Top Gun 2 Movie

Update – Director Joseph Kosinski has taken over the director’s seat following Tony Scott’s suicide.

Top Gun 2 MovieSounds like Paramount and producer Jerry Bruckheimer still want to develop a sequel to Top Gun. They hired a new screenwriter: Peter Craig, the chief screenwriter on The Town, is now in charge of the script.

Top Gun 2 Trailer

Top Gun 2 is likely take into account the latest technologies used by the Air force, so I guess we may expect armchair pilots guiding drones rather than jet-fighter pilots.

Actor Tom Cruise who played the role of Maverick in the first film said he’d glad to show up in Top Gun 2, maybe for a cameo, but he won’t play the lead role.

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  1. Ap

    top gun without Tom is not top gun and will be a flop. Trust me.

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