Transformers 3 Movie in 2011

Hollywood production companies are definitely optimistic concerning its blockbuster, and one more Transformers sequel has been decided even before the second film is released.

Transformers 3 Movie

We don’t have a direct confirmation for Transformers 3, but according to Dark Horizons, the sequel to Transformers Revenge of The fallen should be released in June 2011, which sounds credible:

Transformers 3
On the upcoming release schedule for Germany, it appears that a second ‘Transformers’ sequel has already been scheduled for June 29th 2011.

Dark Horizons

Quite sure that Director Michael Bay and Shia Labeouf will be back, but I wonder who will be the villain in the Transformers 3 movie, any idea?

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  1. Nikkie

    Oh My God! OK, the first Transformers was wicked! The second is gonna be fantabulous and the third… is there even a word that’s better than wicked and fantabulous? I’m so excited!!!

  2. james lee bonewits jr.

    Kick butt, dude. That is awesome: can’t wait!

  3. GORD

    first Transformers movie was ok. the second might be better. hopefuly transformers 3 is generation 1 or better. got to see it

  4. Robert N. Douglass

    Unicron. The name says it all…

  5. Robert N. Douglass

    I would submit a title — Transformers: Apocalypse — and have it feature Unicron. Let’s face it, the name says it all…

  6. -=V@STV$T=-

    Hello, i hope the Dinobots will be in transformers 3 that would be awesome!

  7. Ricardo

    Ok guys, i saw Transformers 2 on monday june 22 (lastnight) in a premier activity, damn!! was amazing, an explosion package of sound, battle scenes, Matrix Effects, transforms, in this movie they bring Soundwave w/ Frenzy and Ravage, the enormous Jetfire (cool toy in Generation 1 Transformers), The Primes History, Who is the Fallen one and his Origin, Talk about the Matrix, Constructicons anWOW!!!!! DEVASTATOR (THIS SCENE WAS SO SO SO AMAZING)…guys Optimus Prime die in this movie but he reborn later at the end thnks 2 Sam and gain super powerfull energy with the energon and decepticon matrix of Jetfire and Old Decepticon that change to autobot, bringin’ Optimus a Unique Force & Power…really guys this movie won’t let you sleep for hours, i still amaze with the quantity and Quality of effects and scenes. It has a lot of Comedy too, drama, sexy scenes. You wont regret..i promess. And of course at the end…obviously 1 3rd one will come.

    New autobots too, a twinbrother autobot, 2 other new and tiny cars ones, motorcycle robots one of them named Arcee, the gray corvette (don’t remember the name), and the regulars, like Ironhide and Bumblebee. See ya!! Enjoy it!!!

  8. lindsay

    transformers two was more than amazing :)

    cant wait for the next one

  9. Mike

    revenge of the fallen was totally sick. i saw it last night and it was great. the new one would have to be like unicron or omega supreme/primus

  10. KahWee

    Oh MY GOD! The movie Transformers 2 is damn freaking nice to watch and i can’t wait for Transformers 3 and i love this movie since i watch part 1.This is the best movie that i ever watch and i thank Micheal Bay for filming a good movie that it rated 5 stars . Is there any transformer 4 or Transformers5 ? Or anymore? if there is i can’t wait to watch all of them! Well I love the fightings and the graphics… It’s The Best!

  11. michael

    My theory is that they will bring in primus and unicron for the final epic battle. Take a look at that poster if its not fake, is obviously a big clue since it has the planet in front of them and they are as big as planets.

    • Teaser Trailer

      @Michael: That picture isn’t linked to the movie Transformers 3, it’s there for illustration purpose only. :)

  12. terrance

    With that question about who the villain is. I’m guessing Starscream and Megatron are going to show up cause they ran like cowards as soon as that fallen guy got killed by Optimus Prime. They gotta have at least a trilogy for Transformers!

  13. ocpackers8

    I loved the first movie actually when the teaser came out for the first movie i didnt really care for it because i never seen the cartoons but when the actual trailer came out i was so hyped up about it i couldn’t wait…. the second transformers movie just came out and i loved it more than the first one although i think they could of edited the movie to be a bit shorter because i did feel as if there were some unneeded scenes and they shouldn’t mention the cube as much because i did feel as if i was watching parts of the first movie, i think that they should of just stuck to what the movie was really about ….and for the end i did like the fact that Megatron did leave because i felt as if they should make a third movie and it should be the best of the transformer series. oh yea and please do not change the people who are in the movie it kills the movie some times i would like to see Shia Laebouf and Megan Fox again.

  14. someperson

    ok i know five charaters in the tranformers three unicron, i think galvatron, dinobots, also their might be the insecticons and more screen time for soundwave! (soundwave rules!)

  15. me

    i like the movie cause the colors are superb and to my liking

    i like the part where the bad guy says that bad word but i wont repeat it

    when prime died i almost cried but i held it in cause my gf was with me

    awesome movie but the special effects were HORRIBLE jaws I had hoped better special effects than this

  16. Devon Alcorn

    the new villain is obviously unicron, otherwise the writers, producers, and studios are complete idiots. I also think that just for emotional effect that they should have bumblebee die protecting Sam or Michaela, and they need to bring in hotshot.

  17. aballer

    transformer 1 & 2 were great movies but when will they kill megatron also when will megan fox stop being hot after 4 & 5 she one of the reason i went


    Best movie ever the they both rocked but the third Transformers movie will be the best I hope!

  19. kejaris

    As a MAJOR TRANSFORMER FAN i would love to see Unicron but it may not happen due to:

    1. Bay’s vison of transformers is something that is cool and realistic, for example, other than the allspark he won’t incorporate the “mass shunting” that the tv show and comics use. So something as massive as Unicron, remember Cybertron in the comics is the size of Saturn, would be impossible due to scale.

    2. I think Bay would also have a problem with Unicron due to the comparisons to planet killers in sci fi. Galactus (fantastic 4), Death Star (star wars) and a Borg sphere (star trek). Cybertron in the 1st move looked like a rubics cube with hieroglyphs i was expecting it to look like Curosant.

    3. If the transformers battled Unicron it will have to be a space battle, that is George Lucas arena not Micheal Bay’s. Plus a space battle will now exclude Bay’s hard-on for the military scenes he has been using so for in TF and TF ROTF. The US hasn’t made a space fighter yet so there would be no need for humans in the final Unicron battle.

    A better final villian that would work with Bayfromers would be a decepticon city, Scorpinok is now normal sized but you have Tripticon. I have seen concept art for Tripticon as an aircraft carrier but it was not used in Revenge of the Fallen. That most likely will be the closest you will get to Unicron.

  20. tanner

    it was the best movie i’ve ever seen! like amazing! Ive seen it 5 times ahaha


    I love Transformers and I can not wait till the movie Transformers 3

  22. Justin

    they were both awesome and if they make Transformers 3 i bet the old primes will come back (you know what i’m talking about if you’ve seen the second one) And like some of the autobots go bad.

  23. hey

    the first movie was pretty good the second was amazing and now i really cant wait until the third! i dragged my mom to see it and she loved it (kinda scary)

  24. joshep

    You know i hope the dinobots will appear in Transformers 3 and also they combine to battle the decepticon Trypticon
    and I want the aerialbots to form suprion to so they can battle devastator again whit a not yet discovered allspark fragment and the dinobots combine to battle trypticon

  25. Krystal Deisman

    I read in a magazine that because the second one made real hits, they are going to make 5

  26. Jeffafafa

    First off I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!. OK that out of the way, I have a couple of bad guy decepitdudes I would love to see in the next film.
    —-> Much more of Soundwave w/ Laserbeak or Buzzsaw
    Stunticons would be great but not only as cars but in robot form too ( If ya seen the film you will know what I am talking about. )
    More jets aka.. Thundercracker, Skywarp , Dirge , Thrust , and Ramjet .. Kinda like a Starscream Posse.
    Triple changers would be fun , seeing astrotrain unload a squad than tranform himself.
    Now if the Dinobots make the cut this time The bad guys to take them on could be the Predicons ( G1 not the other guys ) Seeing them form Prediking would be crazy.
    I do agree with earlier post that unicron should not be THE bad guy of the film. Maybe the next trilogy could be about earth and the autobots finding a way to beat him but not all in one film.
    I know they did it in the 85′ film but that was also after about 2 or 3 seasons worth of episodes. Where we already know about Cybertron, Primes history , …and whole of other stuff.
    I think the bad should still be Megatron but this time he has a nastier crew and some evil plan the avenge himself on earth.
    Maybe hurtin Sam in away that may force him to become an Autobot HeadMaster or PowerMaster, That would be neat.
    Will just have to wait and see ………….UGH :(

  27. Cris

    oh… i hope transformer 3 will be launching this coming 2010… it’s amazing.

  28. zach

    i saw Transformers and i just couldn’t stop watching it then along came Transformers 2 and it was damn right awesome. i want to see it again but that probably wont happen until the movie comes out on DVD. oh and by the way i still think Megan Fox is hot as hell.


    the Second was alright. for these reasons:
    -THE TWINS were annoying and didnt make sense why they are there.
    -Jetfire MY FAVORITE AUTOBOT was made into something he is not.
    -The devestator scene was a joke.
    -There were A LOT OF UNEEDED scenes
    -The Final Battle was stupid

    On Talk of the third movie
    -The primes aren’t coming back thats stupid
    -Galvatron is in interest
    -but the logistics of Unicron is being thought about.
    -I mean think about how is Sam going to destroy a HUGE PLANET?!?!
    -The dinobots M.Bay and the Producers are not in favor of it.
    -Shia LeBouf says“I think it will be darker, something crazy will happen, somebody’s got to die,” he said. “First movie the war was on our turf, the second was international, I think the next will be more of an intergalactic thing.”

    But we’ll have to see ….

  30. Sarah Elisabeth

    ok 1. Transformers 1 was amazing! 2. transformers 2 was even better! and Transformers 3, holy shit another 1? lol and obviously megatron will be the villain i mean that was obvious in the 2nd movie…

  31. Terrance Carroll

    they have got to have the dinobots in the third movie. and the twin autobots that fought all the time were fricking hilarius

  32. Matthew

    um.. Transformers 1 WAS AWESOME!, Transformers 2 s**ked so much. Humping and cussing robots… hmm… what next bumblebee screwing goats? as comic relief. And how about new locations? instead of the same locations from the first “T” movie.

  33. Terrance Carroll

    i agree with matthew. they have got to have a different location than the desert. and also have a fricking space battle for once!

  34. Phillip Mcmaine

    loved the cartoon series as a kid but the the first Transformers movie was good and i just watched the 2nd it was even better i hope Transformers 3 surpasses the second, i wonder if hot rod is going to be in this one if there is galvatron/old megatron and unicron they should have hot rod too but that would mean that prime really dies for good if it kinda follows the 80’s cartoon

  35. Walker

    What is going on , no Kup, Hotrod, Ultra Magnus, When will Galvatron and Unicron come into play…. This is beginning to be boring

    When will the Autobots of old be back

  36. Erick martinez

    Here is some example I would like to see for transformers 3.For the autobot prowl,powerglide,warpath,Fireflight,Slingshot,Skydive and Air Raid and together they are The Aerialbots together they transform into Superion.+Autobot Trailbreaker and Cosmos.
    And for the decepticon.Skywarp,Thundercracker,Astrotrain,Blitzwing,Shockwave,and stunticon Motormaster, Breakdown, Wildrider and Deadend.And together they transform into Mensor.

    That’s my example for Transformers 3. How cool is that.

    My last idea.How about the combaticons on transformers 3 and together they transform into bruticus.The transformers producer lorenzo di bonaventura was thinking mini-cons or maybe unicron on transformers 3 or maybe both on transformers 3 but what you guys thinking.YES or NO to mini-cons and unicron?

  37. Decepticons4ever

    There is no way they can have Unicron in the third installment of the transformers. If they are ever going to have him in it, it will have to be the last transformers movie they are going to do.They still have to add ultra-magnus, the dinobots, thundercracker, the insecticons and others before they ever think of adding in Unicron. They haven’t even gotten to a sheltered base for the autobots on earth yet. The autobots base being a military base. Come on that’s so stupid. When they make this 3rd transformers movie, they better make up for the second one. It was good, but robot heaven. Come on. Such horseshit. I couldn’t believe that was the way prime got resurrected. So horrible. Hope the third one comes out with a bang and leaves wanting more. Long live Decepticons!

  38. mike

    First of all I loved transformers as a kid, don’t really remember it like the back of my hand.But I definitely remember watching it and having the toys. For years transformers kinda disappeared then Beast Wars came out and I loved it! Beast Wars continued on into Beast Machines, and that was awesome too. Now you got all these stupid kiddy type transformer cartoons on and they s**k! And I feel part of it is due to the popularity of the movies. The first movie, I liked it… ots of action,cool effects, Megan Fox… BUT! and this is a big BUT, since when the hell is Bumblebee not a VW bug? STUPID! Now on to part 2, again I did like the movie, but I mean if people are gonna complain about robots, why don’t they complain about wtf was soundwave? a satellite dish or something? since when the hell is soundwave a robot floating out in space? And what was up with the really tiny robots that came out of ravages mouth to form some other type of weird floating robot?I mean it was cool to watch but kinda like WTF? and the humanoid robot chick? Come on! since when the hell do transformers disguise as humans?And the whole back story was kinda cool, but I don’t think that’s how it really went… i thought Megatron was the one that went against the autobots to form the decepticons… and when they first show “the fallen” where the freakin hell are they supposed to be? Is that cybertron? and if so… why do the robots “grow” in these weird little bubble like incubator things??and the weird vines and stuff that’s like wrapped all around “the fallen” looks like weird technoorganic vines or something connected to him? what the hell is that? As for a transformers 3, I would love to see one made but only if it does justice to the real transformer fans, not all these little kids that never even watched or heard of the series? But knowing Hollywood and they want to sell sell sell everything to everyone, that’s not gonna happen. They really need to take the human aspect out of it a lot more! the autobots need to go back to cybertron and find it taken over by megatron or something. Or they need to put Unicron in it and have megatron under his command because lets face it, Megatron although very cool, is kinda a dumbass. And against the sooped up optimus doesnt even stand a chance.So im thinkin it would be cool if somehow the decepticons rallyed up on cybertron to plot an attack on earth, maybe with the help of unicron? And the autobots gotta somehow stop them on cybertron and earth, that way you could still have your stupid human characters, but the real fans can get awesome battle scenes out in space and on cybertron, unicron, and maybe like the autobots kinda do the same thing but back on earth. Like they need to make more autobots, a whole fleet a army so that way when the decepticons do attack, its all out WAR like in a lord of the rings movie or something, people are talking about the scale being a problem with unicron… WHATEVER! He could very easily be a gigantic shadowy figure slowly engulfing the light from the sun and the earth goes into darkness, and when everyone looks up they see UNICRON! AWESOME Idea I think, what do you think?

  39. Bobby

    Hot Rod turns into Rodimus Prime, Ultra magnus, and Megatron turns into Galvatron by Unicron should be thrown into Transformers 3. That says it all.

  40. Nats250

    I have read all these posts and as i a big fan of the original transformers and have watched all episodes i have come up with some ideas.

    1. Bring in Proceptor so he can create some more autobots.

    2. if the dino bots are to be in the 3rd one they will need to be made by ratchet

    3. they need to bring in stunticons and arobots

    4. they need to amp up all the power scences with a bigger budget.

    If anyone would like to know anymore of my ideas please add a post and ask me some questions

  41. Glen

    I would probably think it would be Unicron or Megatron or even Starscream or somebody new.

  42. helga

    whaa sooo long to wait i hope the mini cons and the dino bots are comming in the next movie that will be great

  43. jacob

    i agree but in transformers:revenge of the fallen megatron and starscream didn’t die so they will obviously bring more decepticons back to earth