Wolverine Movie cast

Wolverine Movie CastExtensive reshoot being done for Wolverine is causing a stir online. I won’t develop here: I think it is a pointless controversy, yep much ado about nothing… I bet that actually most people will enjoy this Wolverine movie at the end and I’m confident that Hugh Jackman will be right eventually when he says:

” […] Please rest assured that WOLVERINE will be badass and hopefully meet all of your expectations. […] “

Hugh Jackman (in a comment sent to Aintitcool

I can but agree with Hugh Jackman. The trailer wast gorgeous and look at this amazing cast of Wolverine:

Wolverine Cast

Hugh jackman as Logan / Wolverine
Troye Sivan plays the young Logan
Liev Schreiber as Victor Creed / Sabretooth, who, from friend, will become Wolverine’s mortal enemy
Danny Huston as William Stryker
Lynn Collins as Silver Fox: Wolverine’s love interest, who becomes a captive of Stryker
Taylor Kitsch as Remy LeBeau / Gambit, a Cajun thief who has the ability to charge any object he touches with kinetic energy, forcing it to explode
Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson / Deadpool, a wisecracking and thoroughly insane mercenary
Daniel Henney as David North / Agent Zero, a member of the Weapon X program and an expert tracker with lethal marksman skills
Will.i.am as John Wraith / Kestrel, a teleporting mutant who becomes a Weapon X test subject
Dominic Monaghan as Barnell Bohusk / Blackwing, formerly known as Beak, a mutant who can manipulate energy and electricity.
Scott Adkins as Weapon XI: Weapon XI will feature in the end sequence fight scene against Wolverine. Adkins was also Reynolds’ stunt double.
Kevin Durand as Frederick J. Dukes / The Blob, an obese mutant with an indestructible layer of fat.
Adelaide Clemens (?) as Emma Frost

I hope this Wolverine will be released in time: I am so impatient! Who is you favorite mutant in this Wolverine movie?

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