” or those un – imaginative Ghost hunters what a joke! And yet let something that challenges imagination like Stargate Universe go like in the ending shot “Adrift”?

  152. Alex

    I really liked it. SGU was really the best of the 3.
    I really hope there will be a season 3.

  153. daingly titty

    syfi can take it in the a-hole for canceling universe the rest of what they put on air is garbage and out of date all they want to entertain is themselves by sitting around watching b-rated movies stroking their pickles booo!

  154. LemonyScabs

    Very disappointing :( SGU was the first Science Fiction Show I really got into, I watched 4 Episodes of it every night, as I could not stop it! I can’t believe they left it open like that….better bring it back, soon O_O :(

  155. Kody

    If they’re not going to make a season 3, they should at least make a two part movie to finish off the show, i mean they literally left us on a cliffhanger, they go into FTL in stasis and thats the end? Are you kidding me? I mean after 10 seasons of SG1 and then SGA, you don’t end the whole thing with something like that, especially when there are people who have followed the show since the beginning. SG1 and SGA were seriously the best TV shows I’ve ever watched, that and Doctor Who, every single episode caught my attention. Sci fi pleaseeeee do something!

  156. Derrick

    This is exactly my feelings (even the doctor who part) I have always like the SG movie and never got to see the SG-1 in its entirety growing up. Until now with Netflix. For the past 6 months I have been watching every single episode from start to finish. From the movies to the series. With SGU to end like it has, i’m pissed. I mean I really really want them to at least make a movie that shows what happened, or something. The story of why destiny was even created is enough to keep me interested forever. They seem to have only scratched the surface of what SGU was about. I feel that the first few seasons were the way they were to create a long term running show. To keep people in suspense to want to find out whats going to happen. Im just upset to find out that this show was canceled i was really looking forward to finding out about the 3rd season.

  157. Travis

    yeah i agree i just watched the last episode of season 2 and i am severly pissed that there’s not gonna be a season 3. seriously you’re supposed to foresee S***T like this before you create the show leaving like this just pisses off the viewers. scifi will definitely be getting a lot of angry letters that’s for sure.

  158. sam

    i am really disappointed, i thought SGU was amazing, and never thought it would fail. they have to bring it back, ill dye if i dont find out what happens next.

  159. Ryan

    I watched SG-1 maybe 3 times every season every episode, so i decided to watch SGA, and i loved it, then i got bored of it so i decided to watch SGU and i think it was the best tv show they have made out of all three, i enjoyed it so much.. i don’t understand why they didn’t keep it going..

  160. iulian

    We want season 3!!!

  161. Michael

    They need to put back on the air i for one have loved all of the Stargate sesones so start it back up so i can enjoy my best shows .

  162. محمد

    I’m VERY disappointed that the show was cancelled..

  163. steve

    SyFy cancel SGU, so I cancel SyFy on Fox and Fox.
    there is now nothing to watch. all i see is dumb show keep getting next season and good and Great show get cancel.
    Long Live SGU.

  164. John


    I started with SGA it was good but it just went to far with explosions bang bang everything..

    Then SGU came, it started up slow but u got to know every character, Season1 were kinda bad.. but Season 2 just got better and better for each episode…

    Now i got nothing left to watch..

    Give back SGU o/.

  165. Russ Birdsall

    NUTS! Funny, action, drama and sci fy all in one series. Great characters. Story line.

    COME ON! I think the other series in the stargate set were jealous.

  166. tony

    Why not join together to raise money for real a Science Fiction World channel, not the crap series and movies SyFi tries to sell me,

    I felt left alone in the world, I lost them all , Star Trek, Stargate, SGU …. Thank GOD there are more like me, I feel better reading all about you people !!!!


  167. thanatos destrudo

    After this long I doubt that the same actors could even be signed to contract for a season three. :( I do agree that we need a new scifi channel, unfortunately I think tv is pretty much full of garbage without substance lately so cable isn’t even worth it. I think someone should form an ad supported site perhaps with subscription that buys shows like a traditional tv channel but presents them like hulu or netflix. There’s no reason it wouldn’t work, should still be profitable, and it would promote quality entertainment. If anyone is willing to start a kickstarter for it I’d be willing to donate towards it. If you do just post a link to your kickstarter here and I’ll do my best to advertise the link elsewhere.

  168. Nic

    I’m really gutted I loved the show. The best most serious peice of work I have seen in ages.. It moved me, I thought it was excellent Syfi and Drama. I was looking faward to season three.

    What is with this cancelling BS like with V which I also liked. There is enough camp lite shows about. Please give us good drama and good acting. Not all of us eat junk and are 18

  169. Dave

    BOYCOT the SYFY channel… It’s not even SCIFI anymore B movies, They waste milllions on that crap.. James Bond, How’s that SciFi???? Wrestling is not SciFi…. Let’s face it, It’s not about us fans anymore. It’s about a Buck, And they’ll do anything for it now… I haven’t watched that channel since they canceled SGU and I won’t go back. Why, All they play is crap now, No Real SciFi that made that channel… Some moron took over and ruined it all, Viewers have dropped, Gee I wonder why…

    I get all my Sci-Fi off of Netflix or Amazon Prime… So Tell your friends to Boycot that channel and get you fix from one of the two places I listed… The new SYFY channel sucks balls and has lost viewers because someone doesn’t know what we like…..

  170. Paulus

    Watching a rerun of SGU. Still a fantastic series with loads of great character interaction. The last episode left so many unanswered questions. Yet the powers that be decide to shelve it. If this was in the pipeline, then a final episode which gave a final conclusion would have been far better. Much on the stuff available now is about as strong and interesting to watch as paint drying. Will anybody have the strength of character to reconsider and then produce a series 3, even if it is the final series. At least give an absolute conclusion.

    • Googlyhead

      I’ve also just been watching and enjoying the reruns. Actually; the second rerun in a row as I didn’t realise what it was first time round.
      I was a little disappointed when the original star gate series came out; after the seriousness of the movie, it was in contrast too cartoony low-budget, with attempted offset by slapstick humor.
      Most decent sci-fi series seem to get prematurely cancelled, so this is par for the course; even though it has been repeatedly shown there’s an appetite for more serious sci-fi in all media.
      Unfortunately it means that (a) there’s little point in sticking with a series these days, (b) there’s an incentive for a series NOT to lay strong foundations and devote time to development, and (c) the only chance you can expect reliable decent / serious sci-fi is at the movies.

  171. derek henderson

    i hate when someone makes 2 seasons and then stop because some twats don’t like it. they should at least of made a season 3 and made it that the ship made it back to earth and all the people went home bar robert carlile he stayed on board and fullfilled destinys mission, now that would at least conclude the story.

  172. Daniel G.

    Its time to make a come back or an end show that brings closure….

  173. Tom Levers

    WOW… I loved SGU (just watched during social distancing 2020).

    Sci Fi or not, it totally set up to return no matter how each has aged. Stasis pods were not set up correctly and each aged 10 years… put the band back together :-)