Wolverine After Credits

So far two after-credits endings of Wolverine have leaked online in bootleg version:

Wolverine Endings

1. Wolverine in a Japanese bar.

Get ready for the Japanese ark in Wolverine 2!

2. Deadpool

A live action spin-off Deadpool Movie is waiting in the wing!

Let’s hope that better quality of those wolverine endings clips will surface online soon.

3 Responses - “Wolverine After Credits”

  1. Iszaham

    I watch the first one, leaked version, with Striker showing up.
    Of course they’re going to make Wolverine 2 following Wolverine’s success at the box-office. Sales of ticket are indeed the highest since Iron Man last year.

  2. Dennis S

    Wolverine comes into a bar…
    …low level Yakuza tough guy pisses him off…
    …gets his ass kicked in 2 seconds flat…
    …tough guy calls for reinforcements…
    …ninjas crawl out of the woodwork…

    I am definitely going to wait eagerly for this Wolverine sequel.

    In the meantime, maybe this animation test of Wolverine VS The Hand could tide us over:

  3. Iszaham

    Wolverine: Another [other language]
    Bartender: American [other language]
    Wolverine: Canadian… I think
    Bartender: You’re drinking to forget? [other language]
    Wolverine: No… I’m drinking to remember.