Wolverine Clip

Wolverine Movie by FOXFox is airing three clips of Wolverine the movie on TV.

Wolverine FOX

Below the first clip that dwells on Logan’s childhood:


Logan having claws having in his childhood is faithful to the original comic book if you’re wondering. The project Weapon X may have infused his skeleton with Adamantium, but he already had his claws since his young age.

The two other Wolverine TV spots are now available.

Here the second clip of the Wolverine movie:


Wolverine and Sabretooth were brothers in arms before splitting!

Get ready for the super mutants:

Legends – X-Men Origins Wolverine

Every hero has an origin!

The movie X-Men Origins Wolverine will blow us away!

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  1. Naveen vasudevan

    super cool,fantastic movie.i love to see all these new super movie.