Transformers 3

Transformers 3 MovieTransformers 3
Directed by Michael Bay
Starring Shia Labeouf
Release Date: June 29, 2011

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15 Responses - “Transformers 3”

  1. Ryan Edwards

    this is awesome man there is gonna be two more Transformers movies before 2012

  2. Alvin

    I like Transformer Movie very Much…. i will support this Movie all the time… It’s very nice Movie…

  3. steven johnson

    make a third one you have to because in the second one megatron said it’s not over so there’s going to be another war

  4. ed

    For Transformers 3, I’d like to see the Dinobots come to the big screen. Bay could have them be genetic material overtop of mechanical robots. In that way, the Dinobots could look as real as the dinosaurs did in Jurassic park but then they transform into robots of equally impressive size.


  5. kyle

    dude no. no dino bots what they have now is fine. I want to see a full scale war humans machine everything i want to see robot war.

  6. alex

    seriously no dinobots what the hell thats so stupid do something like in the good tv show the autobots and decepticons had to team up against some giant overlord alien machine before he like destroyed the sun or something
    and whatever happened to the like little minibots that gave the transformers more power

  7. Erick

    For Transformers 3 I would liket to see Dinobots and Arielbots.
    In Transformers 3 to Optimus prime and his autobot team.

  8. Alan

    i hope unicron comes into the picture so the decepticons and autobots are forced to team up and beat the crap out of the planet eater

  9. Nevin

    I wish Ironhide transforms into a lion and Snarl comes and transforms into a sabre-tooth cat or a wolf.

  10. devin

    i loved the second movie of transformers because bumble bee is so cool because he is the best one ever because he never dies
    but i hope they make the third movie of transformers because it’s gonna be awesome and sweet and cool
    and thank you people who ever made the first and the second movie of transformers love ya’ll.


    i hope optimus prime becomes evil and he cannot be turn good anymore. the only way is to summon primus, leader of autobot to defeat optimus

  12. udinow

    i think that the villain should be cyberton transforms into a giant robot like in the catoon and the team must defeat him the decepticons and megatron.that would make a great ending.

  13. CJH

    If they are having a third movie i would like to see sparklings and couples emerge from the base