Stargate Universe Teaser

STARGATE UNIVERSEAre you longing for your weekly Stargate fix? It’s quite hard for me since the end of Stargate Atlantis. Fortunately there is a new Stargate Franchise that will keep alive the Stargate dream. The new series is titled Stargate Universe.

Below, thanks to Tijuana a teaser of Stargate Universe that was shown after the end credits of the last Stargate Atlantis episode:

Stargate Universe Teaser Trailer


The journey home is the greatest adventure of all!

Stargate Universe will start to air Summer 2009. The sooner the better because I really miss Stargate! So I wait for Stargate Universe with impatience!

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  1. Christopher George

    I absolutly love the whole stargate Franchise so very much, it’s a dream to see and watch films such as these come about and we all know they all hold some truth about the world and the universe as we know it, please do not ever stop making the Stargate Franchise!

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