Transformers 3 Mini-Cons

Transformers fans are begging for Unicron (Unicron is a a nearly omnipotent robot/planetoid, a kind of Galactus) to appear in Transformers 3, the next Transformers movie sequel. But that’s unlikely to happen according to Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura who spoke his mind to IGN (here):

Transformers 3 Unicron

“Unicron worries me because it’s so big that it dwarves emotion. It’s so hard, because when you’re working to that scale, it sort of becomes outside any kind of human reality you have. It’s obviously a great character, and one that we’re definitely going to talk about, but for me personally – and I’m not the only vote here – that one scares me. Because of its size, it becomes sort of impersonal when it gets to that scale. […] And for me that worries me because I like the human characters.”

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura

But on the other hand Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has been praising the Mini-Cons stating that they’re really cool!

“I love the Mini-Cons actually – I think they’re very cool. I love the lore.”

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura

The Mini-Cons are a race of small, roughly human-sized Transformers capable of combining with a larger Transformer to impart extra abilities or greatly increase their strength.

Would love to see those mini-cons in Transformers 3: it would promise gorgeous scenes with robotic transformations! So yes, please Dear Mr. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, please bring in the mini-cons for the movie Transformers 3! I beg you! We all do!

10 Responses - “Transformers 3 Mini-Cons”

  1. Fitz

    How about no Transformers 3 at all.

  2. Erick

    Wow how cool is that! mini-cons on transformers 3.
    I would like to see optimus prime with a mini-cons and I like to bumblebee with mini-cons så they can combining with they extra abilities or greatly increase their strength.YEAH autobot with a mini-cons.Thats would be so cool.What about the decepticon would they think gonna have mini-cons?
    Yeah PLASE mr lorenzo di Bunaventura bring the mini-cons on transformers 3.So the autobot and decepticon can have each mini-con.

  3. James

    I want to see dinobots I know so many people loved dinobots and no reason there can’t be a Grimlock they did jarrasic park and godzilla, give us GRIMLOCK! we need to see dinobots and so i find no reason to think that can’t happen.

  4. Robowarrior

    Shockwave, blurr, prowl

  5. Robert79

    Ok, we all know that Optimus Prime eventually dies, so you think in 3 they will let this be & introduce Hot Rod who eventually becomes Rodimus Prime? Also, I would like to see Ultra Magnus be intoduced as well. The Dinobots would be cool as well, but for every avid Transformer fan there are alot of cool things we’d love to see. They need to stop changing the robots though, like Soundwave….WTH? Why make him a satelite? I was pretty saddened to see that prime was a long nose truck as well. But you still gotta love that they did take such a great classic & bring them to the big screen!

  6. Erick from sweden

    In transformers 3 for the autobots I would like to see
    For the decepticon would like to see Astrotrain, thundercracker, skywarp, blitzwing.
    And for the autobot aerialbots, Slingshot, airraid, fireflight,skydive.
    Even Dinobots would be cool as well in transformers 3.

    For the villain in transfomers 3 I like to see for decepticon stunticon transform into mensor or predcons transform into predaking or combaticons transform into bruticus.

    Combiner For the autobot protectobots transform into defensor or autobot city transform into metroplex or aerialbots transform into superion. How about that would that be cool as well in transformers 3.

  7. HOt ROd

    You have to bring Hot rod, into the scene at least a movie or so before unicron gets involved just to introduce that group of autobots such as the dino bots, blurr, Kup, and also that wheelie.

  8. Olen Ahkcre

    They will probably hold Unicron off as long as possible to play as an ace when the movie series starts going down hill and before a reboot. I mean, just how are you going to top yourself after Unicron?

    They could probably have a movie with Galvatron as the main villian, heralding the coming of Unicron. Oh, think of the buildup… even as Galvatron’s forces are in full retreat (good guys always win in the end right) Galvatron (dying or leaving) let’s it slip Unicron is approaching to the disbelief of the robots from Cybertron, who most consider Unicron a myth since none of them have ever laid eyes on him and only read about him in the record books and even some who never even heard of him. Whether Galvatron will be Megatron reshaped by Unicron is up in the air though. The whole franchise seems reluctant to be anything related to the cartoon series. The only things they’ve taken from the TV show are the names which they slap onto whatever character they feel like. They call the ancient character in the second movie JetFire, when it should’ve been Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion is one of the oldest Transformer living on Cybertron in the cartoon series. He’s so old he doesn’t have a name like Jazz, Sideswipe or JetFire.

    They might choose to make Galvatron a seperate character like in the comic books. In the movie where Galvatron would be the main villian, you could show Unicron consuming a planet and slowly growing aware of the Autobots and Decepticons he decides to create his own army from the remnants of a planet he has consumed.

    … something like he consumes a planet with an Autobot on it, who just happened to be there searching for the All-Spark (they haven’t received Primes message or it’s a time before the All-Spark is discovered on Earth). The Autobots are scouring over the planet, there’s a flash of light and a booming noise that makes you think thunder and lightning only there aren’t that many clouds…. then a tremor hits. An Autobot falls down and starts to get back on it’s feet, looks up and notices a moon loaming over the horizon… and does a double take… this planet didn’t have a moon when they got here! And a horrible feeling descends as it’s mind is frantically trying find an alternative answer to deny what it is looking at. And surrenders at the name that escapes it’s lips… Unicron! There’s bright flash of light and we loose sight of the Autobot behind a wall of intense shockwave that follows. And then all hell breaks loose, as we watch beams shooting out of Unicron, crisscrossing the planet, eviscerating it, while fragments of the planet’s resources float up on tractor beams, pouring into it’s maw. There are rippling effect in the atmosphere following in the wake of the beams path across the planet (shockwave caused by the beams). If there were any life on the planet, Unicron won’t bother trying to kill them… they are beneath his notice and it would be humane. Instead the planet is robbed of all resources to sustain any kind of life, the few remaining (if any) survivors would face hunger and slow and certainly agonizing death, forced to fight for scraps of food, only to die later of starvation.

    Switch a moment to Earth, life is good… sunny day… threat of Decepticon attack… they think the got it rough… but they don’t know what’s coming their way.

    Few scenes later, we find ourselves inside Unicron… an Autobot figure laying on a type of conveyor belt or something. It’s scanned and Unicron recognizes it’s energy patterns as belonging to Primus (if you go with the idea the All-Spark as a creation of Primus or is a piece of Primus or possibly both, a creation he fashioned from a piece of himself). Examining the Autobot or a robot from Cybertron, Unicron decides to create his own army of robots to scour or “make a sweep” of the surrounding sectors. So the Sweeps are created and then Galvatron to lead them.

    He sends Galvatron and the Sweeps to seek out and destroy all life created by the All-Spark, Autobots and Decepticons alike. It may turn out the All-Spark is a component of Primus, Unicron’s arch-enemy. And could explain how it is able to grant life to inanimate objects.

    … And to illustrate how powerful Galvatron is, we let the audience think the Autobots have the upper hand with one of the gigantic robots like Metroplex… and Galvatron transforms into the cannon and shoots him. Nothing seems to happen at first… then Metroplex says, “I don’t feel so good…” and collapses. Then Galvatron transforming back into robot mode shouts, “Attack!” He transforms back into robot mode since he doesn’t have anything left for another shot, but we don’t have to mention that.

  9. Lee David Wood

    I wouldn’t like the idea of the mini-cons in the film, as I’m not too keen on the reboots the lore has gone through since Generation 1.

    For the third film, they should really bump up the numbers on both Autobot, and Decepticon sides by bringing in some of the old G1 characters into it e.g. Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, Warpath, Astrotrain, Grimlock (a definate).

    Why not some combiners thrown into the mix, and I mean the proper teams where you see their individual robot forms, their vehicle forms, and the parts they turn into on the gestalt transformer…not how Bay done it in TF:ROF where there were ‘several’ Constructicons.

    I’d personally love to see the Autobots have the Aerialbots and Technobots, where as the Decepticons would have the Combaticons and Stunticons to counter them.

    Another thing I would love to see would be the Headmasters & Targetmasters from the final episode in the US of the G1 series, they were the original “mini-cons” as it were, and they were human operators that inhabited the transformers heads.

    Unicron I would love to see, but I’d prefer it to go all out in the last film – sort of like an independance day thing, where you have a massive dog-fight between the Aerialbots and humans vs. decepticon jets/drones etc. while Prime and the others engage Megatron/Galvatron and his minions on the ground.

  10. Denzel

    transformers 3 should have them combine like they did in the t.v series