Wolverine Extended Clip

You may watch an extended clip of Wolverine, the final version in its full glory:

There is no denying that this Wolverine movie is going to be awesome on a theater screen with the dolby surround sound! I’m probably going to watch twice at the local theater!

2 Responses - “Wolverine Extended Clip”

  1. deep

    it sucks that they leaked the full movie ON HD QUALITY!!! on the net…since a month or more already, but for sure the movie would be better in theater!:)…but i don’t think you would feel like seeing it 2 time…..in couple months maybe:) or a year…went the movie comes out on dvd loool

  2. Teaser Trailer

    I must admit that I was weak too and I torrently sinned… But I still want to watch the final version of Wolverine! Watching the work print was interesting: I never saw a work print before, and I really enjoyed this insider look, watching the draft of a movie in the making was awesome.
    But this work print wasn’t the final version: some scenes were missing, around 20 minutes missing actually! I loved it, but now I’m craving for seeing the full-length Wolverine movie with all the final special effects in a gorgeous theatrical experience!