The New Stargate TV Show

A new Stargate TV show will start on SyFy this Fall, it’s Stargate Universe, aka SGU! let’s listen to the crew of Stargate Universe:

Stargate Universe Footage


“Stargate Universe is about a rather heteroclite team of soldiers and scientist who get trapped aboard the Ancient ship, the Destiny, that was part of an Ancient experiment to seed the galaxies with Stargates millions of years ago but that was prematurely ended by the Ancients’ ascension.
While trying to escape an imminent danger the team activates the ninth and final gate chevron (whose purpose was previously unknown) and get aboard the Destiny. But that’s a one-way trip, without return to Earth… Unable to return to Earth, they must fend for themselves aboard the ship as it takes them to the far reaches of the universe.”

This new Stargate TV series will a bit darker than what we may have been used to with the franchise. But don’t worry: it’s for the best! Because I’m definitely convinced now that this series is the sci-fi weekly fix that we’re all waiting for!

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  1. Serena

    ick, won’t be watching. I don’t want a darker Stargate, I like my Stargate without rapists.

  2. Mark

    I did not know there was a rap scene in the show, I may have missed the first episode; whats that about

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