Terminator 4 Christian Bale and Sam Worthington US Trailer

Christian Bale Terminator Salvation Movie

We now have the official US movie trailer of Terminator 4. This version is rather different from the Japanese trailer that previously leaked online. So we get some more footage of Terminator Salvation:

Terminator Salvation Trailer

Terminator 4

Christian bale and Sam Worthington are both starring in Terminator 4, aka Terminator Salvation. Christian Bale is playing the role of John Connor, the man whose destiny has long been to save Mankind. But so far we have only sparse details about Sam Worthington’s role. And the new Terminator trailer would let us think that he’s working for the machines…

A lot to discover with Terminator 4!

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  1. wayne

    Cool beans. I hope some of the cast of the TV show will make some sort of cameo.