Viggo Mortensen The Road Movie Pictures

Viggo Mortensen in The Road

We have some new pictures from the movie The Road, the cinema adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Cormac McCarthy:

The Road Movie

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Viggo Mortensen is playing the role of the Man and Kodi Smit-McPhee is the Boy. The movie follows father and son in an dangerous journey through a post-apocalyptic America. The Road is directed by John Hillcoat.

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  1. John

    I can’t wait for this movie to be released! John Hillcoat did a brilliant job with The Proposition, so I have confidence in his ability to do this novel the grimy justice it deserves.

  2. azurevirus

    The Road was a good book but got kind of boring at times..but all in all a vg book..some of the things the characters did in the book and why I didnt what actually event actually happened?..nuclear war I presume..why were they going to the coast?..a boat there or ?..if I were in a situation like that I dont think I would have left that warm bunker full of food until I had to..but then I guess they did because they had to get to the coast ..again,for what reason?..If I missed the reason ..I totally missed I would have been heading for the southern regions where it would be presumably a bit far as the movie goes..It should be a post apocalyptic hit real cult hit..Viggo is a great actor..but from the pics I see here..this boy seems older than he should be?..I thought he was 8 or so in the book..this kid could pass for almost double that age by his size..but I exspect it to be a good movie for us that follow this stuff..and I do

  3. Clara

    This book totally captivated me. I picked it up one afternoon, stayed up untill 6am reading it untill my eyes got too blurry to continue, then finished it in the morning…wow.
    This story truly is amazing, I loved every inch of it…even when I didn’t know who was saying what…ha. I like his style of writing, no puncutation really, run-on sentences, incomplete sentences…it all really helped to set te mood of the story.
    I am so excited to see the movie and jus hope it really does the book justice. I agree that I think Kodi Smit-McPhee looks a lot older than the boy in the book, but movies change things so I guess we’ll see.
    I seriously CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

    Azurevirus…they were headed south because the weather was becoming increasingly cold, and the man knew they couldn’t survive in it much longer, they HAD to head south to a warmer climate. The coast was simply a good way to know when you’re south..ya’ know?
    I also believe that McCarthy didn’t specify what happened to the world cause he didn’t want that to be the focus. He didn’t want people to think he was “making a point” about the direction of the world. He simply wanted you to focus on the journey and hardships of this tale.

  4. Liesl

    so where’s the trailer if it’s so good? So why isn’t Viggo speaking of it. This one is headed straight for DVD.

  5. What?

    um…LIES!, what are you talking about? This is a Weinstein Company movie with actors like Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron, Robert Duvall, and Guy Pearce. Once people hear about it, many of them will be interested after last year’s McCarthy adaptation “No Country for Old Men.”
    There is no way this is a straight-to-DVD movie. That’s pretty ridiculous. There’s no trailer and Viggo isn’t on the press junket yet because it’s still in post-production.

  6. bigFunk

    This will be a good, however not very uplifting movie. I can’t imagine during the economic crisis that people will have interest in seeing this film. It might do well to wait until next summer. Right now people are drawn to hopeful stories. When I read the book I wanted to dig a hole and crawl into it with a can of tuna.

  7. mitchmoe

    I loved the book. It made me feel very protective over the little boy and how helpless the father must have felt. As a mother I wonder how I could handle being in the situation they were in. Now that I know Viggo is going to be in the movie, I can’t wait to see it. What a bonus! Even if the movie is a little depressing I still think it should make us feel grateful it is not us in their shoes!

  8. formal

    well, we can establish one thing: this movie is not going to be in Oscar contention. With all these setbacks and delays, there is no way we will see it as a 2009 nominee. Perhaps 2010. And it would be a total shame not to release it in the theaters. With an ensemble cast such as the one in this movie, there’s no way it won’t be released in theaters. I absolutely fell in love with the book. I have read it twice and it’s probably my favorite work by the author, if not my favorite work. ^_^

  9. Hank

    “The road” is only a recent book. It is very similar to a much earlier (1986) one called “First and final war” which was written by an Australian and depicts the effects of a nuclear attack on Perth (as well as the rest of Australia) and a families efforts to get to safety.
    Bleak, miserable book – one wonders did Cormac have a sneak peak when jotting notes for his own book?
    Incidently, Kodi Smitt McPhee is an Aussie Kid, Guy Pearce is an Aussie and originally the role of the man (Kodi’s father) was slated for Steve Innes, another Aussie actor from Perth of all places.
    Is all this coincidence?

  10. GEIST999

    This book is f**king amazing and anyone who has a problem with it because it’s not uplifting or it’s depressing is a god damn nerd and should go see Marley and me. It’s the end of the world it’s supposed to be bleak! There is a real sense of beauty in all of the decay in the book, I almost want to visit that world.

    What happened to the world before in the book doesn’t matter because to them it’s ancient history and for him prob. too painful to even think about if he did know. And mainly because it is irrelevant to them, Life here is about survival and only survival. The point is it’s better left unsaid in order to envelop to reader into a better sense of mystery.

    And I agree with that dude who said, ” there no way its going to straight DVD,” right on, there is too big ticket names and too many people who want to see this thing fully realized on a big screen.

  11. GEIST999

    I only wish there was more post apocalyptic fiction done
    SO brilliantly!

  12. Bill

    This is exactly like First And Final War. In the mid eighties in Sacramento, we were studying modern literature from similar western cultures and this is what we got. Seemed strange at the time but what a blast from the past to have this new, oh, so similar story pop up.
    I wonder what kind of film the Australian original would have looked like if done over there or has it already been done?
    Is The Road a remake of an Australian original?
    Of course, the U.S. version is pretty much Australian made isn’t it?

  13. Liam

    More post-apocalyptic fiction? Well, they are about to start work on Mad Max IV in Australia.
    It’s back on the cards with George Miller directing once again.
    Have not seen much about it other than it will be made in Australia and Australian actors like Steve Innes, Sam Worthington and Hugo Weaving are being considered but no one has been formally cast yet.
    Budget looks to be less than $50 million, which goes a long way in Australia but nowhere else really.
    They seem to get a lot for a little over there.

  14. Paul

    I think it was Steve Innes who was first approached to play the Rancher in No Country For Old Men, before Josh Brolin got it.

  15. Daz

    I know who Steve Innes is now. He is going to be King Richard in Ridley Scott’s Nottingham – not Christian Bale – and not Robin Hood opposite Russell Crowe as is constantly being claimed.

  16. Lazarro

    Steve Innes is not confirmed to play King Richard or any other role in Nottingham.
    Neither is Christian Bale and the pair of them may well, bail, along with half the cast and crew already if the show is delayed further.
    Too many rumours and we have gone totally off topic, haven’t we?

  17. levi

    this is one of the saddest books i’ve ever read i also read it until my eyes went blurry, i actually cried when the man dies.
    but i agree it has cult potential
    i also think has the possibillity to be oscar potential

    i also agree the boy is to old, in the book he plays with toys and asks questions that only a child would ask

  18. Lazarro

    A little too late for the Oscars, Levi and this film will have run its cinema course and be on DVD weekly hire by the time next year’s comes around.
    Sadly I think this film should have been released already and may very well sink, having missed the holiday season.
    Still, forgotten films tend to become classic/cult over time and this deserves to be.

  19. Jessica Monroe

    am i the only one who is unhappy about this movie? the book was absolutely beautiful..why does the entertainment industry have to ravage all good things?

  20. Lazarro

    I’ll be unhappy if the movie turns ou to be crap – and yes, I do wonder how an American book with a largely Aussie cast and crew will translate.
    For the most part, I am looking forward to it though.

  21. Paulus

    I think this will be a great film. I read they are holding it til later this year so as it will be a contender for the Oscars, and so it wont be looked over during the summer blockbusters. I also read once that McCarthy said during an interview in Rolling Stone that it was set after a meteor impact. I started reading this book on Christmas Eve morning and did not put it down til dinner. One of the most amazing books I have ever read.