Stargate Universe Season 2

Episode list of Stargate Universe Season 2Next week we’ll get to watch part 2 of the finale episode of the first season of Stargate Universe. Don’t expect any closure though because our SGU friends still have a long and perilous journey ahead. And I bet the finale won’t even give us a real break: quite sure it’s going to be a cliffhanger episode… Anyway, here’s an episode list of the first episodes of next season of Stargate Universe:


SGU S2x01 Incursion (Part 3)
The season premiere will wrap up the events of the 2-part first season finale, ‘Incursion’.

SGU S2x02 Aftermath

SGU S2x03 Awakenings

SGU S2x04 Pathogen

SGU S2x05 Cloverdale

SGU S2x06 Trial and Error

SGU S2x07 The Greater Good

SGU S2x08 Malice

SGU S2x09 Visitation

SGU S2x10 Resurgence (Part 1)

SGU S2x11 Deliverance (Part 2)

SGU S2x12 Twin Destinies

SGU S2x13 Alliances

SGU S2x14 Hope

SGU S2x15 Seizure

SGU S2x16 The Hunt

SGU S2x17

SGU S2x18 Radio

SGU S2x19 Blockade

SGU S2x20 Gauntlet

Hope to get more details about Stargate Universe Season 2 soon!

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