Stargate Universe Season 2.5

Stargate Universe Season 2.5Stargate Universe will be back on SyFy in March. The network will indeed air the 10 final episodes of Season 2. The first episode of Stargate Universe Season 2.5 will air on March 7, 2011. You may watch below a Canadian promo trailer of Stargate Universe Season 2.5:

Stargate Universe Season 2.5

And here’s the schedule with summaries of the first episodes:

SGU S2x11 Deliverance (will air on March 7, 2011)
Follow-up to episode 10, the Destiny is locked in a battle against the drones and surprised by the arrival of the aliens that abducted Rush and Chloe.

SGU S2x12 Twin Destinies (March 14, 2011)
Excitement spreads through the ship as Eli believes he’s found a way to dial Earth. Dr. Rush has serious reservations about the plan and abandoning Destiny.

SGU S2x13 Alliances” (March 21, 2011)
An attack on Homeworld Command traps Greer and Wray.

SGU S2x14 Hope (March 28, 2011)
Another consciousness finds it’s way into Chloe’s body through the stones while Volker succumbs to an illness Tamara may not be able to treat.

SGU S2x15 Seizure

SGU S2x16 The Hunt

SGU S2x17 Common Descent

SGU S2x18 Epilogue

SGU S2x19 Blockade

SGU S2x19 Gauntlet

Still pissed off that SyFy canceled this show… Anyway, can’t wait for the last episodes of Stargate Universe, and hoping that they will bring some sort of closure to the show and will not leave us on a goddamn cliffhanger again.

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  1. last episodes not worth watching

    Not watching last episodes its pointless and you will not get an Ending nor closure… it will just leave you hanging for eternity Boycott for me, and no more half concluded stargate shows to many burnt bridges.