Stargate Universe Trailer

Stargate UniverseLooks like that Russell from Pixar’s UP has been hired in Stargate Universe, the new Stargate TV series that should start to air this Summer. Well not the young Russsell, but a 20-years-old version, just look at the face of this chubby red-shirt boy (David Blue as Eli Wallace):

Stargate Universe SGU Trailer


Home: A memory
Safety: a myth
Trust: a mistake

The only mission is survival!

Stargate Universe is billed as “edgier in tone” than its predecessors, it will follow a team of explorers headed by Dr Nicholas Rush, played by Carlyle, who have to fend for themselves when their hidden base comes under attack.

I do welcome this edgier tone, but I’m not sure they should have chosen this candy music to promote such a sci-fi show…

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