Transformers 4 New truck!

Take a look to the latest Transformers 4 vehicle revealed by Michael Bay via his official website:

Transformers 4 Film Trailer

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

“The adventure continues to transform with a very different offering from Daimler Trucks North America… the imposing 2014 Argosy cab-over truck by Freightliner

“Autobots and Decepticons have all but vanished from the face of the planet. However, a group of powerful, ingenious businessman and scientists attempt to learn from past Transformer incursions and push the boundaries of technology beyond what they can control – all while an ancient, powerful Transformer menace sets Earth in his crosshairs.:

Do you think this truck is a Decepticon or an Autobot? Any idea who it could be? Share your thoughts below!

In theaters: June 27, 2014.

15 Responses - “Transformers 4 New truck!”

  1. Mohd Misha

    I think it is Ultra Magnus

  2. Trolli Ban Danno

    Menasor – Motormaster or Nemesis Prime.

  3. Daniel

    Leader of the Stunticons MotoMaster!

  4. Thunder

    Motor Master, the leader of the Stunticons we have already seen.

  5. Kyle Orshoski

    Nemesis, I mean just look at the truck and the name it fits. I don’t really see an ultra Magnus nor a Motor Master. I very slightly seeing it being Motor but I’m going with Nemesis.

  6. Kyle Orshoski

    Nvrm (Never mind) I’m pretty sure it’s Motor Master.

  7. swagg

    That’s clearly nemesis prime, micheal bays mixing it up in transformers 4

  8. Mylinda

    Can’t be Ultra Magnus for sure, but it could be Motor Master or Nemisis.

  9. Nick

    It’s definitely MotorMaster!

  10. derek

    Thats nemesis prime no dought about it i have the g1 toy of it

  11. Brian

    It’s got to be Motomaster, with the rest of the black cars being the Stunticons, forming Menasor!!

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