Viggo Mortensen and The Road Delay

Viggo Mortensen recently explained via AintItCool why the release of The Road is taking longer than expected:

Viggo Mortensen About The Road In 2009

“My understanding is that they know that they’ve got a story that a lot of people want to see, because of the book. […] And, the people that read the book, which are many, were very moved by it and by this relationship between this boy and this man, in particular, in that setting. And, I think that they are really aware of the fact that they’ve got one chance to do it, and if there’s any little things that they still want to work on a little more, to get it just right, whether it’s the music –I don’t know what it is — a variety of things, they want to do it right. And, if you rush it out before you feel in good conscience it’s there … So, I am disappointed. I wanted to see it. I want to see how it is.”

Viggo Mortensen

So a theatrical release of The Road is still on the agenda (no direct to DVD for The Road like some may think). The delay is a bit annoying, but once can understand that the production company does no want to miss the high expectations of the fans of Cormac McCarthy’s novel.

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