Transporter 3 Movie Trailer

Transporter 3 with Jason Statham

Jason Statham must have been some kind of racer in one of his previous lifes, he is never too far from a car in his movies! The English actor is back for a third opus of the Transporter movie series.

Here below the Transporter 3 trailer shown during the last Cannes film festival:

Transporters 3 First Official Trailer

This time, the rules are the same… Except one!


Jason Staham will drive in full gear in Transporter 3: he has to! There is indeed a cranked-like device sticking to his body that would explode if he’d ever failed to his mission!

One Response - “Transporter 3 Movie Trailer”

  1. Betty

    transporters movie are waoo! especially trasnpoter 3. also with jason statham it’s wonderful you can watch the whole without getting bored. good job

    Jason you movie are wonderful. i like the way you kick those men.