The Road Movie

Here’s the theatrical poster of the Road, the post-apocalyptic movie directed by John Hillcoat and starring Viggo Mortensen

The Road Trailer

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in a moment the world changed forever.

Based on the Pulitzer prize winning novel by Cormac McCarthy
Author of “No Country Fo Old Men”

“A father and his son walk alone through a post-apocalyptic America. Nothing moves in the ravaged landscape and it’s cold enough to crack stones. Hoping to escape the endless winter, they head south towards the coast, not knowing what awaits them there. Along the way they encounter refugees, organized militants, and must avoid gangs of lawless killers. With the exception of a pistol with 2 bullets, the clothes on their back and a cart of scavenged food, they have nothing. All alone, the boys must struggle to survive in a world no longer capable of sustaining life.”

Nice poster, but too many colors to be faithful to the bleak vision of Cormac McCarthy… But I guess it’s easier to sell than a dark screen filled with smog.

The trailer of the Road if you haven’t seen it yet:

Movies like this one make you wonder if you shouldn’t become a Survivalist (building your own bunker, learning to grow your own food…) before it’s too late…

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  1. Jennifer Dodds

    Viggo Mortenson is such a diverse actor & this movie has an interesting mix of actors. Viggo happens to be a true “Renaissance” man outside from the movie industry.