The Spearhead Effect Movie Poster

There’s a new poster for The Spearhead Effect, the upcoming thriller movie directed by Brandon Moore and Caleb Smith:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

The Spearhead Effect Movie Poster

Plot synopsis:
“When journalist Jake Stetson (Rane Jameson) exposes widespread police corruption, he soon finds himself a target of the violent vigilantes he unwittingly inspired. A thriller delving into the world of crooked cops and secret societies THE SPEARHEAD EFFECT is an intense ride from the moment you hit play.”

Dark is the night… so you better stay in the light!

Here’s the movie trailer of The Spearhead Effect if you haven’t seen it yet:


The cast includes Rane Jameson, Leif Steinert, Caleb Smith, Darlene Vogel, Stephen Grove Malloy, Daniel Weiss, Damian Anastasio, Regen Wilson, and Jaime Gallagher. The film is executive produced by Terrence Malick.

Release date: November 7, 2017 (on Digital and On Demand).

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