Terminator 4 Movie

Terminator 4 Movie directed by McGThe new trailer of Terminator gives a nice overview of things to come in this fourth installment of the Terminator movie series:

Terminator 4 new trailer

Sam Worthington is playing the role of Marcus Wright a cyborg Terminator who strongly believes that he’s human and gets genuinely shocked when he learns about his own robotic attributes from John Connor (Christian Bale)…

One Response - “Terminator 4 Movie”

  1. Lonnie WWilliams

    Why can’t you use the same John Conner in Terminator 3 for Terminator 4 or 5 ? It would be nice if Arnold would be in it also maybe only just to help the new Terminator in some of
    his missions he’s not too old for some of that is he?
    Thank you, Lonnie “BigLs1” Peace to all.